Where Are Trumpets Manufactured? Big Brands Checked

Where Are Trumpets Manufactured
Written by Corey Morgan

Where are trumpets manufactured?

Trumpets like most instruments of brass are manufactured in brass factories around the world; They are called brass factories because basically, trumpets are made from brass or with the large elements of brass, except in cases that there are special orders or requests for trumpets to be made in silver or gold, otherwise they are made in brass.


The various series of trumpets that are made by a variety of brands are all made on planet earth, and across the globe. Some trumpets are made in China, in Japan, and in a whole lot of other countries of the world across the continents. Our goal in this article is to share with you, where some brands of the various series of trumpets are manufactured, and possibly how they are being manufactured. Hence, the paragraphs that follow in this article will share a few details of how trumpets are manufactured, as well as what it requires to make trumpets.

To get this right, we will in alphabetical order share where various kinds of trumpets are made.

Below is a list of trumpets, and where they are made:

The Besson Brand of Trumpets

Like we stated earlier, different brands of trumpets are made differently, and are made in different places. Now for the series of the Besson brand of trumpets, they are made categorically. That is to say that the series of the Besson brand of trumpet are made in their categories, and these different categories are made in different places. Generally the besson brands make their trumpets in Germany, France, Delhi in India, and London in England.

The professional models of the Besson brands are made in France, and also in Germany, while the regular model for those in the category of the beginners are usually made in India, Delhi precisely. However, some series of the besson brand of trumpets were also being produced in London, England for a period of time till 1948 when a company called the “Buffet Crampon group” bought the besson brand and moved all productions to Germany.

So prior to 1948, the series of the besson brand of trumpets  were made in India, London, France, and Germany, and now they are only made in Germany based on the change of ownership or change in management as you may have it.

The Bundy Brand of Trumpets

The Bundy brand of trumpets is synonymous to the students’ trumpet. Th Bundy brand of trumpets are made by Selmer Company. More so this brand of trumpets were made in Paris, the capital of France for about eighteen years, which actually was between 1940) and 1958.

After 1958, the series of the bundy trumpets were being made at Elkhart in Indiana, until around 1983, then the Selmer company stopped making trumpets for the Bundy brand.

Apparently, the series of the bundy brand of trumpets are made at Paris in France, and are made at Elkhart in India. And although the Selmer Company has stopped producing trumpets for the Bundy brand, the Bundy brand is still a popular brand for players who are in the beginner’s category.  The aim of the bundy brand is to simply encourage more beginners to play the trumpet.

The Conn Selmer brand of trumpets

The Conn Selmer brand of trumpets are owned by Conn Gerard Charles, who began making series of the brass instruments (the trumpets precisely) after he made a mouth piece for himself as a player.

Before we proceed with the place the Conn Selmer series of trumpets were made, it is very important to note that the series of the Conn Selmer brand of trumpets were the first brand of trumpets to have been produced in the United States of America (USA), and as such they deserve some credits from the United States of America, for bringing them such innovation.

In 1873 the various models of the Conn Selmer brand of trumpets were made at Elkhart in Indiana, and were later produced in the United States of America, which made them the first brand to have their models of trumpets made in America. In the US, the models of the conn selmer brand of trumpets were made in Eastlake, later in Ohio, and as the years went by the North Carolina and Monroe where also added to the list places where the conn brand was made.

Overtime, the brand made a series or a model of its brand trumpet that was the bestselling trumpet, the trumpet is called the bach Stradivarius and is a model thirty-seven (37) trumpet.

The Eastman brand of trumpet

The Eastman brand of trumpet are intermediate and beginner’s brand, this is because the series of trumpets made by the Eastman brand of trumpet are specifically made for the categories of the trumpet players who are in the beginners or intermediate level.

Before we proceed to stating where the various series of the Eastman brand of trumpets are made, it is important to note that the Eastman brand is a big brand that has made a name for itself in the world of the musical instruments, especially with the lines and various model of guitars that the Eastman company produces.

The models of the trumpets of the Eastman brand are manufactured at Tianjin in China by the East man Company itself.

Apart from the brass factory of the Eastman brand that is at Tianjin in China, the Eastman brand also owns a factory of brass instruments at Holliston in Massachusettes, where they make trumpets, guitars, and other brass instruments, as well as repair these instruments when they are faulty.


The essence of every business is solve problems, add value and make gain while doing that, and businesses achieve this goal by rendering services or by producing items which is influenced by what they see in their immediate environment and by how they want to add value. Now, the idea of where trumpets are manufactured is important because sometimes the place the trumpets are made reflects in the outcome of the overall product or project.

In summary, we have shown you where some brand of trumpets are manufactured and who the manufacturers are. For instance, there are brands as you can see that own a factory where brass instruments are made, and so they make their instruments by themselves, on the other hand, there are also brands that have the specifications of what they want in their instruments, but do not own a brass factory themselves, hence they have a brass factory make the different series or a variety of models of their brands for them and they pay them, depending on what agreements they have (what they agree on is not concern in this article).