12 Great Songs About Brown

Songs about brown
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs about brown

There are a surprising number of musical works dedicated to the colour brown, even though it is far from the most prevalent subject matter for pop music. Brown eyes aren’t as stereotypically beautiful as blue eyes, but it doesn’t mean they’re uninteresting.

The colour of a person’s eyes is a common icebreaker, and brown is the most common. In some ways, they reveal the inner workings of our minds and hearts covertly. Warmth, strength, and perseverance are all characteristics associated with people with brown skin. Let’s look at songs about the colour brown!

1. ‘Brown Skin’ by India.Arie

India.Arie - Brown Skin (Official Music Video)

India.Arie is a famous soul singer. She has spent decades writing about what it’s like to be black, and her song “Brown Skin,” which became a hit in 2001, is a monument to the love she has for her people.

Even though the words of the song are more generally addressed toward those with darker skin in general, the country in question is India. It is the fans’ perception of Arie as “the original ‘Brown Skin Girl,'” which gives the song its significance for ladies who are similar to her.

2. Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Brown Eyes

Because this song is about “a girl with brown eyes,” the title refers to the subject of the song. Brown eyes are Lady Gaga’s favorite favourited because of how much she adores them, so she decided to name her album after them.

Brown-eyed individuals come across as more genuine than their blue- or green-eyed counterparts, which is why Lady Gaga enjoys listening to music that focuses on this eye colour.

3. Big Brown Eyes by Benny Sings ft. Big L

Benny Sings - Big Brown Eyes (Official Video)

This song is about a woman with brown eyes, but not just any woman – a stunning one. She is the subject of this song. Benny cannot stop thinking about this “woman with enormous brown eyes,” and she continues to appear in his dreams. The lines are very symbolic, and they demonstrate the cryptic aspect of brown eyes once more.

4. Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson - Pretty Brown Eyes (Official Music Video)

Gigi Hadid, who is now Cody’s ex-girlfriend, is the subject of this song. Because he feels her brown eyes are so beautiful, he gave the song the title “Pretty Brown Eyes.”

Even if it isn’t actually about brown eyes anymore, this song is still considered to be among the best songs written about brown eyes, even though the band broke up in 2015. Because it contains the word “brown,” its lyrics are still current and applicable today.

5. A Pair Of Brown Eyes by The Pogues

The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes

The lyrics of this song are about a guy and his wife, who has brown eyes (of course). It explains how even though they “have all the money we need,” their “happiness couldn’t be more complete” because of their love for one another.

Even though the lyrics don’t specifically mention brown eyes, it is obvious that this is what inspired the title of the song because, from the lyrics, this song is also about love. Its words convey a lot of feeling and are quite nice to listen to.

6. ‘Melanin’ by Secrets

Secrett - Melanin (Official Video)

This hip-hop music is not subtle; rapper Secrett sings the praises of dark skin. Specifically, she questions why traits often associated with Black women, such as larger lips and curvier bodies, are suddenly seen as attractive when they are shown on white women. Secret encourages the Black women who listen to this song to be independent in all aspects of their lives.

7. Brown Eyes, Brown Hair by Caleb Hearn

Brown Eyes, Brown Hair

The subject of this song is a man’s love for a woman with brown eyes and hair, just like him. It’s a gorgeous song, and the words will make you want to give in to the same feelings of elation that the singer seems to be experiencing.

Caleb Hearn published this song in 2016. The song’s lyrics detail his growing affections for this woman and the new perspective she has given him.

8. ‘Faith In These Brownskins’ by Bianca Bonnie

BIANCA " Faith In These Brownskins " ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )

Bianca Bonnie, better known by her stage name as Young B, is the singer of the 2006 smash hit “Chicken Noodle Soup.” Since then, Bonnie has maintained a low profile, only reemerging on Love & Hip Hop a few years ago to revive her singing career. Bonnie sings in “Faith In These Brownskins,” a song in which she reflects on her own and others’ experiences as a woman of colour.

9. ‘Black Woman’ by Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks - Black Woman (Music Video)

Danielle Brooks is a talented singer and performer. For her first release, Brooks recorded a song titled “Black Woman,” in which she addresses the stereotypes and biases that people have about Black women. As she soaks in a bathtub, Brooks looks like a “Nubian queen with the skin that glistens” in the music video.

10. Brown Eyes by Destiny’s Child

Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes (Official Audio)

The protagonist of this well-known tune is a man with brown eyes. The “unique things he does to make my life complete” are highlighted.

The song’s title, like the rest of it, is memorable. You’ll find yourself smiling over its heartwarming lyrics. Some fans assume that Beyoncé is singing about her late father, Mathew Knowles, in this song.

11. Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) by Mint Condition

Mint Condition - Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (Official Music Video)

I love this song in particular. Like many of the women featured in songs about brown eyes, the subject of this song gives the singer cause for introspection. She gave him the confidence to pursue his dreams and transform from “a struggling comic” (or whatever) into an MC, and he will never forget that. You can find this track on Mint Condition’s Love S.O.S. album.

12. Deep Brown Eyes by Bedside Kites

The protagonist of this song is in love with another person but feels he or she cannot be with them because of their “deep brown eyes.” These heartbreakingly tragic words capture the anguish of love that is not returned. One of the saddest songs ever written on brown eyes (or any eyes, really). They say it sounds like a Bright Eyes song, and many others agree.