10 Great Christian Songs About Restoration

Christian Songs About Restoration
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian Songs About Restoration

There is a plethora of restored situations in the Bible. When something is restored, it is improved upon in every manner. God has promised us a better life, a better future, and a better way of life for ourselves and our loved ones.

God will restore what has been destroyed and make it even more beautiful than before. Broken bits of our lives will be restored with his love and fortified exactly where they were lacking. Yes, God’s restoration promises abundance.

10 Christian Songs About Restoration

1. Amadeo `Ryan Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson - Amadeo (Still My God) [Official Lyric Video]

First on our list of christian songs about restoration is this inspiring song”Amadeo meaning ‘Lover of God’ or ‘I Love You, God’ in Latin. Understanding the significance of Amadeo (Still My God) is easy.

We are all vulnerable humans with limited capabilities. In this world, there will always be unknowns, difficulties, and challenges. My hope and prayer is that no matter what we go through, what hardships we encounter, or what battles we wage, we can always remain anchored and established in our loving identity.

We can always say “Amadeo” no matter what is going on. Yes, I do love and trust you. You are my God regardless of my circumstances.

2. Lift me up by the afters

The Afters - Lift Me Up - Official Video

The music video follows the lives of three people: an evicted guy who feels he has let his family down by losing his home; a young woman who tries to take her own life because she believes she is unattractive; and a lonely widow who has had enough. God’s love will shine a new light on their lives and give them the strength to persevere through the tough times.

When you feel like life is too much, this song is about how your faith in God can give you the strength and courage to keep going.

The first verse begins by hinting at the hope we’re waiting for, which is something we haven’t achieved on our own. Following this, it restates confessions to God, reminding Him that He is well aware of our situation and that He alone can save us. No matter how many times we try and fail, God will never stop believing in us.

In the second verse, we tell God that we know we have flaws. Even if we have disappointed God countless times, He still loves us and accepts us for who we are. Another sign that we need Him to come and save us from these trials of faith.

The chorus concludes by showing what God does to and for us throughout our spiritual journey while we are blind or sick. In addition, we pledge to God that, because of His unending grace and love, we will hand up control to Him. Lyrically, this is one of the best christian songs about restoration.

3. J.J. Heller’s “Your Hands”

JJ Heller - Your Hands (Official Audio Video)

The main theme of the song is my battle with anxiety and panic attacks. I was in the pit of despair when we wrote this song, said .J.J Heller.

The song begins, “I have unanswered prayers,” and every morning I would ask God to relieve me of my fear and worry. God spared me from losing that, for whatever reason.

Knowing that this song was written as a desperate plea for help is meaningful to me. God didn’t answer my petition the way I thought He should have, but He used it to have an eternal impact on the lives of millions.

4. Chainbreaker by Zach Williams

Zach Williams - Chain Breaker (Live from Harding Prison)

Zach stands at the side of the Christian who has given in to the deceptions of this world and has lost sight of the presence of God in the world. He assures them that they can find fulfillment beyond the material world.

Zach also refers to Christ as a Chain Breaker and gives God additional titles. God is able to carry your suffering, make a way when you have none left, and shine a light on your darkest days (John 8:12).

Zach uses rhythmic optimism to demonstrate that following Christ need not be shackled. He has the power to free us from our darkness and bring us into His light. The world need not lay claim to us; He has already done so.

5. Chris Tomlin’s “Holy Roar”

Chris Tomlin - Holy Roar (Live From Church)

Tomlin exhorts his Christian listeners to worship God.  There should be thanksgiving to God (Isaiah 6:3). The goal of worship is to glorify God by making His name known throughout the universe, and this hymn serves as a reminder of that. We want to praise the God who rules the universe with a resounding roar.

6. Newsboys, “Greatness of Our God”

Newsboys - Greatness Of Our God (Official Lyric Video)

As the Newsboys see it, God deserves praise since He is sovereign over the universe and all in it. We can behold His greatness while gazing in awe and astonishment.

7. TobyMac’s “I Just Need U”

TobyMac - I just need U.

Our only hope lies in God. We put our faith in a Savior who triumphs over the forces of darkness and death when we are surrounded by wolves and walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

When our faith begins to waver in the midst of our deepest trials, we can rest assured that our unchanging God is there to rescue us and see us through to the next day.

8. “The Lion and the Lamb” by Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave - The Lion and The Lamb (Official Lyric Video)

This is a brand new song for our worship team, but it has quickly become a crowd pleaser at church. Not only do the lyrics pack a punch, but the music does an incredible job of propelling them.

Inspired by the words of Isaiah 45:22 This song emphasizes the truth of the verse.

Personally, I have taken an oath that cannot be broken: “Before me, all knees will bend; by me, all tongues will swear.” On that magnificent day, when we see Jesus riding in on the clouds, we will see Him in full power like never before!

9. Christopher Tomlin, “Jesus”

Chris Tomlin - Jesus (Lyrics And Chords)

When this song comes on the radio, I immediately crank up the volume and begin to pray and sing along. I adore this song because it centers our worship on the might of Jesus Christ.

It leads us to praise God for who Jesus was and is to all who put their faith in Him If we take the time to consider the fullness of who He is, His majesty becomes manifest in a way it never has before.

10. ChrisTomlin, “Our God”

Chris Tomlin - Our God (Live)

In the midst of the noise and distractions that characterize most of our lives, this song serves as a welcome redirection to the One who truly matters: Jesus.

We can get completely caught up in the things around us, which only leads to stress and concern, but when we direct our focus to the only thing that truly counts, all of that tension and worry goes away at Jesus’ feet, as Mary sat at His feet in Luke chapter 10. This lesson, which Jesus spoke with Martha, still holds true today, and it is evident as Mary sat at His feet.