richest trumpet players
Written by Corey Morgan

Did you know that some of the richest people in the world are trumpet players? It’s true! In fact, many of them got their start playing in marching bands or jazz ensembles in high school and college. Check out this list of the wealthiest trumpet players and see for yourself!

Below is the list of the five richest trumpet players:

  1. Alison Balsom
  2. David Guerrier
  3. Hakan Hardenberger
  4. Tine Thing Helsen
  5. Wynton Marsalis

These players are only listed alphabetically. The paragraphs that follow will share the details of these five richest trumpet players that are still living, as well as their net worth.


richest trumpet players


Alison Louise Balsom was born on October 7, 1978 at Hitchin, England. Alison Balsom began her piano classes when she was seven years old at Tannery Drift first school in Hitchin. Between the age of eight (8) and fifteen (15), Alison Balsom was playing in the Royston Town band while she attended different schools. She also played in Great Britain’s National Youth Orchestra from fifteen years to eighteen years.

With the several experiences she picked as a child and as a teenager, Alison began her career professionally in 2001 when she was twenty-three. She plays the classical music and began her career playing solo. Alison Balsom has played in two record labels.

Alison’s debut album was released in 2002 while with EMI Classics, a record label; and the disc that followed was released by 2005. By 2006 at classical fm, Alison Louise Balsom became the young British Classical performer. During the Gramaphone Awards, Alison Balsom was also became  FM Listerners choice awards.

She has played with several actors, featured in several shows, and was an artistic director at Cheltenham Music Festival in 2019. With her tremendous efforts, Alison Balsom is worth about two million US Dollars ($2,000,000).


David Guerries was born on the 2^(nd) of December in 1984 at Pierrelatte, France. He plays the piano, the French horn, and the trumpet. However David Guerries began his studies in music at age six in 1990, learning to play the piano at Conservatoire Du Tricastin, and by 1991 (when he was seven years old), he started his trumpet classes in the class of the instructor Serge Vivares.

By the year 1997 David Guerries joined the Conservatoire de Lyon, where he practiced his music and perfected his art of trumpeting up till the year 2000 while learning how to play baroque trumpet with Madeuf Francoise. Overtime, David Guerries developed a strong interest for playing original compositions on the instruments.

At the age of sixteen (16), David Guerries won the Maurice Andre trumpet competition, which was the first Grand Prix la Villa de Paris of Maurice Andre. By 2002, David Guerries began to learn how to play the French horn, and soon he became the principle French horn player of the national orchestra in France.

In 2004, David Guerries won the award of the ‘Soloist of the Year’ at the Victoires de la Musique Classique’ as a trumpet player. David Guerries also won the ‘Soloist of the Year’ award again with the Orchestre National de France after performing Henri Tomasi’s Second Movement of the Concerto.

David Guerries has won a lot of awards and is doing well professionally. His current net worth is about one point five million US Dollars ($1,500,000).



Hakan Hardenberger is a Swedish trumpet player (trumpeter). He was born in 1961, October 7, at Malmo. Bo Nilsson his hometown teacher started teaching him to play the trumpet when he was eight years old.

Having developed an interest in playing the trumpet, Hakan Hardenberger continued his studies with Thibaud Pierre at Paris Conservatoire, and with Stevens Thomas at Los Angeles. Hakan Hardenberger began his career as a virtuoso that has a great command of the classical repertoire while commissioning the works of a lot of contemporary composers. Hakan Hardenberger has also been called “the cleanest and subtlest trumpeter on earth”, because of his the style inherent in his art.

Hakan Hardenberger has more than twenty-five albums and is still playing actively. Hakan Hardenberger Ulf has also won series of awards as a trumpet player and his net worth is considered to be about one point five million US Dollars ($1,500,000).


Richest trumpet players


Tine Helseth is a soloist that specializes in playing the classical repertoire using the trumpet. She was born on the 18^(th) of August, 1987. Helseth first started playing the trumpet when she was only seven years as a member of her school band. From the year 2002 to the year 2009, Helseth studied at Barratt Due Institute of music and later studied at the Norwegian Academy of music (her hometown) between the year 2009 and 2011. In 2011, Helseth was called ‘the superstar of tomorrow’, and was signed into the EMI Musical that same year. She is still with the EMI Musical and leads an only female brass ensemble called the tenThing. Today, Helsten is worth about one million US Dollars ($1,000,000).


richest trumpet players


Wynton Marsalis is a trumpet player, a composer, and a music director that was born on 18 October, 1961 in the U.S at New Orleans, Louisiana precisely. He grew up in the suburb of Kenner. Wynton came from a family of music lovers so by the time he was about six years old, Wynton owned a trumpet and did not practice regularly until he was up to the age of twelve.

Having developed an interest in the art, he became a student of the Tanglewood Music Centre and was the youngest of the other musician because he was seventeen years old at the time. Wynton then began his career professionally when he turned nineteen (19) in 1980 as a composer and a trumpeter. Wynton’s pianist name is Wynton Kelly.

Wynton Marsalis has an album that won the Pulitzer Prize for Music, the album is called “Blood on Fields”, and was the very first composition of jazz music to have won such award. Prior to that award, Wynton played so many genres of music and as he progressed he won some Grammy awards, about nine of them.

Wynton Martalis also made history when he won a Grammy Award for both his Jazz music and his classic music within a particular Grammy award year. The name of his record label is Marsalis Music, he has played in four different labels and Wynton is worth about fifteen million US Dollars ($15,000,000).


The richest trumpet players in the world come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are classically trained, while others came up through jazz and popular music scenes. What they all have in common is their passion for the instrument and their dedication to mastering it. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these incredible musicians and their accomplishments. Who knows? Maybe one day you will be on this list yourself!