9 Top Notch Songs About Vampires

9 Top Notch Songs About Vampires
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs About Vampires

Have you ever marvelled about the existence of vampires? Do you think vampires exist? What if I told you, that vampires do exist? Scary right? Don’t be, it would be amazing to be a vampire. Don’t you think so?

Music is one of the best ways of explaining concepts. I bet many people want to know about these amazing creatures, vampires, and I had advised you to go for songs about vampires. I had also suggested the songs below if you are a lover of horror music.

I chose to construct this incredible collection of music for you because so many songs are about vampires. For you to get the most out of it, it is exclusively for you and, most importantly, its lyrical interpretations.

Draw the curtains and sink your fangs into my beautiful collection of songs about vampires by reading the passage below.

9 Songs about vampires:

1. “Dracula’s Wedding ” by Outkast

Dracula’s wedding was contained in an album, speakerboxxx/ the love below, and was released in 2003.

This piece is talking about the wedding of the well-known Dracula, the first-ever vampire on earth and the king of vampires. The song generally explains the wedding Dracula and how he was terrified by the girl, he supposed bride.

The lyrics also explain the characteristics of a vampire in its lyrics. “I’ve cast spells on millions “, shows the ability of vampires to cast spells.” Till death do us part, till death do us part, you only live once, well not in our case, we live forever” shows the immortal nature of vampires.

2. “Skin- One Thousand Years ” by Jarboe and Michael Gira

SKIN - one thousand years (original)

This vampiric song was written in 1987 by Michael Gira and the music was composed by Jarboe.

‘live by the heart of the things I kill,’ shows that the immortal nature of the protagonist as a vampire is because of the blood he sucks and his dependency on the blood.

Jarboe’s haunting vocalizations play out the tragedy of the godless immortal in devastatingly succinct observations like ‘I destroy what I love,’ and ‘This body won’t die.’

3. “Return Of A Vampire ” by Mercyful fate”

Mercyful Fate - Return of the Vampire (Lyrics)

Mercyful Fate’s Return of the Vampire is a compilation album of rare demo tracks recorded before the band’s first official release in 1982. Roadrunner Records RRD 9184 released it in 1992

In its lyrics, the composer gave candid advice on how to kill a vampire.”You gotta drive a stake right through the heart of the living dead before evidently killing the creature.

4. “Closer” By King Of Leon

Kings Of Leon - Closer

The now split band of brothers released the song in 2008. In Kings of Leon’s 2008 single “Closer,” the vampire is a 200-year-old freak who feels no guilt as he sucks his victims dry.

Even so, the agonized tone forces the listener to connect with the vampire’s situation despite themselves.

5. “We Suck Young Blood ” By Radiohead

We Suck Young Blood

The song is from the album, Hail To The Thief and was released in 2003. This masterpiece is metaphorical.

It makes use of the ability of vampires- to suck out blood from people to sustain themselves – to explain how Nollywood executives prey on young exploitable also shows how influential people in society use their power to bend the weak to their will.

6. “At Dawn, The sleep” By Slayer

SLAYER OKC at dawn the sleep

This song is from the album, Hell Awaits released in 1985. The song talks about the inability of vampires to walk in the daytime to avoid the risk of being burnt alive.

The song also portrays vampires as lustful blood-sucking creatures who move in the night recklessly killing innocent souls to satisfy their insatiable taste for blood. This song depicts vampires as satanic creatures whose aim is to kill and bring souls to hell

7. “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” By Chemical Romance

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

“Vampires will never hurt you “is the third song on Chemical Romance’s album, “I gave you my arms, you gave me your romance ” and the group’s first debut.

The song is talking about a man and his lover in a distressed town filled with vampires. In a long battle with the vampires, the man gets bitten by one of the vampires. Which triggers him to ask his lover ‘to stake him before the sun goes down ‘ before he becomes a man.

Some people believe this song to be an imperial metaphor for the society we live in. It conveys a message about the greedy and wicked inhabitants trying to corrupt everything they set their eyes on.

8. “Transylvania” by Tyler The Creator

The song was released in 2011 on the album, Goblin. The song is all about Bloodthirsty vampires who slumber during the day and emerge at night to suck the blood of their victims are frequently connected with Transylvania as the home of Dracula, the king of vampires.

9. “Night Of The Vampire” by Rocky Erickson

Roky Erickson - Night of the Vampire

Released in 1981, The Night of the Vampire is from the album, the evil one. Rocky Erickson had mental issues, so most of his works were due to delusions. The delusions didn’t stop his formidable vocalizations.

The theme of this particular song sends chills to mum spines every time I listen to it. The night of the Vampire is about a  terrific night filled with ravenous vampires.

These bloodsuckers go around haunting the city of Transylvania. The loud lyrics, “Avoid slipping in the mud while running in the rain because you risk slipping in blood” shows that the people are trying to escape from the ravenous vampires. It also depicts the intense mood of the song.