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Written by Corey Morgan

If you’re a trombone player, you’re probably wondering where your instrument comes from. Trombones are manufactured all over the world, but the majority of them come from just a few countries. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at where trombones are made and what factors go into determining their country of origin.

Here are a few of the trombone manufacturing company that are part of the international trombone association.

  1. Blessing Brass Instruments
  2. Courtois Trombones
  3. Edwards Instrument Co.
  4. Egger Brass Instruments
  5. Getzen
  6. Greenhoe Musical Instruments
  7. HAAG Trombones
  8. Michael Rath Trombones
  9. M&W Custom Trombones
  10. Schelmer Trombones
  11. Vincent Bach
  12. Warbuton Music Products
  13. Willson Band Instruments

There are other trombone manufacturing companies that belong to the international trombone association that are not mentioned here. However, the following paragraphs will briefly share the details of five manufacturing companies where trombones are made.


Topping our list of where trombones are manufactured is the blessing braa instrument. The Blessing brass instruments named after the founder E.K. Blessing specializes in the manufacturing of wind and brass instruments. Some of these instruments include the cornets, flugelhorns, euphoniums, trombones, mouthpieces and other brass instruments and accessories. The company was established in 1906 at Elkhart in India.

The Blessing Brass Instruments have a whole lot of different series of the brass instrument trombone. Blessing is a very good brass manufacturing company and so they have one the finest trombones in the world of brass instruments.

Blessing Brass Instruments have the series of trombone that are called the performance series, and the series that are also called the standard series. An example of the standard series is the Blessing BTB-1287c standard series tenor trombone, then a few examples of the performance series include: Blessing BVT-1470 performance series Bb valve trombone outfit, Blessing BTB1488 series, and the series Blessing BBTB-62R, Bb/F Large Bore Rotor Trombone outfit.

There are so many other series of trombones, but what is common is that the trombones made by E.K. Blessing are affordable, durable, and are made to be very convenient for the trombone players who require good trombones. Blessing has very amazing trombones for beginners and they include: Blessing Scholastic Tenor Trombone, case and mouthpiece (this one is made in the US) and there also is the Blessing Scholastic Bb trombone. They really have great trombones and some of them are manufacture in US while some are manufactured in India, Elkhart precisely.


Edwards Instrument Company was founded in 1989 at Elkhorn in the US. It has a parent company which is the Getzen Instrument Company, hence the production team of Edwards Instrument Company is found within the Getzen Facility.

The trombones offered by the Edwards Instrument Company are such that are very suitable for trombone players because they tenor trombones, some of which are large bore tenor trombone and small bore tenor trombones. The tenor trombones include the following: T350-E (this is the trombone that has an axial flow valve), T350-HB (this tenor trombone has the harmonic bridge and axial flow valve), T350-CR-E (it has a conventional rotor), T396-AR (it is a tenor trombone with Harmonic and Rotor Bridge), and the T302 Jazz Trombone (which has a small bore jazz trombone).

Edwards Instruments Company also make Bass trombones. These trombones are made in a way that they suite jazz, wind band, and orchestral settings. The series of the bass trombones include: B454-E (this bass trombone has an independent Axial Flow Valves), B454-HB (Brass Trombone with a Harmonic Bridge and an Independent  valves with axial flow,  there are so many other series of the Edwards bass trombones and what stands out for them is that they are durable and they are made with professionals in mind.


Hagg Trombone are handcrafted in Switzerland by Fabian Bachi. HAAG brass has made brass instruments for a long time, and the quality of their brass instrument. HAAG was the first brass instrument country to install Bosc valves and Thayer in the tenor trombones. They have trombones that are durable and affordable and with good technicalities. Some of the series of trombones made by the HAAG Brass are: Bass Trombone ThurBone and Bass Trombone Bossbone. These two bass trombones have a few specifications that will be briefly shared below.

The bass trombone thurbone can be tuned to Gb, or F, or Bb. Its bore is about fourteen point three mm (14.3mm) and five hundred and sixty-three inches (563’’). HAAG’s thurbone has an axial valve, the Thayer valve precisely. The thumb lever is usually the American style or the German style, and it is hand hammered whether or not there is any German rim.

Its bell material is usually the bronze brass, or the red brass, or the yellow brass, or even the gold brass, and the bell can be fixed. The colour of the tuning slide can be gold, copper, brass, and bronze; the inner slide colour is chrome played and nickel silver and the outer slide colour is the nickel silver and the gold brass. The bass thurbone is really a great trombone for professionals.

The specifications of the bass trombone thurbone and that of the bass trombone bossbone are not really different which is why only one specification is shared.


Vincent Bach is a brass instrument producing company that makes brass instruments with great quality. Trombone is one such instruments that is made by the Vincent Bach Company. They are very keen on providing trombonists with the very best of trombones hence they are different categories of trombones.

The Vincent Bach has about three categories of trombones which are made to suit different categories of trombonist, and they include: professional categories, step up categories and the students categories. They have about forty-five different types of trombones of which forty are for the professionals, three are for the step up category, and two for the students’ category because they do not want anybody left out and they want all trombonists to be comfortable.


Willson band instruments are made in Flums, in Switzerland. They make great trombones beginners and so they have more of tenor trombones, because tenor trombones are mostly used by beginners. Their trombones are usually fast and direct in response, an example is the Willson tenor trombone 300TA. They have about six series of bass trombone, and about eight series of tenor trombone; making it about fourteen series of trombone.

Final thoughts where are trombones manufactured

The trombone has a long and interesting history that spans many different countries. Trombones have been manufactured all over the world, and each country has its own unique style and sound. So there you have it. The next time someone asks you where trombones are made, you’ll know the answer!