20 Great Songs With “Hide” In The Title

songs with hide in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs With “Hide” In The Title

Music is often referred to as the universal language, and it’s true. And while that is true, there are some songs that speak to us on a more personal level than others.

There are times in our lives when we feel the desire to retreat from the world, and we all know what it’s like. For many of us, hiding out is a way of coping with life’s difficulties.

These songs with hide in the title can show a wide range of feelings and experiences, they touch on a wide range of emotions from rage and irritation to grief and regret, all of which can lead to a desire to withdraw from the world.

20 Songs With “Hide” In The Title:

1. Imogen Heap ` Hide and seek

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Official Video)

Raning first on our list of songs with hide in the title is this haunting ballad with a simple and meaningful message Imogen Heap ` Hide and seek. The song’s lyrics describe the plight of a person who has fled into the shadows in order to avoid being discovered.

It’s evident to everyone who listens to the song’s lyrics that the vocalist is dealing with a significant emotional issue. As the song’s chorus puts it, “All I want is to find someone who I can follow / All I want is to find someone who knows”.

In the end, “Hide and Seek” is a song about loneliness and isolation, and the desire for someone who can relate to you. ”

2. Hideaway by Kiesza

Next on our list of songs with hide in the title is “Hideaway” by Canadian singer Kiesza from her debut studio album, Sound of a Woman. It was made available on April 22, 2014, as the album’s lead single.

The song was written by Kiesza, Rami Samir Afuni, and Nolan Lambroza, and produced by Afuni. Deep East Oakland by DJ Rodney Smith is used as a sample.

Deep house track “Hideaway” has a fast beat and hints of nostalgia. Lyrically, it’s about escaping the outside world in order to dance freely and without inhibition.

3. Juice WRLD – Hide

The song is about masking one’s true feelings, particularly despair and insecurity, beneath an outward appearance of cheerfulness. The lyrics describe how the narrator is “hiding all [his] agony” and “hiding all [his] wounds.”

The song explores the idea that many people put on a fake ffront to avoid revealing their vulnerabilities. The lyrics also imply that hiding can be tiresome and lead to emotions of loneliness.

4. ‘Hide and Seek’ – Loona

Hide & Seek (숨바꼭질 (Hide & Seek))

Loona’s “Hide & Seek” is a song about hiding and finding. One of the group’s two mini albums, Beauty & the Beat, was released as a single on April 17, 2018.   The lyrics of the song discuss yearning to get away from the world and its issues. The music video for the song depicts members of Loona hiding in various locations, such as under a bed or in a closet.

5. Daya’s “Hide Away”

Daya Hide Away Official Music Video – International Version1

Daya’s “Hide Away” is a song about hiding from the world. The lead single from her self-titled debut EP was released on April 22nd, 2016 with the song as the lead single. With a synth-driven sound, “Hide Away” is a mid-tempo electropop and R&B ballad. The song has a stuttering beat and deals with the issue of masking one’s emotions.

The song, according to Daya, is about “hiding your actual self because you’re terrified of what other people would think.” The song’s lyrics also discuss being in a relationship with someone you don’t really know.

6. Hide U by Kosheen

The song “Hide U” by Kosheen is about evading the gaze of the outside world. The song’s lyrics portray a person who is despondent and on the lookout for a way out of their predicament. Many people, like those in the song’s chorus, are searching for a place where they can be themselves without fear of being criticized.

As a popular choice for parties and clubs, the music is catchy and upbeat. It has been utilized to raise awareness about mental health concerns including depression and anxiety because of the song’s deeper significance. In a compelling song, “Hide U” addresses the experiences of anyone who has ever wished they could withdraw from society and be left alone.

7. “Hideaway” by Queens of the Stone Age

We’ve all experienced times when we wanted to withdraw from the outside world. It’s always nice to get away from it all for a while, whether it’s to escape a bad storm or just to relax. QOTSA’s “Hideaway” examines all of the possible reasons why we might want to hide.

Isolation, insecurity, and even paranoia are all addressed in the song’s lyrics; nonetheless, the song’s central subject is one of finding power in solitude. It’s comforting to know that even in the face of a seemingly insurmountable world, we can always retreat to our own private havens.

8. Supertramp – Hide in Your Shell

Supertramp - Hide In Your Shell (Audio)

Hide in Your Shell by Supertramp is a melancholy ballad about the anxiety of being discovered. People that are afraid to show their actual selves are depicted in the lyrics. They erect a barrier around themselves and hide behind it.

The song relates to the emotional scars we have and our fear of being rejected if we show our genuine selves. It serves as a poignant reminder that no despite our history, we are all deserving of love and acceptance. Over the years, the song’s message has connected with many people, and it’s still important today.

9. A Place to Hide ` White lies

This is a song about seeking a safe place to get away from the daily grind. The narrator of the song is looking for a place to “hide away” from the world. Everyone, regardless of whether they are facing an external threat or an internal struggle, needs a place to hide from time to time, as the chorus expresses.

A universal longing for protection and stability is expressed in the lyrics of the song. We all need a somewhere to go when things get tough, and “A Place to Hide” is both an anthem for anyone who has ever felt lost and alone and a reminder of that.

10. The Beatles ` You’ve Got 2 Hide Your Love Away

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Remastered 2009)

The words of the song are about hiding one’s love from the public, and many have hypothesized that the lyrics were inspired by Lennon’s relationship with his then-wife Cynthia.

