8 Great Songs About Being Complete in Christ

Songs about being complete in Christ
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs about being complete in Christ

As we progress through life, we experience both highs and lows. On occasion, we even end up injuring ourselves along the process. This hurt could be something more profound, such as the pain that results from having a strained relationship, or it could be something as simple as a cut or bruise from an accident.

When we are waiting on the Master, who is our Heavenly Father, it is not uncommon for a wonderful Christian song to restore our sense of wholeness.

8 Songs about being complete in Christ

1. Do it again by Elevation Worship

Do It Again | Live | Elevation Worship

ElevationWorship’s “Do it again” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs aboutabout being complete in Christ.

This song hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it at church. I know what it’s like to wait on God, to wonder why He hasn’t answered yet and if He will ever come through for me.

Despite this, God’s faithfulness remains, as the song proclaims. He will never let us down; He has promised me that He will never leave me or abandon me. As He did before, He will move mountains now. The burden was immediately removed from my shoulders. This confidence is essential for everyone.

2. Seasons by Hillsong Worship

Seasons (Live) - Hillsong Worship

Earlier this year, I was at the point of giving up. I had hit rock bottom and cried out to God, telling him I couldn’t handle it anymore. I can’t explain why I first heard Seasons by Hillsong, but something about it struck me.

The season is a story about trusting God and ultimately discovering who you are in the process of waiting. God is slow to anger and works in cycles, so we must all endure the cold months ahead.

There is always hope that spring will come and bring a harvest, no matter how long the winter seems. This song reminds me to wait patiently on the Lord and not give up.

3. Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells

Tauren Wells - Hills and Valleys (Acoustic Video)

When things are going well, it’s easy to think that God must be on our side. We begin to question God’s presence in our lives after a devastating event. Tauren Wells uses this song to reassure listeners that they are never without God’s protection. He’s the one who leads us to the highest peaks and leads us down into the deepest valleys.

In every circumstance, He is in command, and He will never leave us. When I’m having a hard time remembering that God is still there despite my problems, I put on this song. If you ever feel your faith faltering, put on this song and you’ll be brought back to Christ.

4. My World Needs You by Kirk Franklin

My World Needs You 2017 Stellar Award Performance

God, it’s so good to know that Jesus’ name is eternal and has the power to transform lives. We have a rock that keeps us steady, a rescuer who will appear when the storms of life finally break.

This song speaks to my soul because it mirrors my thoughts and feelings exactly. It’s not only me that needs Jesus; everyone does. When I’m feeling particularly nervous, I can’t help but panic. I just can’t shake this feeling of hopelessness. To be honest, I can’t handle this alone; I need to look into His eyes. When he’s around, the dynamic shifts.

5. Made a Way by Travis Greene

Travis Greene - Made A Way (Official Music Video)

One of the most well-known songs on being complete in christ is this song, “Made a Way,” by Travis Greene. This song is a stunning testimony to God’s omnipotence. When I first heard it last year, it was through a buddy who was struggling with despair, and I listened to it nonstop for weeks.

The song served as a reminder that God can and will provide a solution. He is a God of miracles and new beginnings. Even if it appears like there’s no way out, God is in control and will provide. Feeling whole again is a result of this alone.

6. Thy Will by Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Thy Will (Official Video)

There are many believers, including myself, who can relate to the words of this song. Many times I’ve asked God why He allows bad things to happen to me, why He doesn’t just take away the pain instead. I foolishly believed that my agenda for my life could top God’s.

Listening to this song always brings me back to a place of peace, where I can acknowledge God’s sovereignty and my insignificance. I am reminded that God did not create the universe for my benefit, but rather that I exist for His glory.

As Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane, I too can pray to God for deliverance from difficulty. But whatever His will is, it shall be done. In the same way that the Father had good intentions for Jesus even while He was being crucified, so does He have them for me as I go through adversity.

7. It Is Well with My Soul by Horatio Spafford

It Is Well With My Soul by Horatio Spafford

Lyrically, “It is well with my soul” by Horatio Spafford is one of the best songs about being complete in christ.

This hymn has helped me learn to be content with whatever the Lord may send my way. God is in control of all that takes place. It’s not always easy, but I know that whatever He brings my way has a purpose, and I need to learn to accept it and even be grateful for it.

The chain of events that culminated in the composition of this song is what moves me the most. Horatio Spafford’s ship had just sunk, killing him and his four daughters.

When He was amid the worst anguish of His life, He yet managed to say, “all is well with my soul.” Amid my difficulties, it is inspiring to see others put their trust in the Lord as wholeheartedly as he had. I have everything I need in Christ; I want nothing.

8. He Turned It by Tye Tribbett

Tye Tribbett - He Turned It (Live)

Though God hasn’t yet turned my situation around, I find comfort in listening to this song during times of difficulty. Amid difficulty, give thanks to God for what you know He will do. Now that I know God will intervene, I can give Him praise and gratitude. The second, more lively section is my fave.

This section is my favourite since it always gets me up and dancing. Amid my suffering, I found indescribable delight in praising and dancing to God.