Are Cheap Trumpets Good? (All you need to know)

are cheap trumpets good
Written by Corey Morgan

Some cheap trumpets are worth buying. There’s nothing wrong with acquiring an instrument that meets your needs at a great price if you can discover one.

Cheap Trumpets for Beginners

When you’re just getting started on the trumpet, you want to do everything possible to succeed. You’ll need a decent instrument that can assist you in navigating those rocky early days and leading you to the proper road. Of course, you’ll have to think about your budget as well and make tradeoffs in terms of sound and playability.

Beginners will appreciate plastic trumpets in the $200 to $300 price range, and student trumpets starting at around $300. Finding the right balance between saving money and acquiring a high-quality instrument that will benefit you should be the aim. In this price range, I believe most of the top trumpet makers provide fantastic entry-level instruments.

For their first trumpets, some individuals choose to go much lower, with low-profile companies selling for around $100 or less. While it isn’t the one I suggest, it’s not always a bad thing. In fact, for some beginners, this is a good decision.

While you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your first trumpet, you should make an informed decision. In this post, we’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of cheap trumpets and help you determine how much money you should invest in your first instrument.

What factors contribute of cheap trumpets?

There are two primary methods for a trumpet maker to offer a low-cost instrument: component savings or manufacturing cost savings. They may give us a more cost-effective instrument by cutting expenses in these two areas. In reality, when it comes to trumpet pricing and quality, you may think of this as a sliding scale.

The costly trumpets are generally made of the best-quality materials, such as solid gold or silver, and are put together by highly trained artisans. However, in many cases, lower-end trumpets are now being manufactured in locations where labor is less expensive. To a greater extent, production is organized as an assembly line. Manufacturers of costly trumpets sell fewer budget instruments than they do super-expensive ones, so by manufacturing them in large numbers, they can keep costs low and fulfill demand.

When we get down to the $200-$300 price range, we discover even more shortcuts in terms of component quality, as well as labor pricing and manufacturing ease. Rather than being mass-produced items, trumpets must be produced at a profit for the builder and priced at a level that customers will purchase.

However, there is one exception: no one wants a trumpet that doesn’t work. If you take a look at what the competition is lacking, then it’s clear that equipment manufacturers must not only keep costs low but also deliver high-quality instruments that function and sound correctly.

This is where some trumpet makers truly shine. The next three companies are among those that always spring to mind:

  • Bach
  • Conn- Selmer
  • Yamaha

They’ve managed to nail that delicate balance between price and quality, allowing you to invest in a modest-priced instrument that you know will accomplish the task.

Why Should You buy a cheap trumpet?

Obviously, the most significant consideration when purchasing a cheap trumpet is cost. If you don’t have the funds to purchase your first instrument, go with the best trumpet you can afford. Play what you like and can afford, not what other people want you to play. Don’t be fooled by peer pressure. There are several well-known trumpet players who began their careers playing the cheapest trumpet they could find.

You may choose to save money and buy a less expensive instrument. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll enjoy your first trumpet, it’s better to spend little on it so that you don’t get stuck with a bad investment. You may simply want to play around with music without caring too much about it. There’s nothing wrong with this, and you may modify your priorities as time goes on.

Buy quality not cost

One of the primary reasons I suggest higher-quality trumpets for beginners is because of their greater playability. Trumpets made poorly are notorious for a variety of issues, including being difficult to play and feeling heavy in the hands.

This is a tough situation for novices, who are unaware that the problem isn’t them. Unfortunately, some persons have discontinued playing because of this. This is why I propose a slightly higher price range for the greatest chance of success.

So, if you get a great set of trumpets at a low price, make sure you have standards in place to determine whether it will be a waste of money right away.

When it comes to construction, a trumpet can be evaluated in the same way as any other piece of equipment. Examine the valves to see if they are correctly installed. Examine the quality of the mouthpiece. Make sure that tuning is simple.

What About Sound?

Beginners, for example, desire a trumpet that sounds good. This is another thing to consider when shopping for a new brass instrument. However, if you’re just getting started, you may have no idea what a good trumpet should sound like. There are individuals who have been playing for years yet don’t appear to comprehend what they’re doing.

Simply pick an instrument that you like the sound of. It’s important to get inspired to play and practice, therefore you want a trumpet with a sound that encourages you to do so.

Try to get a manufacturer’s warranty if you can. If possible, choose an instrument with a great return policy. Take note of statements like “this was poorly constructed” or “it fractured easily.” Keep in mind that many buyers who leave reviews are upset about something, so if you see a lot of negative comments on a product, it’s probably not worth your time.

Are cheap trumpets good? Final thoughts

Is it a good idea to buy cheap trumpets? This is a tough question, and the answer is that it depends on your intentions, budget, and level of interest in the instrument. The lesson is that you shouldn’t base your assessment of an instrument solely on price. If you’re a complete beginner, this ultra-budget trumpet could be the ideal fit for you.

Because I believe that beginning trumpeters should start with a pair of trumpets in the $200-$300 price range, I feel it provides them the most opportunity for success. You can trust bach, Yamaha, and con-selmer to produce high-quality instruments at low costs, so start with one of these instruments. If you discover that this trumpet isn’t for you and would rather play the trumpet after selling your instrument, you may receive more of your money back.

However, if you’re okay with looking around and making some compromises, you may still get a decent trumpet for under $100. In the end, a low-cost trumpet is not significantly different from an expensive one. Make the greatest decision possible by thoroughly researching your options and weighing them against one another.