Are Getzen Trumpets Any Good? (Honest Reviews With Examples)

are getzen trumpet any good
Written by Corey Morgan

Yes, Getzen trumpets are good! And before you ask again to ascertain why they are good, I will say yes ten times more so that after I have told you why they are good, you will be confident enough to also affirm that getzen trumpets are great trumpets.

In this article, we will not only answer the question of how good the trumpet is, we also will share how good they are, that is the qualities that qualify them to be good in the first place and even why you should have them in your collection of trumpets.

What is a getzen trumpet?

The getzen trumpet is an amazing kind of the brass instrument (the trumpet). The getzen trumpet is one of a kind, it is the trumpet every good instructor recommends for the students and for the beginners who desire to have a trumpet that has a good quality and to be better with the art of playing the brass instrument (the trumpet).

There are various types of the getzen trumpet which will be shared in this article especially as we uncover why the getzen trumpet is a good trumpet.

Below is a list of some of the getzen trumpet.

  • The getzen 300
  • The getzen 450
  • The getzen 390
  • The getzen 400
  • The getzen 900

The getzen nine hundred (900) is the best version of the getzen and we will make a lot of references to it as we review the getzen trumpet. However we will shortly make a few references and description to the getzen three hundred (300).

The getzen three hundred (300) series of the getzen trumpet is a trumpet that is very easy to be used, the operation is easy, the weight of the trumpet is light, it is durable, it blows freely, and it is very portable.

Generally, the getzen trumpet is one of the most outstanding brands of trumpet in the market, it is a trumpet that has been used for a long period of time and is well recognized as the day goes especially in the world of music.

The getzen nine hundred (900), is the best professional option the getzen series of trumpet especially because of the standard and the level of its professionalism. There are so many features that makes the getzen nine hundred (900) a better option, and this features will be used to show how good the trumpet can be.

Some Features of the getzen nine hundred (900) trumpet.


The getzen nine hundred (900) has an amazing intonation, this is one of the earliest features of the getzen nine hundred (900). This feature (intonation) makes the trumpet is very exceptional as it produces a sound that is very clear, and it is also used to achieve a tone that is stable, and one that can be controlled as the range of the instrument progresses.  It also creates a sound that is not just clear, but is also rich, bright, and bold. The sound is so subtle that it should not be harsh to the hearing of the audience as the unique and beautiful tone of the trumpet fills the air.

Free blowing play:

The getzen nine hundred (900) has a horn that is quite free blowing, which helps the player of the trumpet achieve a free blowing play that makes it very easy for the trumpet to be played.

The Getzen nine hundred (900) Eterna BB series also has a  mouth piece that is coated with nickel silver, the saddle has a first valve, then slide ring of the getzen nine hundred has a third valve that is equally adjustable, offering the players of the brass instrument (trumpet) a great experience, especially for the professionals.


In addition to the existing features, the getzen nine hundred (900) trumpet is quite versatile and can blend easily with a scream or a band especially in an ensemble of jazz.


Another amazing thing is the flexibility of this brass instrument. Flexibility is a common feature of trumpets, but the flexibility of the getzen nine hundred (900) is amazing and quite different.

This is largely attributed to the capacity of this brand of trumpet to play various genres of music quite comfortable, it leaves off a crisp and colourful texture which also provides the players who are professionals and would love to explore.

Smoother Play and Great horn:

This is also a common feature with the getzen brand or series of trumpet. The getzen series has a horn with a tone that is very nice, and not just that it is nice, it also has valves that are very responsive which creates or produces a play of music that is quite smooth and calm.

Quality Body Construction:

Again different series of trumpets have well defined and well-built bodies, but the body of the getzen trumpet is built or constructed with great quality, because this trumpet is made up of yellow brass, it is built with about a two piece (2 piece) handspun yellow brass and a four in three quarter (4-3/4) handspun yellow brass.

More so, the body of the getzen trumpet (the getzen nine hundred 900) has a lead pipe that is standard, durable, nickel in nature with silver coating that is also sporty.

Professionalism of the trumpet:

The getzen series of the trumpet is a brass instrument that is equipped with valves that are quite smooth, projections that are fantastic, and a range that is dynamic.

This series of trumpets (the getzen brands of trumpet) are very rich in sound like we already established, and the getzen nine hundred (900) eternal bb series is characterized with valves that are better than the valves on other kinds of professional trumpets, or simply put, the valves on the body of the getzen nine hundred (900) are better than the valves that most brands of trumpets have.

More so, the slides of the getzen nine hundred (900) series of the getzen trumpet have over the years proven to be fast, and are also the materials used in the making of these valves and slides are very materials with great quality. Even though the valves can be sticky sometimes and so makes it a bit hard for beginners.

What you should know about the getzen series of trumpets

  • The Getzen series of trumpet has one of the best trumpets for people who are just at the learning stage of playing the brass instrument (the trumpet). One of such getzen series is the getzen three hundred series (300). This series of the getzen trumpet is mostly identified as the student’s trumpet for players who have just begun playing, and for the students who are yet to start playing the brass instrument. For such categories of people or players, the getzen three hundred (300) series are necessary for the training and it is really worth the while because the operation is easy, and the results are good too.
  • More so, this series of trumpet is quite compact, portable, and durable. It is also the series of trumpet that can take care of the different hurdles that players go through while training, then it makes practice easy, and practice is required for perfection.
  • The Getzen series of the trumpet are built with keen attention to details, so much that the quality of the various getzen series are great and are better than most brands of temperature. This quality also complements the features and add great value to this series of the trumpet.
  • Another outstanding feature of this series or brand of trumpet is that they do not have any necessary setback or limitations, the experience is worth having as it is positive and the effect is topnotch. However for trumpets like the getzen three hundred (300) series, there will be a limitation for the professionals as the getzen three hundred series is strictly made for beginners. In the same vein, the beginners will have limitations and great difficulties trying to use the getzen nine hundred (900) series which is basically made for professionals. Apart from these, there are no other limitations attached to using any of the getzen series of trumpet.
  • More so, the texture and the feel of the music that is produced from the series of the getzen brand of trumpet is clear and different, and even the student’s series, that is the getzen three hundred (300) series can measure up to the other brands of trumpet out there as the production of this series of trumpet, as well as the operation is basically un paralleled
  • The series of the getzen brand of trumpet has various series for various categories of players, ranging from the beginners, to the amateurs, to the intermediate, and to the professionals. The series of the getzen brand of trumpet has something for everyone.


You must have seen for yourself now that the getzen series of trumpet are very good brands of trumpet. So you can walk into the store and pick any series of the gretzen brand of trumpet.