14 Great Songs About Days Of The Week

Songs about days of the week
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about days of the week

If you’re seeking for a selection of tunes to incorporate into the work you do this week, then you’ve come to the right place. These songs about the days of the week are sure to keep you moving with full enthusiasm no matter what day of the week it is, whether it be Monday, Friday, or Saturday.

14 Songs About Days Of The Week

1. “Another Sunday In The South” – Song By Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert - Another Sunday in the South (Audio)

First on our list of songs about days of the week is this amazing song performed by Miranda Lambert, she creates a picture of love in the deep south.

The lyrics are really evocative, and as a result, listeners won’t have any trouble relating to the feelings of the writer or imagining what the environment is like in the south. In this lilting love ballad, Lambert beautifully conveys a range of emotions, including affection, frustration, and tranquillity.

2. Love” by Cherelle And Alexander O’Neal

Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle - "Saturday Love"

This beautiful record was released by a talented musical pair who spoke about the challenges of falling in love and also paid tribute to each day of the week.

Cherelle and Alexander O’Neal’s rendition of “Saturday Love,” a song that was popular in the 1980s and featured a seductive and upbeat rhythm, was one of those songs that we enjoyed.

The way Cherelle and O’Neal’s voices harmonize together almost makes you believe that they are romantically involved.

3. “Saturday Nights”by Khalid

Khalid, Kane Brown - Saturday Nights REMIX (Official Video)

In his song “Saturday Nights,” Khalid sings about intimate relationships as well as familial feuds. It gives the impression of being a brilliant justification for why the female in his life is dissatisfied with where she lives.

The singer gives her his word that he will be a more trustworthy individual than anyone else in her family. Because it highlights the suffering of families, this one has shown to be particularly moving to a great number of the song’s admirers.

4. “American Saturday Night” by Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night

There is going to be a huge party tonight at Delta Chi, and everyone is encouraged to dress in togas. They will have Canadian bacon on their pizza, and they will have a cooler full of cold Coronas and Amstel light.

In his song “American Saturday Night,” Brad Paisley will make you want to eat bacon and drink beer even if you don’t normally do any of those things. It is one of those tunes that we enjoy listening to while thinking back on our time in college and the “good old days.”

5. “Saturday In The Park” by Chicago

Saturday in the Park - Chicago

On July 4th, the band Chicago pays tribute to a beautiful day in the United States. The song “Saturday in the Park” brings back memories of a fun-filled day spent in the park, complete with Italian singing, singing in convivial spirits, and ice cream trucks.

This creative song was the brainchild of the band’s lead singer, Robert Lamm. According to him, it was a stroll around Central Park on the Fourth of July that got his ideas rolling. Despite the fact that the song was not expected to be a hit, it still managed to sell over one million copies.

6. “One More Saturday Night” by The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night

You can probably guess who is playing these notes based on the lyrics, which include phrases like “with a cellar full of dynamite and live artillery” and “the temperature continues risin’, everybody gittin’ high.”

With their single “One More Saturday Night,” the Grateful Dead throw themselves headfirst into the music industry’s muck. The funky strings of this piece lead into the piano solo, which generates a funkiness that complements the singer’s voice as the background vocalists join in as well. Take a listen to this track to add it to your weekend playlist.

7. “Laundromat Monday” “Joe Jackson,”

Joe Jackson’s track “Laundromat Monday” from 1982 is a song about putting things off till later. Jackson continues to impress with his forthrightness by revealing that he often loses his quarters in the washing machines when he does his own laundry, which is why he prefers it when his mother does it for him.

He is well aware of his capacity to accomplish great things, but he does not feel motivated to get started on the project. We have a hunch that a lot of people can identify with these feelings in some way.

8. “Tuesday” by ILoveMakonnen Ft. Drake


Rappers will always remark about how much they enjoy getting into mischief and going out to parties. ILoveMakonnen and Drake collaborated on a song called “Tuesday,” which is a bona fide banger. The song is about looking forward to a party after a hard week of working.

This pop/rap tune features a head-bopping jingle that is coupled with an all-star rapper. The duo maintains a low profile with regard to their business dealings as well as their extracurricular activities. This song does a great job of highlighting the fact that there is no requirement for a weekend in order to let loose and have fun.

9. “Thursday” by Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne - Thursday (Official Video)

Glynne had a conversation with us about feeling isolated and insecure in her song “Thursday.” Her words articulate what many people, particularly women, feel about their bodies, facial features, and the way society views women.

Her audience is primarily comprised of women. This beautiful little nugget is all about loving oneself, something that we believe should be emphasized by everyone (even though it can be hard at times).

10. “Friday Night” by The Darkness

The Darkness - Friday Night

The Darkness, a rock band from the United Kingdom, is a good choice to listen to if you take humor seriously. The band “Friday Night,” fronted by Justin Hawkins, exemplifies all that is contrary to eloquence.

This masterpiece from 2003 comes from the album titled “Permission to Land,” and it features Hawkins engaging in a shouting match with the guitar. It does an excellent job of commanding the attention of the audience.

11. “Saturday Morning Confusion” by Bobby Russell

Bobby Russell ~ Saturday Morning Confusion

Bobby Russell attributes his “Saturday Morning Confusion” to a colleague with whom he started the weekend off with a few beverages. The two men had been drinking together. The beat reminds me of Russell participating in a countdown just before he launched himself into orbit.

It’s a charming little tune called “Confusion,” and it allows the singer to transport us into a typical Saturday that many of us have been through. After its release in 1971, it went on to become Russell’s most successful record.

If you ever wake up feeling the consequences of Friday night, please accept our condolences, but remember to keep fighting through it and stay away from that hair of the dog!

12. “Tuesday’s Broken” by Sugarland

Sugarland - Tuesday's Broken (Audio)

Sugarland addresses the topic of mass shootings in schools in a way that does not make its audience feel uneasy. The song “Tuesday’s Broken” showcases lyrical prowess that is both contemporary and introspective. It’s absolutely deserving of its place on our list, as it’s easily one of the songs with the biggest of an impact.

13. “Sunday Rain” by Foo Fighters

A political message may be heard throughout the song “Sunday Rain.” The underlying meaning of this Foo Fighters song, however, is the pursuit of peace, especially after having a confrontation with someone who was less than loving (something we can always keep in mind, at that).

14. “Love You Till Tuesday” by David Bowie

David Bowie - Love You til Teusday

Last on our list of songs about days of the week is David Bowie’s song “Love You Till Tuesday”. This song gives the impression that he is flirting with a potential love interest.

We are left wondering if he is talking about his lover or about something else when we hear the jingle “Da da da dumb.” Whatever the case may be, it’s an intriguing tune that absolutely had to make it onto my list.