7 Top Songs About Mirrors

7 Top Songs About Mirrors
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about mirrors

Has the number of songs titled “mirror in the title” ever crossed your mind? The best “songs about mirrors” are ranked here, no matter the musical style.

Although many of the songs on this list may be described as “songs about mirrors,” their lyrics often refer to other things. This top-ranking poll includes songs like I’ll be your mirror by velvet underground, and “Mirror Man by The Human League”.

Let us know if you think there is a great song with the words “mirror” in the title that does not already appear here. We only allow “mirror songs” (those with the word “mirror” in the title or lyrics) here.

1. I’ll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground

I'll Be Your Mirror

Coming first in our list of songs about mirrors is this amazing song by Velvet.  I adore the elegance and simplicity of the statement “I will be your mirror.”

Finding someone who understands you without even saying anything gives you the impression that everything will be fine, even though it may not be the case. This is because we are all fragile and in need of reassurance.

One of the greatest gifts in life is having a companion who will be there for you through all of life’s ups and downs, through good times and bad.

Simply defined, this song is about the search for the one person who can fulfill all of your needs and who will be there for you no matter what. In a word, it has to do with real love. Additionally, Nico has a spooky voice on this track.

2. Winter by Tori Amos

Tori Amos - Winter (Official Music Video)

This grand piano ballad was featured on Tori Amos’s first solo album, Little Earthquakes, and was released as the fourth single

This is one of the best songs about mirrors! This has got to be my all-time favorite song. It is loaded with significance, much like the moral of a fabled story.

According to my understanding, the narrator does not mature or progress through time. Even more concerning is the fact that she does not have any guardians.

In many fairy tales, your guardians are the entire king’s army, an entire order of knights, or even an entire herd of horses. In many fairy tales, the task of the heroine is to figure out how to save herself metaphorically through an agent that is just another version of herself. During the winter, the white horses are first dormant and then awake when it is too late.

They have moved forward with it. The person in question has not acquired the skills necessary to advocate for themselves, trust themselves, or safeguard themselves. Who can explain why? Perhaps “daddy” has stated one thing, but in reality, you will always be “daddy’s little girl” to maintain his love for the rest of your life.

The boys who were left behind. Being trapped in winter without end and having no hope of ever seeing spring again. The reforms that were promised have never taken place. There are so many unrealized dreams.

3. Mirror Man by The Human League

The Human League - Mirror Man

The Human League, a British synthpop group, released their song “Mirror Man” in the year 1982. It was initially issued as a single in the United Kingdom on November 12, 1982, and it reached its highest position #2 on the UK Singles Chart.

This tune is mostly about alter egos and the way a person’s self-concept can shift to fit the people they are around, particularly when they are beginning a new relationship.

It seems to always be referencing how, based on the connection, you might very well become quite a different person, or possess this new alter-ego,  but he is not also sure if this is essentially a blessing or a curse, and perhaps believes that he is a bit too attuned to other people’s ideologies of who he should be (“You know I will change”) for the better. If evolution is what you seek, then.

However, he does not have complete control over this since the mirror-man aspect of his ego causes him to constantly conform to the expectations of other people (“..Here comes the mirror man..”)

4. Lucretia, My Reflection:: Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection

The goth rock band’s third song off their second studio album, which is about the downfall of an empire and the aftermath of the battle, was released recently.

The name of Lucretia Borgia, a member of the notorious Borgia family of the Italian Renaissance, is alluded to in the title. The Borgias were infamous for their brutal political strategies and alleged criminal acts.

Many people believe that Lucretia was the one who committed the murders and enjoyed using poison. Andrew Eldritch, the band’s lead singer, penned the song for his bandmate Patricia Morrison, who plays the bass, saying that she “always impresses me as a Lucrezia [Borgia]-type girl.”

The song “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime,” which was released in 1932, refers to “once a railroad, now it is done” in its lyrics. This song is about how the Great Depression had a devastating impact on the American way of life. e.

5. Black Mirror by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (Official Video)

To me, the significance of what is being said in this song is not at all obscure. For me, black mirrors are any screens; it does not matter if they are televisions, computers, mobile phones, or other devices; if you look closely, you can find them anywhere, including in our homes, in public places, and even in almost every bag. Black mirrors are everywhere.

People in our times are unable to function normally without their black mirrors, and unfortunately, this affliction will never be lifted.

Living near black mirrors does, however, come with several drawbacks, including the presence of snooping cameras, the risk of being stalked, and the theft of information on your profile, amongst many others.

Arcade fire also did mention their worries about very prevalent facts, such as the fact that our society -as we know it- is getting nearer and nearer to a very abrupt halt.

For instance, they hinted at the possibility that “all words will lose their meaning,” which is a very well-known concept. Arcade fire shares this fear with many other artists, particularly those that are attached to the term “Theatre of the Absurd.”

Simply try switching your black mirrors and keeping them that way for one day; you will discover that it is incredibly difficult to gaze through the black screen and see your mirror image.

6. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror by  Elvis Costello

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

This song, in my opinion, is an ode to a loved one who is searching for themselves, hurting others, telling lies, and needs some sort of self-actualization.

Some things can only be found on one’s own, and the time for coming to terms with one’s actions is always drawing near. One day, each one of us will be forced to look into a gloomy, honest mirror.

7. Mirror in the Bathroom by The English Beat

This song is unmistakably about narcissism and the trait of being a vain mirror gazer who is constantly looking at their reflection in various places, such as storefront windows, glass tables, and everything else.

There is a line that suggests that extreme narcissism can lead to mental illness. There is a disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder that is characterized by self-obsession, arrogance, and heartless, cruel behavior toward others.