Are Hawk trumpets good? (Explained)

Are hawk trumpets
Written by Corey Morgan

Hawk Trumpets are one of the most popular brass instruments. Though their sound is not for everyone, many people find the unique trumpet tone pleasing.

Hawk trumpets are versatile and can be used in a variety of genres, from classical to jazz and even pop music. They are also often featured in marching bands and fanfares.


Jean Paul’s six-pound Chinese-made hawk trumpet is a signature piece of the renowned trumpet performer. It is commonly referred to as a student trumpet, despite the fact that it is designed for beginners and intermediate trumpet players.

It is ideal for marching bands. Unlike some other trumpets, this one is really affordable. It has a small weight and simple technicality, as you would expect from a novice trumpet.

Hawk trumpets can be played in any genre, including classical, jazz, pop, and ska, to name a few. Hawk trumpets provide an outstanding custom review as well as excellent customer service.


Hawk trumpets have a durable silver or golden lacquered body, yet the finish may come in a variety of styles, allowing you to choose from a multitude of alternatives. Its exquisite and breathtaking appearance is shown by its simple design. Simply because of its gleaming appearance, you would fall in love with this trumpet.

  • Bore diameter

Hawk trumpets feature a bore diameter of 0.46 inch and a bore size of 11.66mm, making them ideal for students and novices. Beginners would be able to pass air through this trumpet with less stress and better efficiency with this bore size and diameter.

  • Bell diameter

It features a 123mm bell diameter, and a 4.8 inches bell size. This, paired with the bore size, results in a somewhat loud sound, allowing the player to play with greater agility as they progress.

  • Finish

Hawk trumpets are typically numbered and have special tags that correspond to their various models. To be more explicit, these models are identical save for the colors and finishes. Hawk trumpets are available in lacquered silver or golden finishes, as well as nickel, blue, black, red, purple, green, and white.

  • Mouthpiece

Hawk trumpets are equipped with a cup-shaped silver plated 7c mouthpiece. They are tuned in the Bb trumpet model range and help to produce high-quality sound. It is critical to understand that the mouthpiece may not be as nice as you might think considering the price range.

It is a good idea to buy a separate mouthpiece, preferably a Jupiter mouthpiece, that will fit exactly into the lead mouth pipe while still producing a great sound.

  • Valves

The valves on this trumpet are made of stainless steel, and the valves and slide actions are in good working order, with the exception of recent reports of the first valve being stuck and producing a gurgling sound when played.

Customers claim that the valve can barely last three months before severe issues arise due to its sticky nature. We can remark that, despite the fact that the valves become somewhat sticky, they are still worth it because the other valves stay working.

It is also worth noting that replacement valves for this brand are hard to come by, but you may give it a new lease of life by using La Tromba valve oil, which has been found to effectively cancel out sticky valve issues.

Quality of Hawk Trumpets

Hawk trumpets are of excellent quality; they transcend expectations for their price, and I can confidently declare that their quality is remarkable.

Despite the fact that they are made of brass and hence have a pretty sturdy structure, they are still considered one of the greatest low-cost students trumpets. If you are looking for a good student trumpet at a reasonable price, I strongly support you.


Hawk trumpets provide no warranty on their products, which is a big flaw. They do not review their items, therefore you are left to your own devices. If you get a faulty trumpet, you are on your own, as they do not offer any kind of customer assistance.


Hawk trumpets offer a tonal effect that is as close to flawless as you can get. Given its budget, it delivers a bright sound that is appropriate for some genres. Its beauty is highlighted when paired with a matching band. The attractive gold or silver lacquer coating contributes to a superb sound by allowing the metal to vibrate freely when air is passed through it.

How Much is Hawk trumpet

In general, student/beginner trumpets are made in such a way that they can always be accommodated within their financial constraints.

The Hawk trumpet is considerably less expensive and hence more accessible. Although they are not the cheapest trumpets on the market, they nonetheless outperform the competition in terms of cost efficiency.

Hawk trumpets can be had for less than $200 depending on the color and model. The price of a regular Hawk trumpet is between $159 and $199. Isn’t that reasonable?


Brass, not silver or gold, is used to make hawk trumpets. They are merely silver or gold-coated; they are mostly  plated. They can survive for a few years if they are used frequently, but they will lose their luster and shine over time.

It is preferable to acquire a silver or gold plated brand because they stay longer and have a lower tendency to wear out, whereas other colors have a significant risk losing their color and exposing their brass makeup, which would be disastrous.

Aside from the sticky initial valve issue, which can be solved by oiling, hawk trumpets can last a couple of years with good maintenance thus,we can fairly say they are long-lasting.


Hawk trumpets have an average reaction time; they are neither too good nor too awful. They are on the average line, with the standard response time for every other trumpet.


Because these trumpets have high registers, they can be used to play screaming lead trumpets. The truth is that you cannot expect this trumpet to have the same core as more expensive or professional trumpets. Professional trumpeters are unlikely to employ the hawk trumpet.


Hawk trumpets are not difficult to maintain; regular cleaning, oiling, and maintenance will keep your trumpet in good working order. It is critical to keep this trumpet in a dry environment, ideally inside its case, to prevent the golden lacquer from wearing off. The trumpet should also be held properly and with a dry hand, as playing with a wet hand can cause rusting.


Hawk trumpets come with a thickly padded interior and a durable outer case to keep them safe when not in use. They are a lot of fun to play and are not as technical as other trumpets. They are also excellent for beginners and students. Its quality is commendable, yet if you are a music aficionado, more expensive trumpets would be preferable.