7 Top Songs With Champagne In The Title

Songs with Champagne in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs with Champagne in the title

There is always a backstory to any song that references a Champagne. Lyricists and singers often use unconventional metaphors and imagery to convey their feelings in their songs.

Most moving songs were inspired by a story or memory close to the songwriter. Songwriters may make a parallel between Champagne and the character in a song.

To help deal with tough emotions like tension, worry, or depression, we have included songs with champagne in the title of this post. Drink-themed songs have been used by musicians across genres to convey sardonic humor and dark wit.

Songs with champagne in the title can cover a wide range of topics, but their underlying themes usually revolve around the champagne in question.

1. Champagne Supernova

Oasis - Champagne Supernova (Official Video)

This song, as far as I can tell, is about the breakup of two formerly close friends.

To question a buddy, “where were you while we were getting high” is a polite way of saying that they missed out on a lot of fun because they were not present.

When he says, “how many special individuals change,” it sounds like he’s thinking about how he doesn’t recognize or understand his friend anymore because of the distance between them.

Someday you will find me, stuck beneath a landslide” could suggest that his friend will return too late, at which point he will be “crushed” by the sorrow of losing him and thus a shattered man.

However, “but you and I will never die” gives them hope that they can remain friends despite the inevitable end of their relationship.

2. Champagne from a Paper Cup

Champagne From a Paper Cup

The refrain of this song with champagne in the title repeats the phrase “on and on” twice. As a result, it’s clear that despite his intense affection for his girl, their relationship is stuck in place.

But is this enough to make him quit? He’s persistent in his pursuit because he has feelings for this person. Since they are friends, they frequently attend social events together.

To add to the atmosphere of decay, they attend a party where champagne is served in disposable cups. However, he bases his disposition primarily on the activities of the girl he loves, who is probably off doing something more entertaining with someone else.

And how exactly does he lift his spirits? The longer he has to wait to take this girl home and attempt to be alone himself, the more he drinks. Yet he never stops caring for the relationship, for fear of losing another beautiful person. The chats, meanwhile, “continue on and on.”

3. Champagne Life by Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo - Champagne Life (Official Music Video)

American musician Ne-fourth Yo’s studio album, Libra Scale, features this track as the album’s second single. On June 5, 2010, the song made its first airplay appearance.

The song portrays the narrative of Jerome, Clyde, and Leroy, three garbage guys who get their wishes come true when they are given unlimited access to whatever they choose, including superpowers.

There is a catch, however; neither of them can ever fall in love. The song symbolizes the time after the trio has received their abilities and is finally able to live the “champagne life” they’ve always dreamed of while also cleaning up the city like Gotham.

4. Champagne Night by Lady A

Lady A - Champagne Night (From Songland)

Madeline Merlo, a country-pop singer, and songwriter from Canada co-wrote the song with Tina Parol, David Thomson, and Patricia Conroy.

On April 13, 2020, she sang it on the premiere episode of Songland, an American television series about a songwriting competition. They intended to record “I’ll Drink to That,” which featured musical guest Lady A.

Hilary Scott and Charles Kelley of Lady A duet in this lively tune about ditching cocktail hours for a local watering hole. They frequently hold “champagne nights” there, during which beer is consumed from disposable cups.

Lady A put out the song during the COVID-19 pandemic in the hopes that it would encourage those going through a tough time.

5. Champagne Poetry by Drake

Drake - Champagne Poetry (Audio)

Drake kicks off his album Certified Lover Boy with a jazzy cut in which he brags about his “champagne poetry.”

Starting with a sped-up version of The Beatles’ “Michelle” from their Rubber Soul album, the song incorporates Masego’s 2017 song “Navajo.” Drake raps over an ongoing sample as he discusses parenting, the OVO empire, label contract talks, and his untouchable rule.

Drake switches up the tempo halfway through to rap on protests and demonstrations happening all around the world, injustice, and the political unrest he’s under to respond in a certain way.

6. Champagne High by Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel - Champagne High

For all I know, this song is about Ken (the lead vocalist) attending the wedding of an ex-lover. They’re probably still friends, but at her wedding, he’s thinking, “although your story’s fulfilled mine is a good distance from done”

Beautiful and heartbreaking all at once, this song tells the story of a man who wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship and whose partner eventually left him for someone who could better meet her needs. The girl’s voice soaring above the chorus is a beautiful addition to the song’s production.

7. Champagne by Sugarcult

Concluding our list of the songs with Champagne in the title is this song by Sugarcult. Simply put, this song is about the process of becoming so attached to another person that you can’t imagine life without them. You can’t function normally without them, and when they’re gone, you may as well be dead.

“I take it the theme of this song is being so reliant on another person that you can’t imagine your life without them. Once you invite this person into your life, you cease to be whole as a single person. Otherwise, you would never be whole; without this other person, you will cease to exist.”