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Written by Corey Morgan

In this blog post, we’ll explore the experiences of white trumpet players and what it means to be part of this community. Trumpet players are known for their skill, their dedication, and their unique ability to connect with an audience. But what about trumpeters who are also white? What is it like to be a white trumpet player in today’s world?

We’ll hear from trumpet players of all ages and backgrounds about what it’s like to be a white trumpet player in America today. So whether you’re a white trumpet player yourself, or just curious about the experiences of those who are, read on!

Below is a list of white trumpet players that you should know and watch out for in an ensemble.

  1. Arturo Sandoval
  2. Alison Balsom
  3. Christopher Botti
  4. James Morrison
  5. Tine Thing Helseth



He was born November 6 of 1949 at Artemisa, Cuba. He plays the trumpet, he plays the piano, he plays timbales, and he is a composer. His genre of music was strongly influenced by Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, and Charlie Parker—they are all jazz musicians. He did music with GRP All-Star Big Band, Dizzy Gillespie, and Irakere. Prior to meeting these jazz musicians, Arturo Sandoval started playing the trumpet while he was twelve years old. Sandoval was playing the trumpet with the musicians who were in the street of Cuba. By 1973 Arturo Sandoval assisted in establishing ‘Orquesta Cubana de Music Moderna’; this orchestra later became the Irakere band.

Later on Aurtro Sandoval began to teach at Whitworth University and at Florida International University, he was the director of the jazz ensemble at Whitworth University. After Arturo was judge in the Independent Music Awards for the twelfth annual Independent Music Awards as well as the thirteenth, Arturo also became part of the fourteenth annual Independent Music Awards as a judge in the panel, there he also helped guide the career path of the independent musicians.

Sandoval has done more than fifty music with other musicians and has taken lead in more than thirty songs. Arturo Sandoval has been nominated for two Grammy awards, and he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama in 2013, November 20 precisely.



Louise Alison Balsom is an English woman, who was born in October 7 of 1978 England (Hitchin precisely). Louise Balsom was only about the age of seven when she started her classes in Piano. When time Alison turned eight, she began playing with Royston Town band, she also attended some other schools but still played the trumpet in Royston Town band until she was fifteen years old, because she had learnt to also play the trumpet.

Alison left the Royston town band at fifteen, and became part of Great Britain’s National Youth Orchestra; she played with Great Britain’s National Youth Orchestra until she grew to eighteen years (so she played with them for three years). She further attended the school of drama and music and got the Principal’s highest mark prize by having a first class honours at graduations. She continued her study in music at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

By 2001, Alison Balsom turned twenty-three and in that same year she professionally started doing music; she chose the trumpet and played it professionally. It is fair to associate her excellence performance to the many experiences she gained as a child while learning piano and as a teenager when she took more steps and chances with the trumpet, hence she started her career playing the classical genre of music, and playing the trumpet solo. In fact, her first record to be released was a solo performance.

Balsom went on to make other music and by 2002, she had another album—a debut, that she did with one of the record labels she worked with—the Emi Classics. She had another disc released in 2005 and the disc was still a solo performance. During the 2006 Classical Brit Awards, Louise emerged winner of the Young British Classical Performer Award, that same year she also won the Classic FM Listeners’ Choice Awards. Her performance got her more awards and in 2009 she emerged artist of the year at the Brits Award.

She again maintained the award of the Female Artist of the Year in 2011 by winning the award again at the Classical Brits Award. Alison was part of the Cheltenham 2019 Music Festival as an artistic director, she is still very in active in her musical career as she features with actors, features in shows and still does her solo performances.


He is also known as Chris Botti is a music composer who also plays the trumpet. In fact, he is mostly recognized by his skillful playing of the trumpet. His genres of music are pop, smooth jazz, and jazz. He has played in a few record labels like the Sony label, the Columbina label, the Verve label, the Universal label, and the GRP label. Apart from performing solo, Chris Botti has also played with other musicians like Soda Stereo, Sting, and Paul Simon.

Chris Botti became a voice in the music industry when he released the album ‘Night sessions’ in 2001, he was also well known for his ability to play pop and jazz together in his performance. He won the Grammy award under the category of the ‘Best Pop Instrumental Album”. Chris Botti has received five Grammy nominations and has won one.


James is a songwriter, a TV presenter, an artistic director, a musician and an instructor of jazz music. He plays a variety of musical instruments, especially the trumpet. He has played in three record labels since the start of his professional career in 1983. He has over ten released records, some of which he performed alone, and those he did with other musicians. He has been nominated for three Air Awards since 2017, and he has won two awards out of the three nominations. He has also be nominated thirteen times since 1989 for ARIA Music Awards, and he has won only two of those nominations. He also won the APRA music award for his work “Saturday Sailing” in 1990.

James Morrison is a legendary trumpeter while still living and doing music.


Thing Helseth is a classical repertoire soloist that plays the trumpet professionally, she plays locally and also nationally. Helsth was born August 18 of 1977 and like Alison Balsom, she was just about the age of seven when she started to take lessons in playing the trumpet, as well as playing the trumpet as member of the band in the school. Tine Thing Helseth continued her studies in music at Barratt Due Institute of Music; she enrolled there in 2002 and was there till around 2009.

By 2009 Helseth further her music study in her hometown at Norwegian Academy of Music, she graduated from there in 20011 and professionally continued her music. In the same year she graduated from Norwegian Academy of Music, she was given the title of the “super star of tomorrow”, within the same time frame Helseth joined the EMI Musical music label where she currently still belongs to or is associated with. There is an ensemble—Ten Thing brass ensemble that comprises of only women and is led by Tine Thing Helseth.

Final thoughts on white trumpet players you should know

Trumpet players are some of the most famous and highly respected musicians in the world. Their skills and artistry have entertained audiences for centuries, and their passion for music is evident in every note they play. We would like to thank all of the trumpet players who have shared their talents with us, and we look forward to hearing more beautiful music from them in the future.