Top 6 Songs With The Word “Biscuit” in The Title

Songs with "biscuit" in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With The Word “Biscuit” in The Title

Songs are great ways to express our feelings, even a word as mare as biscuits can carry deep emotional meaning, to decode the hidden meaning in a song you listen carefully.

Some songs are very special to us because they represent our lives, past, present, and our future fears. Below are the top songs with the word biscuit in the title, stay calm, sip your juice and enjoy

6 Songs With The Word “Biscuit” in The Title

1. Biscuit, Song by Portishead

Songs are great ways to hide our emotions, there are songs with deep emotions of brokenness, this song by Portishead is that type of song.

Here the songwriter expressed his emotions, how he was heartbroken by someone he loves, how he tried to shout no one heard, no matter how much he shouted, no one heard him.

He wishes he could turn back the hands of time, he wished he could wave a magic wand, and immediately she’d come back to him.

Songs like this cause emotional build-up, it’s a song almost every one of us can relate with, at one point in our lives we’ve lost someone we love, maybe it was their mistake, maybe it was ours.

After long years and months, just when we think we’re about to move on, the memories come flashing back to us and we wish it never happened, we wish we never met that person, but it’s destiny, we cannot fight it, rather we learn from it. This song was the best of its time, was a big hit, and was written with deep emotions and feelings

2. Please Pass the Biscuits by Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean - Please Pass The Biscuits

Songs are great ways to hide our emotions, to express ourselves without hurting anyone. In this groundbreaking song by Jimmy, he expressed his feelings at the dining table, how he was neglected every Sunday, every day, and how he would wish for a biscuit and cry out for it, but no one heard him.

Everyone seems to be so busy, so happy with their meals and chattering that he was forgotten, this is a deep emotion that even after many years the songwriter hasn’t forgotten.

In life we face similar things when growing up, some of us were ignored, some of us weren’t given the time and attention we deserve, and we went through childhood wishing that someone could recognize us, someone could hear that which we couldn’t say, sadly no one did.

This song is very emotional, even as adults when we remember those memories we feel cold and we feel sad, remembering the love we asked for that was not given, the biscuits we asked for but couldn’t get, sometimes even as adults these bad memories affects our adulthood and we live through life with pains that we couldn’t heal.

This song was the best hit of its time an one of the best songs with biscuit in the title.

3. Biscuit Head, Song by Spin Doctors

Songs are used to represent many things, some represent our deep feelings of heartbreak, some represent our fears, some our past, while some are for fun.

This song by spin doctors are the few that represent fun, the singers can be heard poking each other out and making fun of each other, calling each other biscuits head and double-decker biscuits.

When you listen to this song you will feel a thrill of excitement flowing through you, it’s a song every one of us can relate to.

We all have moments in our lives where we were in the true spirit of friendship with individuals, we remember the fun, the picking on each other and when we remember these, we just smile, they’re memories that cannot be forgotten.

This song entails friendship and love, it was one of the biggest hits of its time.

4. Biscuits in the Oven, Song by Raffi

Biscuits in the Oven

This song was released in 1984, it’s a song typical of biscuits, each lyric in the song contains the word biscuits, deep down each lyric are emotions of being a child, that moment when your dad comes home and buys you a biscuit, you feel so thrilled, you jump up and hug your dad,

At that point that biscuits mean more than just a biscuit, it represents the love your father shared with you, the bond of love that binds family, that is what those biscuits represent to you, it’s why sometimes our parents may not tell us how much they love us yet we know for sure without a doubt that they do.

That is what a piece of biscuits can do in the life of a child. Long after childhood, the songwriter remembers how he felt whenever his mum was making a biscuit, how he couldn’t wait for the biscuits to come out of the oven.

Songs remind us how and what childhood looked like, it’s indeed a memory to remember. This song was the best hit of the 1980s

5. I’m Gonna Bake My Biscuit, Song by Mazzy star

Mazzy Star - I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit

This is the second song in the music industry that has the word biscuits in its lyrics. This song reminds us of our lives as kids, and how stingy we can be at times when we’re given biscuits.

We’d shut our doors and eat everything before coming out, if anyone knocked we’d pretend like we were not at home.

The songwriter obliterated these feelings, that part of childhood where we’re so conservative and don’t want to share anything with anyone but would love to partake in theirs.

This song was written with mixed emotions of love and regrets, it’s a song that lifts the spirit and at the same time reminds us how stupid we were as children. This song stood the test of time and was one of the best hits of its time

6. Biscuit Town By King Krule

King Krule - Biscuit Town

This is a hip-pop song that was sung by King Krule in 2017, it’s a rap song that has deep meaning, the singer seems to be battling within himself, between two thoughts, between him and someone who left him.

It’s a song with hidden meaning and message, it’s a song where the songwriter exalted himself as though he competes with someone.

There are times when we feel we compete with someone or some person, we tend to hype ourselves to feel better and feel good, but deep down we still have that bitter feeling and still feel like they’re better than us, while in reality they’re not even thinking of us.

It’s the battle of the mind. The songwriter coded it very well but when you listen with attention, you will decode it.