6 Great Christian Songs About Doubt

Christian songs about doubt
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian songs about doubt

We gain the confidence we need to trust God with the events that are taking place right now by reflecting on who God is, how reliable He has been in the past, and what He has promised for the future. We are still human.

We still live in a world that is tainted by sin, which is rife with death, suffering, uncertainty, anxiety, and tension. The difference that comes about as we go through each day with Jesus is that we are able to feel joy, peace, love, and security even while we are going through challenging moments.

We have compiled a list of songs to help you regain the courage and strength to push forward even when your are doubtful of what the outcome would be

6 Christian Songs About Doubt

1. Phil Wickham – Hymn Of Heaven

Phil Wickham - Hymn Of Heaven (Official Music Video)

This song is for Christians who are looking forward to spending eternity with God after they have passed away. There won’t be any more deaths. The dryness of your eyes will be restored.

There will be an end to all suffering. When we are face to face with our Creator, we will join in the prostration that the saints and angels are doing.

We will honor Him by worshiping Him and singing songs about how magnificent God is, including how the selfless sacrifice of Christ made it possible for sins to be forgiven.

2. Raise A Hallelujah by Jonathan Helser and Melissa Helser

Raise A Hallelujah (Official Lyric Video) - Bethel Music, Jonathan & Melissa Helser | VICTORY

This song was written about the couple’s friends’ son, who is 2 years old and was flown to an intensive care unit. As the unfortunate news continued to circulate, Jonathan and Melissa were informed that it was not anticipated that young Jaxon would make it through the night.

When Jonathan’s expectations for a miracle began to dwindle, he started composing this song down. When your child is afflicted with a sickness and you are aware that he won’t have much longer to live, being a parent can be one of the most excruciating experiences a person can go through.

The Jonathan narrative behind this song, according to Jonathan. He said,

They sent Jaxon’s father a link to this song via text message, and Jaxon’s dad played it for him while he was in the hospital. They witnessed a miracle occur throughout the following few weeks, and Jaxon made a full recovery, and he is currently alive and doing well.

This song has evolved into an anthem of triumph in light of the fact that God fights for us whenever we direct our hearts and our singing toward him.

When we make room in our hearts for the Lord, we are able to witness his greatness reflected in every aspect of life. As long as He continues to reside inside us, we will always have a cause to get back up and keep going.

According to what transpired with Little Jaxon, God cured him not only because of the fact that God possesses supernatural power and strength but also due to the fact that God loves Little Jaxon with all of his heart. Even though he suffered at a young age, God did not abandon him; rather, God remained by his side throughout it all. This is one of the best christian songs about doubt.

3. I Thank God by Maverick City Music,  Dante Bowe and Co

I Thank God (feat. Maverick City Music & UPPERROOM) | TRIBL

The testimony of MCM & UR can be found in this song. They formerly were hopeless because of their rebellion, and they had no relationship with God. Then, just when they were about to give up, a guy named Jesus who they did not know came along and saved them.

They turned away from their former lives, which were like a grave full with the bones of dead men, and welcomed the Son of God, who brought about a transformation in them from the inside out.

MCM & UR, full of gratitude, sing praises to God for their just discovered religion and encourage their listeners to do the same. They are unable to turn around and must continue moving forward till they perish.e.

4. Faithful Now By Vertical Worship

Vertical Worship - Faithful Now (Live)

The purpose of the hymn is to praise the reliability of God. In other circumstances, such as David fighting Goliath or Paul and Silas being released from prison, he demonstrated his faithfulness by keeping his word.

Faith has the power to move mountains and cause them to be thrown into the ocean. If God was faithful back then, we may be confident that He will be true to us as well.

The problem is that God does not always deliver us from the difficulty that we are currently experiencing. Paul did not let go of the thorn in his side. Stephen was executed by being stoned.

To believe that God will always make “a way” for us to be rescued is to subscribe to the teachings of the “Word of Faith” movement. This school of thought asserts that there must be something lacking in one’s faith if one’s prayers aren’t answered with a “yes” from God.

This doctrine, which is not found in the Bible, is at the heart of Vertical Worship’s message. A straightforward modification would be to say something along the lines of “even if you don’t protect me, I’ll praise you,” which is modeled after the determination shown by Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3:16-18.

On a more upbeat note, Vertical Worship is absolutely true in their assertion that God is unchangingly faithful and that we can put our faith in Christ.

5. No Doubt About It by We The Kingdom lyrics meaning

We The Kingdom - No Doubt About It (Lyric Video)

We The Kingdom offered an interpretation of the song’s content, saying, “This song talks about how we are all on a trip home.” They said, “That can feel so far away at times, but when we consider how far we’ve gone, we know it can be by the Grace of God alone.”

The song “No Doubt About It” conveys an important message of fortitude and optimism at the right time. Franni’s soulful and ageless vocals, along with the band’s family harmonies, are able to shine throughout the song thanks to the subtle piano backing that was recorded at the studio where We The Kingdom plays their shows.

Holy Water, the highly-anticipated debut album by the band, is scheduled to be released on Friday, August 7, and the band has just released “No Doubt About It” in advance of the album.7

6. The Way (New Horizon) Pat Barrett

Pat Barrett - The Way (New Horizon) (Lyric Video)

Last on our list of christian songs about doubt is the way by pat. Even in the face of adversity, Pat Barrett insists on defining God as

  • the safe haven of our defense
  • a legacy left to us
  • our source, including fresh daily mercies; the Way, the Truth, and the Life
  • the center of our affections;
  • the vanquisher of uncertainty and fear;

Though God’s name isn’t spoken, there are many references to God’s qualities and verses in the Bible (see section 2) that make it difficult for any other interpretation to stand.

The song functions as both a personal witness and a personal creed, proclaiming to the world the truths that Barrett has come to believe.