11. Nicki Minaj, “Run & Hide”

Nicki Minaj-Run and hide (lyric video)

The melancholy ballad “Run & Hide” by Nicki Minaj explores the fear of being discovered. The lyrics describe a relationship based on dishonesty and falsehoods, and the narrator is scared of being exposed. The narrator’s attempts to elude detection are depicted in the song through images of darkness and hiding.

The melody is eerie and mysterious, intensifying the feeling of unease and dread. “Run & Hide” serves as a stark warning about the perils of living a clandestine and deceptive life. This is a powerful song that will leave listeners feeling unsettled all the way to their cores.

12. Hideous Towns – The Sundays

The song “Hideous Towns” by The Sundays is a sorrowful meditation on withdrawing from the outside world for oneself. The song’s lyrics speak of a person who is tired of the bustle of the city and longs for a simpler life in the country. Even after the speaker flees to the countryside, they can’t shake the sense of isolation and helplessness they’re experiencing.

A hopeful ending, however, promises the speaker to keep looking until they discover a location where they can be content. Everyone can identify with “Hideous Towns” because they’ve felt like they don’t belong or are searching for a place to call home.

13. Jim James – Hide In Plain Sight

Hide In Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sight is the eerie theme of Jim James’ song “Hide in Plain Sight.” James sings about being locked in a safe spot where no one can find him, and the words convey a sense of loneliness and misery.

The song’s emotive strength is derived from its use of metaphor and imagery, which are both simple and effective. James conveys a sense of loneliness and invisibility by comparing his buried feelings to a “ghost village,” which is both familiar and relevant.

14. Acid Ghost – Hide My Face

“Hide My Face” by Acid Ghost is a melancholy song about escaping the world. It is clear from the lyrics that the narrator is in a state of deep depression and is urgently searching for a way out. Despite the speaker’s best efforts to blend into the background, he or she eventually comes to the realization that there is no place to run to.

The song finishes with the narrator realizing that they can’t hide forever and that they must face the world once more. It is a strong song about the fear of facing the world, and the bravery it takes to conquer this fear.

15. Korn, “No Place to Hide”

Korn - No Place to Hide (Official Video)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel the need to withdraw from the outside world. There are a variety of reasons why we would choose to keep hidden away, from avoiding a terrible circumstance to simply seeking some time to oneself. Korn’s “No Place to Hide” tells us that we have no place to hide from our inner demons.

The song’s lyrics describe a person who is desperately trying to put their dark side at bay but is failing miserably. We all have our own demons to face, and the song serves as a reminder to accept those demons in order to go forward.

16. Mahalia, Hide Out

Mahalia - Hide Out | A COLORS SHOW

Mahalia’s song “Hide Out” is about escaping from the outside world. When Mahalia sings, she talks about how much she longs for a place to be alone. She discusses the fact that the world is a noisy and hectic place, and how she occasionally just wants a moment to herself. Mahalia’s voice is sweet and pleasant in this mellow ballad.

The song has a relaxing effect thanks to its basic but powerful lyrics. Anyone who has ever been overwhelmed by the world may identify with this song, and it serves as a reminder that it’s acceptable to take a break and hide out for a little while.

17. Korpiklaani, “Hide Your Riches”

Korpiklaani - Hide Your Riches

Korpiklaani’s song “Hide Your Riches” is a piece of folk metal from Finland. For fear of being targeted by robbers, the song is about keeping one’s wealth hidden from others.

The song’s lyrics depict a person who hides their money in a secret location in order to protect them from theft. Additionally, the song warns folks not to be too trusting, as crooks lurk around every corner.

A fast-paced, upbeat song, Hide Your Riches is sure to get your heart racing. It has appeared on numerous albums and is one of the band’s most well-known tracks. Hide Your Riches is an excellent choice for a music that will get you moving.

18. Whethan, “Can’t Hide”

Whethan - Can't Hide (feat. Ashe)

“Can’t Hide” is a 2019 single from Whethan. The song is about running away from something or someone. The song’s lyrics discuss wanting to hide and feeling terrified and alone.

The song also discusses how running away from your issues would not make them go away. This is a powerful song about feeling overwhelmed and wanting to run away from everything.

19. Devin Townsend – Hide Nowhere

Devin Townsend Project - Hide Nowhere ! Live Plovdiv (Blu-Ray)

Devin Townsend’s song Hide Nowhere is a sad ballad about running away from the world. The song’s lyrics describe the struggles of a person trying to make their way in the world. They believe that hiding away from the world is the only way to achieve serenity since they feel lost and alone in the world. Despite the song’s depictions of darkness and misery, there is still a sense of promise and optimism.

The song’s lyrics imply that despite the challenges, returning to the light is still possible. Hide Nowhere is a heartfelt song about the road of self-discovery that is both beautiful and touching.

20. Can t Hide Love ` EarthWind, and Fire

Earth, Wind and Fire Can t Hide Love

Concluding our list of songs with hide in the title is this 1976 song Can t Hide Love ` EarthWind, and Fire. This song is about trying to keep love a secret, and the lyrics lament the futility of such an endeavor.

The melody is infectious and the song has a deep vibe to it. As a result, it became a smash and continues to do so to this day. Can’t Hide Love is a classic example of Earth, Wind & Fire’s distinctive sound and one of the band’s most cherished songs.