Are Conn Trumpets Good? ( Honest Truth)

are conn trumpets good
Written by Corey Morgan

Are conn trumpets good?

Yes, conn trumpets are good and very amazing brand of trumpets.

What can we know about the conn brand of brass instrument (trumpet maker)

To proceed by stating the obvious, the conn brand is a brand of trumpet that makes a variety of trumpets. The market of trumpet making is an open market with so many brands in the market, such that the conn brand of trumpets are also one of such brands.

The conn brand of brass instruments are owned by Conn Gerard Charles, who made his first mouthpiece in the year 1873, few years after making his mouthpiece, the man Conn Charles proceeded to making brass instruments especially the trumpets, so much and so well that his own brand of trumpets became the best seller at some point. The series of the conn trumpet like the Conn 52BSP and the Prelude TR711 are one the peoples’ favorite of all times, and by people – the trumpet players precisely. However, when we look through the various series of trumpets that have been made by the conn brand over the years, one can attest to some of the features that qualify these brand of trumpets to be good.

Having shared brief details of the conn brand of the bass instrument, it is necessary to further share the various factors that qualify the trumpet as good.

A few factors that make the various brands of the conn brass instrument (trumpet) good trumpets

There are a few factors that qualify the various series of the trumpet to be good. They include the following:

  • They are easy to be played
  • They are fit for all genres of music

They are easy to be played

In as much as trumpet players are quite eager to show their expertise and play the brass instrument in a lot grand style, chances are that they do not desire to play instruments that are too difficult to be handled, no one takes any pride in stress when there are other means by which they can be averted, or avoided.

Knowing this the conn brand of the brass instrument (trumpets) made sure that the trumpets they make are such that are very easy to be played. The amazing thing is that the players of trumpet who have more experiences find it easy to play, and in like manner, the players who are just beginners also find the conn brand of trumpet easy to be handled as well as played.

So here, this is one of the factors that matter so much, and because they matter so much they qualify the conn brand of trumpet as being good.

They are fit for all genres of music

Another feature that qualifies the conn brand of instrument is such that must trumpet players look out for as it saves them some cost too. It is the fact the most players of the brass instrument like to have a one fit all kind of trumpet, which is a trumpet that fits in with a whole lot of genres of music.

As though they caught on with this desire and problem, the manufacturers of the conn brand of brass instrument made series of the brand instrument that fits in perfectly with the various levels of musical performances, as well as a whole lot of genres of music.  They are quite particular with what they intend for their brand of trumpets to achieve in the hands of the players and in the ears of the listeners, because if there are no listeners, there may be no need for the numerous ensembles in which various trumpets are blown for to gratify the listeners.

For instance the series, Prelude TR711 which we mentioned earlier is best identified as series of the conn brand of trumpet is a trumpet the conn brand designed for the beginners. The prelude TR711 has a sound that is warm and so is very easy to for the players to be able to blend into a jazz ensemble, or any other ensemble at all.

However, this also makes it easy for the beginners to learn easily and are able successfully play solo in concerts. And it is not rocket science, it is only a function of how they were built and the purpose for which they are built, hence they are able to serve such purpose. The conn brands of trumpet are best identified for their ability to respond quickly, build a tone that is quite incredible.

Again, the conn brand of trumpet has the conn 52BSP of the CONNstellation series, which by its own nature is an instrument that is made for the trumpet players who are on an intermediate level. This series of the conn brand of trumpet is one of the best that any player of the brass instrument who still plays on an intermediate level should buy.

Although the conn 52BSP  are designed for the trumpet players who play on the intermediate level, It is necessary to know that this series  were built in a manner that they gives them some professional touches here and there, such that they  are able to play a variety of ensembles. The features that it has provides a better sound for them, because those are very professional features that produce great sounds, and in the same vein makes it very easy for the intermediate players to learn ensembles of jazz and even follow well with marching bands and then the intermediate concert bands.

Another amazing feature of this series of the con brass instrument, is the fact that this series can really be used to play any genre of music, and all that is required of it is simply changing the mouthpiece of the instruments. More than anything, this too is very beneficial to the players of this instruments as it also makes learning easy for them, as well as boost their confidence in themselves and in the skills that they have. So while looking to buy a trumpet, consider the conn brand of trumpet, and how they are useful and so fitting for any genre of music regardless the level of the players.

The durability of the series of the conn brand of trumpet:

A trumpet may be good, and even be able to do different things at once or even at various times, just like we talked about the genres above. However, if at the end of the day such a trumpet is not able to really last the test of time, then everything it has matters just little, hence on such occurrence, it is safe to gladly announce that such a trumpet has no noted durability and therefore the user should have an alternative on standby.

Amazingly, the numerous series of the conn brand of trumpet have proven to be quite durable and could last over the years. A proof of this is not just in mere words, but it also is an action that has over the years helped the series of the conn brand of instruments stand the test of time. One such thing is the fact that there are still vintage series of the conn brand of the brass instrument, which are really given to so many people for sell when the owners decide to sell the brand.

Hence when, searching to by a trumpet that could serve for a long time, consider the durability of such a trumpet, and why you are going for such trumpet.  The series of the conn brand of trumpet have this quality and are much known for the strong quality of their vintage series of trumpet.


Without having to waste a lot words, I bet that it is clear to you that indeed, the conn brand of trumpets are very amazing brand of trumpets and so qualify to be considered as a good brand of trumpet for beginners and professionals too.