6 Great Songs With Peace In The Title

songs with peace in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs with peace in the title

It’s important to have a collection of songs that advocate for peace and positive change in this day and age, when conflicts are always erupting in different parts of the world. This is a ranked list of all of the best songs with peace in the title. You can listen to all of these songs below. If you are a nonviolent person who believes that resorting to violence is never the solution to a problem, then the music that is provided below may really speak to your soul.

Because music is not often organized according to the connotations of its titles, this music list is an excellent resource for locating some fantastic songs that share a conceptual affinity with one another.

6 Songs With Peace In The Title:

1. A little peace by Nicole

Nicole A Little peace Eurovision

Ranking first o n our list if songs with peace in the title is”A Little Peace” by Nicole. This song is centered on the idea that having a sense of optimism and positivity can infuse life into the most bleak conditions.

The song’s opening few verses are depressing and pessimistic, describing dismal and awful circumstances. The author makes reference to these things to convey how desolate she feels at various points in her writing. She does, however, mention that just as she’s about to hit a low point, she visualizes a light at the end of that dark road, and she begins to feel hopeful once more.

According to the author’s interpretation, the formula for extracting oneself from discouraging circumstances is to hope for a better tomorrow, appreciate a little, give a little, and dream of a better world.

According to the author, virtuous qualities such as patience, understanding, and peace are effective enough to dispel the melancholy that frequently pervades the lives of other people.

2. “Pipes of Peace” by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney 'Pipes of Peace (2015 Remaster)'

Next on our list of songs with peace in the title is “pipes ofpece”. Paul McCartney makes a suggestion for how society can solve some of its difficulties in his song “Pipes of Peace” As he alludes to in the first few lines of the song’s introduction, love has the potential to solve a lot of problems.

McCartney directs his first verse toward the numerous children who are being born in the world at the same time as he discusses the obligation that adults have for children to ensure that they experience the best of their love, attention, and guidance.

The chorus emphasizes the importance of teaching today’s youth not to spread an atmosphere of violence and discord, but rather to show them how to spend their lives in harmony with the rhythm of peace.

The song has a central theme that encourages people to work toward restoring love and fostering peace in order to make the world a better place for everyone.

3. “Peaceful Easy Feeling” by The Eagles

Peaceful Easy Feeling (2013 Remaster)

The vocalist is in a romantic relationship, which serves as the premise of the song “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” It is clear from the very beginning of the song that he is completely captivated by the allure of his companion. Despite this, they are not too far along in their romantic relationship.

That is to say, he is relating this story from the perspective of someone who is now attempting to actually get to know this person on a much deeper level. In spite of this, he has a nagging feeling that things might not turn out the way he would ideally like them to. Or, as he mentions towards the end of the story, “this voice keeps whispering in (his) other ear,” reminding him that he “may never see (her) again.”

This gets us to the name of the song, as well as the message that the lyrics are truly trying to convey to the listener. The musician enjoys what he calls a “calm easy sensation,” which is so strong that it will not be disrupted even if the woman he is seeing does not live up to his expectations.

Taking a step back and looking at it from a different angle, it’s possible that he never should have set his sights so high in the first place. But more to the matter, the “peaceful easy feeling” that the book’s title refers to has permeated his demeanor in such a way that his contentment cannot be disturbed, even if he is turned down by a girl whom he is obviously head over heels in love with.

4. “Peace of Mind” by Avicii (ft. Vargas & Lagola)

Avicii - Peace Of Mind (Lyric Video) ft. Vargas & Lagola

To tell you the truth, it’s possible that the general audience is more interested in analyzing the precise mental condition that lies underneath Tim than they are in any other album that has been released so far in 2019.

This is due to the fact that its creator, Avicii, was widely regarded as a naturally talented celebrity at the time of his untimely death by suicide on April 20, 2018, when he was only 28 years old.

In addition to the fact that Tim is the first postmortem album released by him, it is likely that he may release further posthumous albums in the future, and some of the songs featured on the album deals primarily with topics such as life, stress, and despair.

The song “Peace of Mind” is another one that specifically addresses the issue of stress. Additionally, the lyrics are not too difficult to understand. The artist is feeling the weight of “society’s” expectations since “life” is “moving way too fast for him.”

As a result, he seeks “peace of mind,” with the “relief” and “freedom” that he believes would result from achieving this state as his primary motivation for doing so. Despite the fact that he has unquestionably recognized the solutions to his worry, it is important to highlight that he does not appear to have any working knowledge of how these solutions might be attained.

In conclusion, the mental state referred to in the song’s title, “Peace of Mind,” is one that the singer, who is troubled by the pressures of modern society, is attempting to achieve. Also, in a roundabout way, that yearning is communicated through this song’s lyrics.

5. Peace Frog by The Doors

Both of these interpretations are connected to one another throughout the song.

According to the belief known as “peace frog,” if you place a frog in water that is boiling, it will leap out of the pot. If you place a frog in cold water and gradually bring the temperature up, the frog will survive long enough to boil.

According to Morrison, this is the direction that police is heading: it is becoming more and more rigid, more and more like the manner of living described in George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

The other meaning of this word is abortion. The girl in the song, who may or may not be fictional, drives into town and aborts a child in a manner that is not dissimilar to the manner in which police enter a community, beat the crap out of people until the issue is resolved, and then drive away as if nothing had happened (sunlight in their hair!).

6. Peace Sells by Megadeth

Megadeth - Peace Sells

My theory is that this is about the fact that everybody wants to be treated peacefully (they’re “selling peace”), but nobody wants to treat other people peacefully (they’re not “purchasing” peace).

In this song, the ambiguity of the lyrical meaning is the most enticing part. As valid as his desires and frustrations are, it is possible that the narrator would like to help bring about world peace by remaining tranquil when everyone else is being aggressively judgmental and unwilling to understand his plight.

This viewpoint is one that I am familiar with and can relate to, despite the fact that I do not fully subscribe to it. As do a great number of lines within it. A statement like that, which at first glance seems to have only a single meaning, never fails to amaze me with the complexity of the ideas it conveys.

“You mean to tell me that I’m not kind? Just not your kind.” <- The situation in which the narrator reacts to unkindness by acting in an unkind manner themselves and classifying people and things according to their own sorts.

Do you think Dave Mustaine intended that amount of recursion, or am I just reading it in a manner that he didn’t intend? I really have no idea. However, it is an excellent song.