Are Trumpets Expensive? (An Honest Review)

are trumpets expensive
Written by Corey Morgan

Are Trumpets Expensive? Well, this question requires dual answers.

Yes, the various brands of trumpets are expensive, and no, there are brands of trumpets that are not expensive. So the price of the trumpet, and its cost effectiveness is largely dependent on the type of trumpet it is, or on the brand of the brass instrument as there is no one fit price for all. Secondly, the various brand have a market they are set to get, which is why it is important for one to be aware of what kind of trumpet they need before choosing to buy in.

Again on a lighter note, the various types of trumpets are not necessarily expensive, they are just affordable and sold for what they are worth. Judging from what they are made of, to designs and then to the expertise and creativity employed for the making of the trumpet.

Although we have provided you with the required answer to the question of this article, it is necessary that we also understand some of the factors that could be responsible for the price of the trumpets. That is to say that the various brands and types of trumpets are expensive for a couple of reasons.

Factors that determine the prices of trumpets in general:

A few factors are responsible for the prices of trumpets, while they may not be easy to find, we will point out a few of them out any ways for the sake of knowing it.  Here is a list of the factors that determine the prices of trumpets:

  1. Brand of the brass instrument (Trumpet)
  2. Material of the brass instrument (trumpet)
  3. Series of the brass instrument (the trumpet)
  4. Purpose of the series of the brass instrument (the trumpet)

The details that surround a few of the various factors mentioned here will be briefly explained but clearly shared. This is important because the idea of an item being preferred, over the other, or being chosen cannot be taken away, neither can the fact that some items will always sell at a higher price than others be taken away.

In the same vein, one will not necessarily have to live beyond ones means of earning or living standard, however one should as well be able to call a spade a spade. Same is applicable to the trumpets. Some trumpets are considered more expensive than the others, in the same vein, some are considered affordable, while some are equally considered cheap among the others. By the conclusion of this work, we will share a few disparities between these terms that label the prices of various types and brands of trumpet and other things in general.

This factors will be explained in details below:

1. The brand of the brass instrument (the trumpet)

This factor is very essential to the price of trumpets, and generally the price of most things in the market. That’s why a person may go to the market to buy something, and sees the exact item of desire for different prices because they do not belong to the same brand.

Same goes for the trumpets, you may catch on a particular series of interest, or particular type of trumpet, and while trying to purchase it you discover that the price of the two are different, that one is more expensive than the other, The reason for such disparity is simple and not far-fetched, it is about the difference in the two brands that own a similar series of trumpet, or the same style.

By implication, the brand of the company in question is also a part of what affects the price of the particular series of trumpet. So the next time you walk into a store where the various series of one of the most popular instrument made of brass is being sold, and you see a trumpet that is expensive but not very different from the others, know that it is the brand of this trumpet that is different.

Summarily, we have just established here that a trumpet can be expensive generally because of the brand that owns the trumpet.

2. The material of the brass instrument (the trumpet)

Another important factor that accounts for the price of the trumpet, whether it is expensive or not is the material with which it is made. This is a general phenomenon for anything at all that exists in world of space and time and is used by humans.

The material used for the item during the production is also a determining factor for the price of the said item; the most practical example for this is the dresses made by fashion designers or stylists as the case may be. A style maybe very easy to be made, but the price of the fabric eventually adds to the price of the dress or the attire generally by the end of the day.

The same goes for the trumpets. There is a reason the series of different brands of trumpet are referred to as “brass instruments” or like I love to call them, “instruments of brass”, not that they are the only musical instruments made of brass, of course not, there are other musical instruments that are also made of brass like the saxophone.

This is because based on the use of the instruments, and how they are been played, the brass is the best material for making the instrument. However, there are cases where various series of trumpets will be made with another material that is not brass, probably silver, or even gold, or perhaps a blend of brass and either gold or silver as the case may be.

Of course you are well aware of the value of gold and the value of silver, especially in comparison to brass, now think about the price of a trumpet that is made with either silver or gold. It could be the whole trumpet, or just the mouthpiece, or the valves; well you already that these ones too will sell differently and be expensive.

For instance the price of the trumpet will be at the highest when the whole body parts of the trumpet is made of pure gold or pure silver than when only the valve or just the mouthpiece is made of either silver or gold. So again, you see the role of the material in the price of the trumpet. Hence, when a trumpet is expensive, try to consider the making of such trumpet, and by the making I mean the material that was used for the making or manufacturing of the trumpet.

3. The series of the brass instrument (the trumpet)

There are a whole lot of series of trumpets. This is because a whole lot of trumpets are made differently even though the different series of trumpets are made to be played. However, it is important to acknowledge that we have in the first two lines of this paragraph accepted there are different types or different series of trumpets.

The differences in the various series of trumpets are controlled by a whole lot of reasons. For instance, most brands that make trumpets have the series of trumpets that they have made for beginners, there are also the series of trumpets that are made for intermediary trumpet players, and there is that which is made for the professional players.

There are also the series of trumpets that are made to upgrade an existing series of trumpet, and there is that which is made to further upgrade an already advanced series of trumpet.

What it is basically is the fact that there are different series of trumpet made by different brands, and that this numerous brands did not make various series just because they were seeking to make things, the new series even before they are launched or are ever made, are made from the view that there is a need for them, and so the problem the series are made for are strongly behind the intent for which they are made.

Judging by that, you too can tell that these series of trumpets cannot sell for the same price, and it is simply because they do not have the same value.

If there are various series for various reasons, clearly the various series of the brands will definitely sell at different prices, whether they are different series of the same brand, or different series of very different brands, the prices of these various series will eventually be different, showing that possess different values, and it is this value that is being paid for when one makes a purchase.

Again, you see how the series of trumpet affect the price of the trumpet, so when a trumpet is expensive, consider the series of the brand you are about to buy.

4. The purpose of the brass instruments (the trumpet):

We have nearly discussed the purpose too but that is not enough. However, the trumpet is made for different purposes, it could be made for the beginner’s class, or for a show as big as the ensemble of jazz or the ensemble of orchestra.

Now whether a trumpet is made for a beginners class, or for a parade, or for an ensemble, you will agree with me that the prices of the trumpets will be different, and that they will vary based on the purpose they are made to serve, such that the trumpet that serves a purpose that is considered a higher purpose will eventually be costlier than the others in the order of the purposes they are made to serve.