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Are Conn Trombones Any Good? Buying For Beginners

Are Conn Trombones Good
Written by Corey Morgan

Yes, they are good! In recent years, Conn has been producing excellent trombones that are frequently utilized in symphonies. The durability, dependability, and consistency of these trombones might explain why this brand is so popular.

The quality will be just as great, if not better, regardless of whether you’re purchasing a student model Conn or a professional-level Conn.

How good is the quality of conn trombones

Conn-Selmer trombones are known for their high degree of quality. The Conn-Selmer Prelude TB711 and the Conn 88H Constellation series are two of their trombone models that are easy to play and responsive with fantastic tone.

History of Conn Trombones:

Charles Gerard Conn created his first brass mouthpiece in 1873.

He started out with a single brass instrument, and after three years, he had produced and sold enough of them to establish himself as the country’s largest maker of brass instruments. He went on to grow into one of the world’s most prominent makers of musical instruments today, known as Conn.

Despite the fact that few trombones are still produced under the original name Conn, their partnership with the H&A Selmer Company permitted many different labels to be combined under one logo. The Trombone with a Conn name is still well-known for its excellence. The Prelude TB711 and the Conn 88H are two popular choices among trumpet players of all ages.

The Conn 88H is priced around $3,129. It’s a costly trombone because of the professional features. The TB711, on the other hand, is a much more affordable trombone which cost around $629.

 Are Conn Trombones Difficult To Play?

The Conn trombones are well-known for being easy to play. The Prelude TB711 was designed with novices in mind. Students on the trombone will be able to easily produce a nice, warm tone.

The response time is likewise quick, allowing novices to grasp concepts more easily. The Conn 88H is renowned for being both entertaining and responsive. It has a strong, focused sound with clear overtones. This trombone enables every player to have a consistently excellent tone.

They offer greater resistance than the TB711. It is said that it may be more free-blowing by some users. It was intended for intermediate and professional players who have more skill and experience than novice trombone players, and as a result, it requires greater expertise.

What Genres of music Can They Be Used For?

The Prelude TB711 is a good trombone for beginners with a smooth tone that goes great in orchestras. Beginners who played their trombone have discovered that their quick response, excellent tone, and high-quality design allow them to succeed in both concert and solo performances.

The Conn 88H is a mid-level professional instrument designed for intermediate players. It’s one of the most adaptable trombones for intermediate players.

The sound is controlled and brilliant, with many expert elements that allow younger players to have a precise, brilliant sound. This is ideal for musicians who want to further their knowledge in intermediate concert bands, jazz bands, and even marching bands.

Trombone players can play any type of music with a Conn 88H. A student can use this horn to the greatest extent possible by switching to a different mouthpiece to create a new style.

How Long Do Conn Trombones Last?

There are some disadvantages to buying a new conn trombone. The quality of the slide system has been said to have deteriorated with time by some experts. This may cause the trombones to last a shorter amount of time.

What Do The Reviews Say About Conn Trombones?

Here are the reviews from three different online retailers:

Reviews From Woodwind and Brasswind:

Conn Selmer’s Prelude TR711 student trumpet has excellent ratings on Woodwind and Brasswind, a prominent website for purchasing instruments.

There were no less than four stars available for customer reviews. The majority of players left a five-star review.

One of the researchers’ favorite features is the Prelude by Conn Selmer, which is a wonderful instrument for beginners. It’s inexpensive yet well-made and pleasant to play.

The lowest rating was a four-star review. The buyer claimed that the trombone’s case is not big enough to accommodate a cleaning kit or mutes. Only enough room is available for the trombone and mouthpiece, in this case.

This isn’t an issue for beginners. Because this trombone was created with beginning students in mind, a smaller case is not an issue.

Overall, trombone players were very impressed with the Prelude. Despite its low price, the Prelude by Conn-Selmer is a fantastic instrument.

Reviews From Amazon:

Amazon has a lot of good feedback for the Prelude TR711. This trumpet has an average rating of 3.8 out of 5, which is the best among all its ratings.

A whopping 90% of those who purchased this instrument rated it at 4.9 or higher on a scale from one to five stars, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Customers praised the low price and high quality of this trombone. You can’t get a much better instrument for the same money as a beginner.

One trombone player said they had purchased other beginner trombones from Mendini and Eastrock, but neither compared to the Prelude.

