10 Songs With “Pirates” In The Title

songs with pirates in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Whether you like pirates or not, you can’t deny that they’re an excellent source of musical inspiration. Listening to these tunes will inspire you to set sail for the high seas and snatch up some treasure! Here are our recommendations for the finest songs with pirates in the title.

10 Songs With “Pirates” In The Title:

1. “A Pirate Looks at Forty” by Jimmy Buffett

Ranking first on our list of songs with pirates in the title is “A Pirate Looks at Forty” was written and performed by Jimmy Buffett, an American singer-songwriter. The lyrics of the song are based on the real-life exploits of the 18th-century pirate John Coxon.

In the song, Coxon laments on his life of piracy and how it has made him feel “forty years old.” While the song’s subject matter is pirates, it also touches on aging, regrets, and nostalgia in its lyrics.

2. Nina Simone’s Pirate Jenny

Pirate Jenny Live 1964 by Nina Simone

Nina Simone - Pirate Jenny Live 1964

The song depicts the narrative of a young woman who dreams of a life of adventure on the high seas. In the song, Jenny imagines herself as the captain of a pirate ship and leads her crew to victory over their opponents.

Pirates were a genuine concern on the high seas in the 18th and 19th centuries, and while “Pirate Jenny” is a work of fiction, it does contain certain elements of fact.

3. Kenny Chesney’s “Pirate Song”

Kenny Chesney – “Pirate Song”

Kenny Chesney - Pirate Flag (Official Live Video)

Kenny Chesney’s “Pirate Song” is a joyful, lively song about a crew of pirates seeking for buried gold. The song begins with the sound of waves splashing against the ship, setting the atmosphere for an adventure at sea.

The pirates tell stories of their daring exploits throughout the song, including fighting fierce sharks and hijacking other ships.

The pirates chant, “We’re going to find that treasure/We’re going to sail the seven seas/We’re going to be the richest pirates that ever sailed the breeze.” In the end, “Pirate Song” is an upbeat, merry tune that is likely to get listeners dancing and clapping their hands in the air.

4. “Pirates” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Pirates - Live In Montreal, 1977

The song “Pirates” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer is about, you guessed it, pirates. The song’s lyrics describe the exploits of a pirate ship and its crew.

Drums and electric guitar provide the driving beat for this rocker. It’s a happy tune with a dark undertone. The lyrics are about violence and death, and the pirates’ flag is “a skull and bones.”

The pirates are shown sailing out into the sunset as the song draws to a close, looking for new captives. Classic Emerson, Lake & Palmer song ‘Pirates’ eloquently reflects their unique blend of light and darkness.

5. “Privateering,” a song by Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler - Privateering

‘Privateering’ by Mark Knopfler is a song that deals with pirates. The song describes the journey of a pirate captain and his ship into a life of piracy on the high seas.

The captain sings the song, and he looks back on his career with a mixture of pride and remorse. In his memoirs, he describes his travels and the sights he’s seen, as well as how he became a pirate to better his lot and the lot of his companions.

6. Jack Hartmann, The Silly Pirate Song

Silly Pirate Song | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann’s The Silly Pirate Tune is a jovial song about pirates. It begins with a group of pirates singing about their love for sailing the seas and pillaging small towns. As the song progresses, though, the pirates start to act foolishly, such forgetting where they hid their loot.

The pirates keep singing and dancing despite their errors, showing that they still enjoy being on the high seas. The Silly Pirate Song is a fantastic way to teach kids about pirates and get them up and dancing at the same time.

7. Blippi – The Pirates’ Song

Blippi Pirate Song! | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes | Educational Videos for Toddlers

“Pirate Song” by Blippi is a lively, cheerful song that is ideal for young children who love pirates. The song is about a band of pirates on a mission to find buried treasure. They encounter danger and excitement along the way, but eventually find the treasure they were looking for.

The tune is catchy and fun to sing along to, and the lyrics are suitable for children of all ages. “Pirate Song” is likely to be a hit, whether your child is a fan of pirates or enjoys singing along to exciting music.

8. Worldwide Adventurers – The Pirate Shanty

The Pirate Shanty is a song about pirates by Worldwide Adventurers. It describes a band of pirates who travel the seas taking hostages and pillaging.

The song has a catchy melody and will have your feet moving. For a pirate-themed party, the lyrics are full of adventure and excitement, making it the perfect soundtrack. Set sail for adventure with The Pirate Shanty by Worldwide Adventurers, and put on your best pirate outfit.

9. Tim Curry’s A Professional Pirate

Muppet Treasure Island - Professional Pirate

‘A Professional Pirate’ is a Tim Curry song from the Muppets’ film Treasure Island. Song is an amusing tribute to pirate life presenting them as carefree, raucous and (most importantly) professional in their actions.

Curry gives a wonderfully outrageous performance, and the song itself has been ingrained in popular culture. A Professional Pirate is not only a fascinating and engaging listen, but it also provides a unique peek inside the world of piracy.

10. Steve Goodman – Lincoln Park Pirates

Lincoln Park Pirates

Concluding our songs with pirates in the title is “Lincoln Park Pirates” written by Steve Goodman. It tells the story of a group of pirates who got into a scuffle with the city of Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

The song describes how pirates started to robbing people in order to survive. Goodman’s portrayal of the pirates shows them to be tough, but also kind.

The song has become a Chicago staple and is frequently performed at sporting events. Lincoln Park Pirates, one of Goodman’s most well-known songs, is a good example of his ability to convey a narrative via music.