Top 8 Songs Wth The Word “Pigeon” in The Title

Songs with pigeon in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with the word “pigeon” in the title

Pigeons are one of the birds that have become part of our earthly existence, some buy and keep them at home, and those that don’t, do watch them cluster around, it’s one bird that has been used by many singers to represent different emotions.

Songs with pigeons in the title is a song that goes beyond the bird pigeon to represent deeper emotions. Below are the songs with a pigeon in the title, songs with emotions and deep meaning, read on and enjoy.

1. I’m gonna send my pigeon to the sky by Golden earring

I'm Going To Send My Pigeons To The Sky

This song by Golden earring was released in 1970, it’s an emotionally driven song, a song with deep emotions, the singer was grieving the blood on people’s doors, the death people experienced, he saw nothing else we’re living for, when we have forgotten our dreams, when we’re blind, it’s a song for the cry of awakening, awaken from the blindness, awaken and live those dreams we’ve forgotten.

The singer represented his dreams and hopes as a pigeon, he wished to send them high in the sky, where they will live the dreams he dreamed, the hopes he hoped and the future he couldn’t create. It’s an emotional song that stood the test of time, kudos to Golden earring.

2. Skyline Pigeon, Song by Bernie Taupin and Elton John

Cyndi Lauper - Sally's Pigeons (Official Video)

Many songs have been written about pigeons, but none drive so much emotion than this song sung by Bernie and John in 1969. This song drives home the feeling and emotions to run away, fly to a distant land, a land of opportunities.

To fly to a land far away from the failures and dreams that were not fulfilled, love that was not given, and love that was given but not received.

It’s a song that represents the feeling of each and everyone one of us at some point in our lives. This song was a major hit in its time.

3. Sally’s Pigeons, Song by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper - Sally's Pigeons (Official Video)

This song evaluates the life of a child who loves playing with her friend’s pigeon, a song released in 1993, this song shows the fools confidence of a child, what we all have felt when we were small, that everything was possible, that life has no boundaries, that’s exactly what the singer felt.

Until life and circumstances shaped her thinking, fear, and limitations set in, and with her mind, she created the boundaries in her life. This happens to all of us, growing up we’ve always seen life as full of possibilities, we’ve viewed life from the lens of immersing possibilities.

But our friends, our experiences as we grew, the expectations that weren’t met, promises that weren’t kept, shaped our lives and introduced fear into it. This song was the best hit of its time, filled with emotions, love, pains, and regret mixed together.

4. Single Pigeon, Song by Paul McCartney and Wings

Single Pigeon (2018 Remaster)

This song by Paul McCartney was released in 1973, the singer used pigeons to represent his emotions that were hurt, and the love he gave that wasn’t returned.

Behind the lyrics lies a man missing his love, the love that threw him away like the pigeon, the love that rejected him like the pigeon was rejected, it’s a short song with deep-seated emotions, the type of emotions some of us have felt in our love lives.

Paul McCartney did a great job in that song and it went on to become the best hit of its time.

5. Pigeon Song, Song by Alela Diane

This song was released in 2004, it was sung by Alela Diane, this song represents the life of a pigeon which she found on the ground, she was concerned, asking the pigeon if she lost her wings If she’s so cold, what’s she doing on the ground while her mates are up high in the sky.

The song is a replica of our lives, sometimes where we are isn’t where we’re supposed to be or meant to be, we see ourselves asking questions, what’s wrong? What did I lose that brought me to this place, what went wrong? These are rhetorical questions we ask when destiny puts us in a place where we feel we’ve long passed.

Songs are great ways to hide emotions, they have a deeper meaning than the words, and they represent the emotions we hide from the world. Aela Diane did a superb job on this song and it became one of the best hits of her time.

6. Pigeons, Song by Widespread Panic

Pigeons (Live in Athens, GA)

This song was released in 1990 by panic, it’s a song where he talks about pigeons high up in the sky, his song was written in parables and metaphors, in decoding them you will find out that this is a heartfelt song, a song that represents the human nature when they want to do anything but couldn’t.

The singer said tonight you’re gonna fly in your dreams, we all have that part of us where everything is possible, to some, it becomes so when we sleep, in our dreams, we access a world of opportunities, the pigeons were used as a representation of what human beings feel at some point in their lives. The song was a big hit in 1990.

7. Woodpigeon Song, Song by Blur

Woodpigeon Song (2012 Remaster)

This pigeon song by Blur was released in 1997. It’s a song that shows that everyone makes mistakes. This emotional song of the early 2000s, reflected the nature of human beings. Sometimes we make mistakes and we feel bad and tend to hold ourselves responsible for the rest of our lives.

The singer made us understand that mistakes are part of human nature, it’s not something to regret for the rest of one’s life, if you must happily live life, you must learn to forgive yourself. This song was a hit during its time in the 1990s and early 2000.

8. Pigeons, Song by Genesis

This song by Genesis was released in 2000, it’s a funny song that was sung specifically for pigeons, in the song he praised the pigeons for daring the impossible, by staining the cars of the police officer and window screens of window cleaners, this is a fun fill sung that lifts a downcasted soul.

It was a hit in its time, one of the best songs with pigeon in the title.