How Much Do Selmer Trumpets Cost? (Explained)

how much do selmer trumpets cost
Written by Corey Morgan

How much do selmer trumpets cost? The most common Selmer trumpet you will find today is the Trumpet-Soloist model, which is moderately priced at $2,995.

Selmer trumpets have been manufacturing instruments since 1884. They have produced many models of trumpet, from the beginner model, to professional level models. Prices can range greatly depending on what type of selmer trumpet you are purchasing and where it originated from.

For example, if you are in Europe or Asia there may be different import taxes or duties incurred when importing an instrument into those countries so the price may increase by 10% or more depending on where it originates from.

Quality of Selmer Trumpets

The quality of Selmer trumpets is unparalleled. Selmer trumpets are made with the finest materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. The Trumpet-Soloist model is made with a yellow brass bell that gives it a warm sound. It also has Monel valves that give it a quick action and help to prevent corrosion.

Selmer trumpets are known for their high quality and durability. They are often chosen by professional trumpet players for their superior sound and construction. If you’re looking for a trumpet that will last for years, a Selmer is a great choice.

How Much Do Selmer Trumpets Cost

Are Selmer trumpets expensive? This is a question that is often asked by people who are interested in purchasing one of these instruments. The answer, however, is not always straightforward. Selmer trumpets come in a wide range of prices, from beginner models that cost around $500, to professional level models that can cost up to $10,000. So, the answer to this question really depends on the specific trumpet model that you are interested in.

The most common Selmer trumpet you will find today is the Trumpet-Soloist model. This instrument comes in at a pretty modest price of $2,995. It is seen as an excellent beginner level instrument, because it has many features that are usually only found on top-of-the-line professional models.

It has a very rich sound, with extra bracing to increase the support for this. The durability is increased as well through the use of stainless steel springs and screws.

If you have your heart set on an instrument that costs even less, then consider purchasing one of the student models. These are available at around $1,000-$2000, and are also a great beginner option. The same quality is maintained in these models, but because they contain fewer features, the price is lowered for someone who is trying to get their feet wet with playing an instrument like this.

They do not have as rich of a tone as some more expensive models, but this depends on each individual trumpet; there are some cases in which the student model is preferred because of the sound it produces.

What Do the Professional Players Think of Selmer Trumpets?

Professional players have a wide range of opinions when it comes to Selmer trumpets. Some feel that they are the best trumpets on the market, while others find them overpriced and too difficult to play. Many professional players love the sound of Selmer trumpets, and find them very versatile for all styles of music.

What Genres of music are Selmer Trumpets Good For

Selmer trumpets are good for a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, and popular music. They have a warm, rich sound that is perfect for all types of music. Selmer trumpets are also very versatile, and can be used for a wide range of applications.

History of Selmer Trumpets

Selmer has been manufacturing trumpets since 1884, when Henri joined his father in the family business. The company began producing instruments domestically, but because of the demand for its instruments around the world it opened international divisions throughout Europe and North America. In 1989, Selmer merged with UMI and formed UMI-Selmer and in 1990 became known as Steinway Musical Instruments. In 1993, Selmer was sold to the Vincent Bach Corporation where it is now a subsidiary of Conn-Selmer.

How Long Do selmer Trumpets Last

Selmer trumpets are known for their quality and durability. Most Selmer trumpets come with a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects for up to five years. Selmer trumpets usually last for many years if they are properly taken care of. Players often buy a new trumpet as they progress through the different stages of their playing careers.