ARE BLESSING TRUMPETS GOOD? (Explained for Beginners)

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Written by Corey Morgan


Yes, the series of the brand of blessing trumpets are very good trumpets.


The various series of the blessing brand are good for a whole lot of reasons. I guess the name blessing is evident in their product, and in such manner sets them apart from the other brands of trumpet.

Unconventionally, we would have preferred to begin with a number of reviews that the users of the series of the blessing brand have sent, but on a second thought, we will just begin with the blessing brand of trumpet, that is the blessing brand itself, after which we carefully take a look at the various features of the series of the blessing brand of trumpet that qualifies this brand of trumpet as good.

Who are the Blessing Brand of trumpets?

The Blessing brand of trumpets is a kind of trumpet brand that puts the finances of its users into consideration while making its brand, hence the brand is usually very affordable.

More so, the brand is established and best known by the two major types of trumpets it offers its users, however although these two different trumpets have stood the tests of time, and have proven their resourcefulness, they are not well known by schools neither are they usually used in the ensembles of big bands like the jazz ensembles or the orchestra ensembles.

More so, the Blessing brand of trumpet is also known for the value of its tone as well as its durability, but we will talk about the tone until we get to the features of this different brand of brass instrument.

While this should come under the features, we will be sharing it here in this paragraph because it is an identity that the blessing brand wears all the time and so sharing it in a column where we are talking about the blessing brand as in their identity it is also good that we identify it.

What is this identity?

It is that the Blessing brand of the various series of the instruments of brass brag in the intent and motivation behind whatever series of trumpet they choose to make. This intent is crystal clear and simple, it is that the blessing brand of trumpets have over the years of their existence claimed and have equally tried to prove that for a single trumpet that they make, there is an investment being made in the sound of the trumpet, in the way the trumpet is being played, in the life span of the trumpet (the durability), and also in the reliability of the trumpet.

Amazing Facts that surround the series of trumpets of the Blessing brand of brass instruments:

Like we already established, the features that qualify the series of the blessing trumpet as a good brand This includes the following:

  • Trumpets for beginners:

Did you know that the blessing brand of trumpet has a series of trumpet that is made solely for the beginners?

Well, I bet you do now, the Blessing brand of brass instruments (the trumpet) has a series of trumpet that is uniquely made for beginners, it is the BTR 1287 and it is solely modeled for beginners.

However, because they are made with the beginners in mind, they are made in such a way that it is easy to manipulate and play, more so they are made be quite reliable and durable. The sound is very clear and so consistent that what may not easily distinguish it from the sound the usual trumpets.

  • Trumpets for professionals:

Remember we already stated that the Blessing brand thinks first about their customers in business before thinking of any other thing that they may want out of their business of making trumpets, hence while they have the series of trumpets that are fit for the beginners, they also have a series of trumpet in their brand that suites the desire of the professionals.

The series they have for the trumpet players who are professionals is the BTR 1460 series. This series of the Blessings brand by every indication of its feature was clearly built for the professionals, it has a good body balance that provides a great grip, it is also reliable, and in like vein they are quite durable with well amplified sounds that are strong and can account for very good music, and also fit for an ensemble of jazz or an ensemble of orchestra.

Some professionals love the fact that the BTR 1460 series of the blessing brand of trumpet are very easy to be blow and so produces the pro sound effortlessly. Ironically, while some professionals make a list of their favourite trumpets, they actually may not enlist it because the trumpet brand seem to be overrated, yet they return for it.

So yeah, that is another amazing feature of the brand of the blessings trumpet. You will agree with me that the beginner’s stage and the professional stage are very important stages of any venture at all, including for the trumpeters, so it is a wise thing for a brand to have series for the beginners, and series for the professionals.

  • Trumpets at affordable prices:

The series of the blessing brand of trumpets are such that although they have series that are made for the professionals, those series are quite affordable, unlike what is the norm in the world of trumpets, the series of trumpets designed for professionals are hardly affordable because they are highly expensive, but the blessing brand of trumpets makes their series of trumpets for professionals quite affordable for the people.

So if you are getting on the trumpeter’s class for the first time, you may do well to check with the blessing brand of trumpet for a trumpet that is quite affordable and also meets with the standard that you desire for your beginners class.

  • Returning audience:

The series of trumpets made by the blessing brand have a niche, like they listeners and players that are accustomed to the sound that their instrument of brass add to the music, so they simply keep coming back for more. This is a very important part of every business, having a returning customer and more audience as well. Not too many brands are capable of this, but the blessing brand of trumpets have won the hearts of their users that they always return.

  • Great horn tones, great slides and great valves:

These three features account for everything and anything any brand of trumpet needs to have. One cannot work without the other, neither can the trumpet work without any of them, so if there is a problem with one of these, the overall effect of the trumpet will be affected. Knowing this the blessing brand of trumpets carefully did an amazing job with the series of their trumpets, by providing the torn of horns that are very amazing, valves that are very impeccable, and slides that are quite swift.


The features for which the various types of trumpet are qualified as good are numerous, and not all are listed here, but it is very important to share that the series of the brand of blessing trumpets are good and everyone should have them.