Famous Asian Trumpet Players You Should Know

famous asian trumpet players
Written by Corey Morgan

Have you ever wondered who the famous trumpet players in Asia are? Who are those famous Asian trumpet players who have influenced the world of music with their performances?

Below is a list of the five famous Asian trumpet players

1. Kai Takaara

Kai Takaara was born in the year 1992. He started playing the saxophone when he was quite young. Right from the age of 12 he dedicated his  life to wind and instrumental music which he continued with.

He received his first diploma from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in the year 2015. Takaara had a lot of great music teachers who contributed so much to his progress; Shogo Sakaemura who taught him classical saxophone, Yoshiyuki Hattori, who taught him chamber music,Tatsuya Sato, who  taught him jazz trumpet and many others.

He was a member of a variety of ensembles throughout his time at university, including saxophone and trumpet orchestras and quartets, large bands, and electronics. He currently plays all the genres of music including classical music as well as contemporary music.

2. Miyashiro Eric

Eric Miyashiro was born on July 13, 1963, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to his American father and Japanese mother. In addition to his father, who was a well-known trumpet player in the Royal Hawaiian Band, he also had a mother who was a well-known Japanese dancer. Eric’s early interest in trumpet playing was largely inspired by his father’s musical skill.

He began playing the trumpet by eighth grade, he had advanced to a high level of proficiency, prompting his father to acquire a set of trumpets for him.

He played alongside Sammy Davis  and Engelbert Humperdinck beginning at the early age of 14 and continuing through high school in Honolulu.

Miyashiro is most recognized for his work as a lead guitarist in big bands, but he is also a classical trumpet performer.

Eric Miyashiro is currently a  well regarded first call trumpet player in Tokyo, given that he had an early start with the baroque baroque style and high register classical trumpet

He is a popular figure working as a Yamaha performing artist and clinician, and he was also  instrumental in the development of the Yamaha YTR-8340EM; the  Miyashiro trumpet type.

3. Takuya Kuroda

Takuya Kuroda, was born in Koba by his Japanese parents. He is a jazz trumpeter and a positive thinking musician who favors blending pop and exploratory jazz music.

Kuroda, just as his elder trombonist brother, found his way into the local music scene, where he played in huge bands.After studying in  Japan, Takuya Kuroda moved to Boston to where he attended the  Berklee College of Music.

While studying at Boston, Kuroda met an inspiring jazz vocalist;José James. Jose James who stayed at Berklee invited him to record with him. He began practicing with him, and started gaining ground. From there, in 2010, he got featured on James’ sophomore album, The  Blackmagic,. He also wrote the horn arrangement for the album; “No Beginning No End”, where it was also featured.

Kuroda is indeed a force in the Asian music industry, a power to be reckoned with. Following his influence, critics described his writings using the words “soulful” and “contemporary,” As his music effortlessly bridged the gap between jazz and soul music. He played history in the tomorrow’s fashion as many would say.

4. Treesaksesakoon Ravee

Ravee Treesaksesakoon was born in Bangkok in 1992, while in junior high school, he was accepted into the school band and began playing French horn in the group’s first rehearsals. At the same time, he picked up his trumpet and started playing.

Ravee got so good in playing the trumpet, he and participated in the Thailand International jazz conference in 2009. After which  he decided to pursue a career as a trumpet player at the Mahidol University’s College of Music and graduated  with a jazz degree. While he was a student, he took part in a variety of musical events, appearing in big bands and ensembles, including the Frankfurt Youth Symphony Orchestra.

In 2011, he was a public personality and lead trumpeter in a huge band in Germany. He is currently involved in a variety of activities, including attending numerous jazz and music campings.

5. Terdrid Rueangroj

Terdrid Rueangroj is a lover of good music. He began studying music when he was 11 years old but began practicing the flute and melodeon in elementary school and in junior high school, he began learning the trumpet.

Terdrid Rueangroj was enrolled into the Rajsima Wittayalai School where he completed his high school education. The Royal Thai Air Force School of Music was the next stop on his musical journey, and he graduated with honors.

He also studied at Rangsit University’s Jazz Studies Department where he was  trained by two great music teachers; Vanich Protavanich and Denny Euprasert.

He participated in so many music campings, including different music competitions both in Thailand and overseas.Finally in 2012, Terdrid participated in the Thailand trumpet competition, where he won a prize. Terdrid ranks fifth in our list of the most popular Asian trumpet players.

Final Thoughts On Famous Asian Trumpet Players

Though there are many great trumpet players in the world, the Asian musicians we’ve highlighted today are some of the most well-known and highly respected. Each has their own unique playing style and has contributed to making the trumpet one of the most popular instruments in modern music. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these amazing artists and that their stories have inspired you to pick up a trumpet and start playing!