6 Top Female Rock Songs of The 80s

6 Top Female Rock Songs of The 80s
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Female Rock Songs of The 80s

Have you wondered what makes the 1980s so special? Indeed a lot contributed to it, and it also touched the music industry.

The 1980s are remembered for music artists who achieved phenomenal success with just one or two songs.

Rock music has evolved, and variety has brought out the best in it. Rock music is a diverse genre of popular music known as “rock and roll” in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Female rockers gained popularity and acceptance among their fellows and coeval proving that they can do the same or even better than the predominant male rockers.

The females illustrated that the predominant male in the rock music world was about to be decimated, and they did so in a rather monumental way, to say the least.

In this article, we will be deciphering female rock songs of the 80s together. Relax and enjoy some of the best hits of the decade from rock’s certified courtesans.

6 Female rock songs of the 80s:

1. Kiss Me Deadly – Lita Ford

Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly

Lita Ford’s song “Kiss Me Badly,” which was released 34 years ago in the year 1988, is one of my best songs from the 80s by a female artist.

This song’s popularity was rekindled when it was played up in the superhero film Captain Marvel in 2019.

This song is premeditated to be one of Ford’s endorsement songs. Later that same year, her song ranked to be second highest-charting rock single following “Close My Eyes Forever” from the same album .

The song’s melodic qualities, brought on by synthesizers gently complement the guitars and her husky vocals, resulting in a timeless classic she produced that year.

Lita could relate to the first line talking about last Saturday night. I went to a party, but instead of getting laid, I got into a fight.

Lyrically, emphasises in the chorus show that the song expressed even desperation and severe lust for romance.

2. Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Official HD Music Video)

This song “Heaven is a place on earth” is a solo by Belinda Carlisle in her album “Heaven on earth” from the 80s which touched hearts, emphasising romance.

This song “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” was regarded to be the headliner solo from the “Heaven on Earth” album. And this song was released September in 1987.

The song “Heaven is a place on earth” is Carlisle’s only US chart-topper to date, it spiked up as number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in December of that year.

Many “deviant” listeners who are bound to romantic ideals were won over by the commemorative message of love infused in an infectious arrangement.

You might think about Heaven on earth based on the title given to the song, but this bubbly rock song by the female singer from the 80s is about discovering heaven on Earth in the form of true love. This is an alluring piece of music.

3. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” By Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Official 4K Video)

This is one of the 80s breathtaking  rock songs of the ever recorded by a female singer; from its lyrical compositions to the inspiration behind it, It’s indeed a masterpiece.

This Whitney Houston’s song topped globally, topping the charts in eighteen countries regardless of the criticism this song faced by the music inclined.

This song by Whitney was released in May 1987. This is one of the 1980’s breathtaking rock songs ever recorded by a female singer; from its lyrical compositions to the inspiration behind it, It’s indeed a masterpiece.

This is upbeat yet the light song is quite an emotional judging lyrically. It’s about finding love, and Whitney sings it from the point of view of someone who hasn’t found it yet. It’s a happy-sounding sad song.

This song from the 80s by the female artist Whitney reflects on one of those quagmires that many single people face, that twilight restlessness that comes over you when you don’t want to spend another evening alone and yearn for true love.

Listening to this song will make someone want to break out their dance moves on the dance floor when they hear “I Wanna Dance With Somebody!” It puts someone positive in the frame of mind.

4. Alone – Song By Heart

This is another rock song composed by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly from the 80s Titled “Alone” and sung by Heart(Power duo Ann and Nancy Wilson). This song was included in their 1987 album “Bad Animal”

This song is about a girl’s overpowering feelings for a guy, and she’s finally ready to tell him the truth. But the thought of it gives her children thought in her dark room.

She must find a way to reveal her secret to him. “How am I going to get you alone?” she wonders. Even though they were not the original singers, this rendition by Heart lifted the song to new heights.

The track features strong vocals, with a thunderous yet melodic arrangement layering on top for an effective formula that resonated with their listeners.

5. Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Turn Around) (Official Video)

The lyrics of the song compare a failed romance to an eclipse. In an ITV poll, the song was voted the nation’s third-favourite 1980s number one by the British public.

The single “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Tyler is one of the songs from the 80s by a female artist and was released in February 1983 from their album titled “Faster Than The Speed Of Light”.

Tyler’s big hit in 1983 was “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and In England, it was named “Best Single Of 1983!” by the Variety Club.

This song was inspired by the 1922 vampire film “Nosferatu”.This song tells the sad and powerful story of a breakup that leaves a woman alone and heartbroken.

All she wants her ex to do is turn around and remember everything she’s remembering as she wonders if the best years of her life are coming to an end.

The lyrics can be described as dark and such a pretext appears to explain what the song’s title means symbolically, as in an “eclipse” alluding to darkness and “the heart” alluding to love.

Bonnie Tyler wasn’t singing a song about a human love story, she was singing about a vampire love story.

6. Love Is A Battlefield -Song By Pat Benatar

[07] Pat Benatar - Love Is a Battlefield - Live 2001

This song by Pat Benatar titled “Love Is A Battlefield” is another song from the 80s by a female rockstar. The song was released in September 1983.

The song’s narrator recognizes that romance has a high risk of heartbreak, The song’s second verse reveals that she has reservations about giving her heart completely to him, that is, she does not want to make herself more emotionally vulnerable without first determining how committed he is to their union.

The song’s narrator realized that romantic relationships are difficult and that she had to make the right decision despite her distress by freely giving her love to someone who may not return it.