According to a few positive evaluations, the Prelude has slides that work effectively. The lacquer has a beautiful sheen to it, and the trombone produces a reasonable sound.

There have also been some negative reviews. Some trombone players claim that the Prelude needs a lot of frequent cleaning and maintenance. For others, the slides tended to become stuck or click over time.

Reviews From Musician’s Friend website:

The majority of the reviews on Musician’s Friend were positive, although there was a mix. The average star rating was 3.6 out of 5 stars. 71 percent said they would suggest the Prelude to a friend.

The prelude was praised for being simple to build a sound, entertaining to play, and responsive. The tone was called reliable and vibrant.

Some customers complained about sluggish-to-respond slides. Some models had flaws and color variation in the finish.

How Well Do Conn Trombones Hold Their Value?

On sites like eBay, you may frequently discover Conn trombones from the 1950s and earlier.

Because Charles Gerard Conn began producing brass instruments in 1879, Conn trombones have been on the market for a long time and maintain their value.

The Conn 16H was created in 1955 and is highly valued by trombone enthusiasts. Players frequently buy this vintage horn today because it represents excellent value for money.

Some vintage trombones may have dents or dings from years of use, but they are still wonderful instruments as long as there isn’t significant damage.

Despite the fact that a Conn 16H has been played for decades, it still has a warm, rich sound that is unusual. When it comes to vintage horns, this model is an excellent option that won’t break the bank.

There are some disadvantages to purchasing a used instrument.

While you may not be able to play on a used trumpet before purchasing it, you will not notice significant mechanical issues.

Because vintage Conn trombones have been played for many years, they will show signs of use and wear. It is critical to examine the seller’s pictures for any apparent damage and notify them if there are any concerns.

What Is the Warranty on a Conn Trombone?

Conn Selmer is a firm that manages a number of distinct instrument brands. Within Conn Selmer, there are numerous different brands with their respective warranties.

Conn Selmer extends a five-year warranty on C.G. Conn instruments. This is the same duration as Armstrong, Selmer USA, Vincent Bach, and King, all of which are produced by Conn Selmer.

The Conn Selmer will be repaired or replaced by the instrument’s manufacturer at no cost to you if it is found to have a manufacturing defect, which is described in this warranty. This does not cover any natural wear and tear that occurs as a result of regular usage.

What Accessories Comes With a Conn Tombones?

The Conn trombones are available with a Bach 7C mouthpiece, as well as a nylon zippered carrying case. When purchasing a vintage Conn trombone, you may receive the instrument and a hard case as well.

The Best Professional Conn Trombone

Conn 88H

The Conn 88H Symphony Series F Attachment Trombone is a Bb/F tenor trombone with low-bass capabilities and symphonic tone. It’s become extremely popular as a symphonic trombone for experts. Its high-dynamic-range sound quality is one of the very best available. It comes with an adjustable thumb lever and a large shank mouthpiece from Conn 5G.

There are three replaceable leadpipes of three different sizes on the standard weight hand slide. It has a softer bronze-rose brass casing and trim, as well as a nickel silver end crook. The Conn 88H is a wonderful instrument for a solo or small group. The internal slide tubes are made of chrome-plated nickel silver.

The tone and range of the Conn 88H have received excellent evaluations. In a low register, this horn produces a brassy yet robust sound that is golden. Changing the shank to a smaller size and utilizing a high register creates a charming, delicate tone.

Best Student Conn Trombone

Conn-Selmer Prelude TB711 Series for Students

The TB711 Series Student Trombone for Students and Beginners from Conn-Selmer is a Bb, tenor trombone with a limited low range. They were created with beginning players in mind. The Prelude is a well-constructed, simple instrument. It has a coherent design that makes learning to play more straightforward.

The medium bore was designed by Conn-Selmer for easy-play and embouchure development compensation. The Prelude has elements that are simple to use and comprehend for beginning musicians learning how to play the instrument. It also includes a fixed, golden brass leadpipe and a Bach 12C small shank mouthpiece.

The Prelude’s 8-inch yellow brass bell is ideal for generating rich, resonant sound. It’s crafted of a lightweight brass outer slide and an inner nickel silver one with sturdy bracing to prevent scratches. The main disadvantage of this system is that it does not include F-attachment wraps or valves.

Final Thoughts

Conn is a well-known brand of musical instrument. Although it has joined with other businesses to form Conn-Selmer, it continues to create excellent instruments.