5 Great Songs With Grey Or Gray In The Title

Songs With Grey Or Gray In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs With ‘Grey’ Or ‘Gray’ In The Title

Gray is a color that can be easily overlooked, but if you take the time to look a bit deeper, you’ll find it fascinating. GREY: a color of neutrality, equanimity, and harmony The fact that it’s in the middle between white and black contributes to its ambiguous color connotation. Grey, on the other hand, might evoke negative associations such as melancholy and grief. It’s lifeless due to the lack of color.

Songs With Grey Or Gray In The Title

Some artists have released songs with grey or gray in the title. Let’s find out what they mean.

1. Blue & Grey By BTS

BTS Performs "Blue & Grey" | MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS

After the coronavirus pandemic, BTS released an album based on the band’s reactions to the new way of life. While understanding the seriousness of the situation, the boys have adopted a more upbeat approach to it, as they are accustomed to doing.

This song, on the other hand, is undeniably more somber. For this reason, “blue and grey” are used as a metaphor for the vocalists’ emotions.

They’re not portraying their despair about the coronavirus. Instead, it seems as if the featured singers had been struggling with feelings of inadequacy and depression for a long period before recording this song. Although they’ve achieved incredible success, these feelings remain.

However, even though the song does end with V saying, “Good night,” it doesn’t have the typical BTS ending. All indications are that the vocalists will continue to contend with the aforementioned feeling of contentment being elusive for the time being.

Hiss Noise, Levi, and Nive are some of the external artists who contributed to “Blue & Grey,” along with BTS member V. In addition, all four of them collaborated with Metaphor and the following BTS members to write the song: J-Hope, RM, and Suga are three of the most prominent members of the group.

On November 20, 2020, “Blue & Grey” was published to the general audience. The record companies Columbia and Big Hit Entertainment are responsible for the release.

2. The Grey By Bad Omens

BAD OMENS - The Grey (Official Audio Stream)

“The Grey” from Bad Omens can be explained in one simple way. For the sake of argument, let us assume that the singer is addressing a particular person to whom he is particularly close (as most strongly insinuated in the pre-chorus).

This song’s words are at times ambiguous. While this may be a symbolic relationship, it’s clear that this is a stormy one we’re in.

Even though the singer is convinced that he and the addressee have a poisonous relationship, he looks to be in love and is unable to contemplate the possibility of regretting the situation.

Noah, on the other hand, isn’t going to make any commitments he’s not convinced he can keep. Yes, but there are no promises that it will be done. Post-chorus suggests that he has identified this as an attempt on his part to ‘try to be someone else.’

This notion is vague, and it’s not apparent what it’s referring to. Nevertheless, the subtext here is that the singer will make an effort to give up whatever alter-ego he has created since they started dating.

The title of the article follows from the preceding paragraph. The simplest way to express it is that he decided to go back to his old self. What kind of alter ego did he adopt, and in the process “fading away into the grey?” is one of the most crucial components of this story.

The color/symbol “grey” is used to describe the transition, which suggests that the outcome was less-than-ideal, as previously stated. However, it appears that we, the listeners, are ultimately responsible for deciphering what “fading away into the grey” implies.

3. Grey By Why Don’t We

Why Don't We - Grey [Official Live Music Video]

The mood of the vocalist is reflected in the choice of words for the title of this song. The reason he is acting this way is that he is suffering from intense homesickness for the woman he loves.

In addition to the fact that they had a propensity to often argue with one another, the fact that he “walked away” from the tumultuous romance is the primary reason why he is feeling this way. And in the here and now, the knowledge that he has done something so incredibly stupid to his embarrassment is making him feel “grey” even more.

4. Fade To Grey By Visage

Visage - Fade To Grey

In addition to Visage band members Billy Currie and Midge Ure, Chris Payne co-wrote this song. Visage was the producer, but Ure deserves special recognition.

“Fade To Grey” by Visage appears to be a song about depression. There is a character in this song that appears to be lonely, if not a lonely traveler. While it isn’t said, he is also hiding from something or someone, albeit it is not stated.

This person’s “wish life wouldn’t be so long” may be due to a combination of anxiety and loneliness. I can’t deny that a statement like that is a form of despair. Alternatively, he may aim to “fade to grey,” in the sense of completely vanishing.

To be fair, the song does convey the idea that someone is desiring to vanish into thin air, if not in a literal sense then at least as an attempt to escape his or her past.

5. Grey Street By Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band - Grey Street (from The Central Park Concert)

Getting out and making it to the other side is the focus of this story. Now that you’re almost out of white but are still in the gray zone, it’s time to mix things up.

When Matthews worked with producer Steve Lillywhite in 2000, he recorded a song called “Lillywhite Sessions,” which he decided not to release.

On the Internet, the tracks were leaked and extensively distributed. Glen Ballard produced the album Everyday, which Matthews released in 2002, and on Busted Stuff, he included most of Lillywhite’s songs.

Gray is the name of the color.

Matthews’ ex-girlfriend Julia Grey, who moved to the United States with him from South Africa, is most likely the subject of this post.

Matthew’s songs “I’ll back you up,” “Halloween,” and probably “Recently” were also inspired by her. Third of a trilogy that includes “Halloween,” “I’ll back you up,” and “I’ll back you up.” Each time he proposes to her (“I’ll back you up”), she rejects him, and he becomes enraged (“Halloween”), but he persists in trying to win her back (“Grey Street”)