Are Besson Trumpets Good? (Explained for Beginners)

are besson trumpets good
Written by Corey Morgan

Are Besson Trumpets Good?

Yes, the Besson trumpets are good trumpets, and the series of trumpets produced by this brand are good and offer value to the users.

The series of the Besson trumpets are trumpets that have quite great qualities for beginners, and this quality also affects the price of the instrument. However, the Besson brand of trumpets are approved by tutors for beginners, and are also used during the learning sessions by the beginners and sometimes the tutors. The brass instrument made by the Besson brand are durable and so users of the products of this brand endeavour to handle the instrument with care, a sign that they value the product, and also consider the brand quite reliable.

In this article, we will be sharing with you all you need to know about the series of the Besson brand of trumpet, and more specifically, we will be sharing what makes this brand outstanding, and the features that makes the series of the Besson brand of trumpet good trumpets.

Features of the series of the Besson brand of Trumpets:

  • Fit for small hands
  • Speedy system of valves
  • Suitable body structure
  • They are highly durable
  • They fit into various genres or types of music

These features that have been listed here will be briefly explained in the sections or paragraphs that follow:

Fit for small hands:

The series of the besson brand of trumpets are perfect for the people who play trumpets (trumpeters) with small hands. That is to say that if you are a lover of the trumpet who plays the brass instrument, and you have small hands or small palms that could make playing the trumpet difficult for you, endeavour to get any of the series of the besson brand of trumpets as this could be all you need to enjoy playing the trumpet.

Here is why you should get any of the series of the besson brand of trumpets (of course your choice of series should be determined by what you like to play, as well as the series that fit in well with your art).

Now here is why the series of the besson brand of trumpets are fit for players or trumpeters with small hands. The block for the valve (that is the area that covers the pistons of the valve), is designed to be small fitted in the series of trumpets made by the besson brand.

This is the area in which the trumpet player puts his or her hands, there by having a firm grip on the trumpet, while pressing the valves and producing sounds or music with the trumpet. Now this area is a defining area for the besson brand of trumpets, especially because it was designed to fit children who are interested in playing the trumpet professionally, as well as the adults who have small hands too.

One would observe that on holding the trumpet, the pistons of the valves feel, and really are somewhat small by the diameter of the circumference, this also implies that once you have a good and firm grip of any of the series of the besson trumpets, that one can have it in one hand quite easily and possibly flow well.

Speedy System of Valves:

The speedy system of the valves of the series of the besson brand of trumpets are also very important features. They are such that enable speed playing for the genre of music and the style of music that require a certain level of speed and responsiveness of the pistons of the valves.

The series of brass instrument (the trumpet), that is made by the besson brands are also identified by the speedy system of the valves which is reflected by the highly responsive valve pistons of these brands. This feature is particularly instrumental for playing a style of music in which the tone require to be shifted quite fast.

For instance, while playing the classical genre of music, experts or professional trumpet players are well aware that to get the best of the classical style of music, that there is a climax that calls for a fast shift in the tone of the trumpet, and this shift comes from the system of the valves. The jazz style of music also requires this too, as there is a climax that require that fast shift in tones just like in the classical style of music. The piston of the valves contribute to this effect because of how responsive they are.

Suitable Body Structure:

Judging from the first two features of the series of the besson brand of trumpets, one can tell that the besson brand of trumpets are well built and suitable for the work it is set to do (that is, it is suitable for the trumpet player to produce any style of music with the instrument).

The series of the besson brand of the trumpets are designed in a manner that they are easy to be handled, easy to be played, and also easy to be cleaned and maintained. This brand of trumpet is portable and not difficult to lift.

For instance, consider the following about the series of the besson brand of trumpet: The valves of the besson trumpet have three pistons that are very responsive as they move fast and very free without sounds or noise or frictions of any sort.

The pipes used for the tuning of the besson trumpets can also be moved very freely. The dent is well built, as the dent is a very sensitive part of the trumpet as it affects the tone of the trumpet as well as the sound of the trumpet. So the dent of the trumpet is important and any error can be wrong.

The besson trumpets also have serial codes for best identification of the real besson trumpets. So understand that the body of the series of the besson trumpet are built to meet the demand users, which is the player of the trumpet, as well as the audience.

They are Highly Durable:

Another thing one must consider before buying a trumpet is the durability of the brand of trumpet one is about to buy. This is necessary because a purchase of any series of any brand of trumpet that has a short life span, or lacks durability is a step taken in the wrong direction.

Hence, the player of such inferior brass instrument trumpet) must be ready to buy another one in a short time because the destruction of the trumpet with no durability is like a ticking bomb that is waiting to explode irrespective of the cleaning and the maintenance given to the trumpet.

To this effect, we consider this point a very necessary feature in the series of the besson brand of trumpets. The series of the besson brand of trumpets are designed in such a way that it can exist for a real long time. A besson brand of trumpet can last for over thirty years. It is well built, the brass used is quite good and original, good skill is employed during the making of the besson brand of trumpets, all it needs is just the proper maintenance, and the trumpet is ready to last long.

They fit into Different Genres of Music:

This is another important aspect of the series of any brand of trumpet you intend to buy. Think about the kind of music you intend to buy, and how the brass instrument fit into that genre of music or style of music.

Now the series of the besson brand of trumpets are credible of this one feature as well, they fit into various style of music, especially in the hands of the professionals. While we may not share how the series of this brand of trumpets fit into various styles of music and how the instrument of brass (the said trumpet) is used in the playing of any of these products.

The besson brand are perfect for playing the classical orchestra, they are fit for playing the brass bands, and they are also fit for playing pop music as well as jazz music or ensemble too. This feature can also be attributed to the very fast system of valve that it has. This system of valve like we explained account for the fast shift in tone of the trumpet, which is very important most of the styles of music or the genres of music mention in this section.

More so, the most interesting part of the series of trumpets is that although they are made for children, and for people or trumpet player with small hands or small palms, the series of this  trumpet are not limited to the people in this category. Here is why, there has been a record of some professional jazz lovers who play the trumpet, using the besson brand of trumpet, and that of classical orchestra lovers who play the trumpet using the besson brand of trumpet


The besson trumpets are very good brands of trumpet that are highly recommended for personal uses, or for use at concerts and ensembles.