5 Great Songs With “Pull” In The Title

Written by Corey Morgan


Songs are part of human nature, they seem to have been part of our very existence. Every human being on earth today has a song that resonates with him or her, a song when sung will either remind him of something or give him a pleasant feeling.

Over the years, songs have undergone many changes. Today songs that used to give so much pleasure and emotions back in the 80s, don’t stimulate as many emotions in today’s digital world.

Words have been used severally in the title and lyrics of a song, sometimes they serve as a metaphor to hide the true meaning of the song, most times songwriters use words or metaphor to his their real intention in the song, because these songs and the beating sound together, it is sometimes difficult to discern the meaning in the song.

Many words that when used on their own don’t mean anything have been given life and meaning through songs and the beats used in the songs. Below are some of the songs with the word “pull” in the title, here you will understand more how songs can give life to words and make them have a tangible meaning. Stay tuned, let’s ride.

5 Songs With “Pull” In The Title:

1. “Pull” Song By Blind Melon

Ranking first on our list of songs with pull in the title is “pull” song by blind melon. This song reflects human nature in times of pain and disappointment which all of us have faced at some point in our lives.

Here the songwriter sang of how much longer he would live on earth yet he won’t give as much as he is expected to, his time, his attention, and his wealth, he would live so long but give so little, mainly because of the hurt he has felt in life.

Can one ever believe that words such as “pull” can be used to give meaning and life to a song like this? This is how powerful songs can be. This song by Blind Melon was the biggest hit of its time.

2. “Pull”Song By Candiria

This song by Candiria was written and sung in 1998, this song is a song of indignation, a song that reflects how deeply a human being can dislike something and songs are perfect ways to show it without getting arrested.

In this song the songwriter, Candiria expressed her hatred for television, in her words she said televisions are a mistake to the human world, that television has been used as a tool in the hands of the government to manipulate people, and false advertising is being done in the television and young people are being addicted to it.

When you go through the lyrics of this song carefully, you will understand that the songwriter did not fail to express her anger and indignation towards the use of television across the country.

If she had written these words or said it not in the form of a song, it could have gotten her in trouble, this shows you the extent songs can go to pacify an offense especially If that song is a rap song like this one.

3. “Pull” Song By John Wesley Harding

This song by John Wesley was sung in 2004, this is a very emotionally driven and love song, and this song reflects human curiosity and pleasure, a song that asks a question such as “do we meet people by chance, or is our meeting with people destined?

The songwriter in his song fell in love many times with the same lady, most times they break out of love just as people break out of a relationship, but what surprises him is the fact that any time they break up, no matter how long it takes, life always pull them back together and whenever they meet, they fall in love all over again.

In the lyrics, the songwriter is seen asking himself why this is as it is, why life always finds a way to pull them back together and is it destiny? Or is it by luck or chance? This question is left for the audience to answer, sometimes we have felt what the songwriter felt happening to him, and we don’t know the best words for the question, but through songs, the songwriter has magnified this word “pull” and given life to it, that is what songs can do.

4. “Pull Up” Song By Da Polman

This is a hip-hop song, if you listen to the lyrics you may not be able to make out the meaning of this song. From the beginning of the lyrics, the word “pull up” was used many times and repeatedly, but if you read through the second paragraph of the lyrics it will start making sense to you.

In this song, the wrong writer Polman is pictured shouting at a lady to pull up, the lady pulls over the car, and the songwriter begins to tell her how much he loved her and wishes she would be his. This song was captured and sung in the euphoria of love and happiness.

It’s a kind of song that when listened to you will feel the thrill of hip hop music but when you read through the lyrics without the song, you will have a deeper understanding of the sadness behind his words. Songs are great ways to hide our emotions and make it very thrilling that people hardly notice the real voice behind the song.

5.“Pull Up” Song By Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug

Rich Gang - Pull Up (feat. Birdman, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan) (lyrics)

This song was sung by two artists. This song is very beautiful and emotional. It reflects our confidence in those we trust, our love for family, and our determination to die for what we love.

In this song the songwriters are seen boosting their audience that they will always pull up for each other, in times of trouble they will pull up, and in times of happiness they will pull up.

When I was going through the lyrics of this song, it reminded me of the confidence human beings have in those they trust and consider family. This song was a hit in its time.