19 Great Songs with “Dawn” in the title

songs with dawn in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

In many cultures, dawn is seen as a time of beginnings. During time, the sun comes out and illuminates the world, banishing the gloom. Moreover, what better way to celebrate the dawning of a new day than by listening to some songs about it? Here are our top picks of songs with dawn in the title.

19 Songs with “Dawn” in the title:

1. Delta Dawn – Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker - Delta Dawn

Ranking first on our list of songs with dawn in the title is “Delta Dawn” which was written by Alexander Harvey and Larry Collins and first performed by country music star Helen Reddy in 1972. The song tells the story of a young woman named Dawn who is left to fend for herself after being dumped by her boyfriend. It has been covered by many artists, including Tanya Tucker, who had a hit with her version in 1973, when it was released.

Although the song’s lyrics are bleak, the melody is upbeat, making it an unusual choice for country music. To further cement its status as a classic piece of country music, “Delta Dawn” has appeared in movies and television shows in recent years.

2. The Moody Blues, “Dawn Is A Feeling”

The Moody Blues - Dawn is a Feeling.

Next on our list of songs with dawn in the title is “Dawn Is a Feeling” by The moody blues. This was released in 1967. As one of the band’s earliest compositions, it was written by bassist, Justin Hayward. When the world is just waking up and all things are brand new, that’s what the song is about. In the song’s lyrics, a new day brings hope and possibility.

The song was a hit in the UK, peaking at number ten on the country’s Singles Chart. The Vampire Diaries” and “13 Reasons Why” are two recent examples of where it’s been used. For many people, the Moody Blues song “Dawn Is a Feeling” that represents hope and possibility.

3. Go Away by The Four Seasons

Dawn (go away) The Four Seasons

Bob Gaudio and Jake Holmes wrote the song, which was released in 1964. It’s a song about a guy who’s trying to move on from his breakup with Dawn. The man is trying to convince himself that he no longer cares about Dawn by telling her to leave. Eventually, the man comes to realize how much he still cares for Dawn and begs her to return.

The Beach Boys and Bruce Springsteen are just two of the many artists who have covered the song.

4. Michelle Williams – We Break the Dawn

Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn

We Break the Dawn, Michelle Williams’ smash hit single from 2008, has a positive message about chasing your dreams. It’s clear from the song’s lyrics that a young woman is determined to succeed, no matter the obstacles she encounters.

The title of the song alludes to the moment when the sun emerges from the night to bring the dawn. In the eyes of Williams, this marks the beginning of a new era, one that is full of promise and opportunity. For those who are looking to start anew, the song’s upbeat tempo and infectious chorus make it the ideal anthem. This is one of the most popular songs with dawn in the title.

5. Tori Kelly’s Before the Dawn

Tori Kelly - Before The Dawn (Audio)

On March 2, 2015, it was released as the follow-up single to her debut studio album Unbreakable Smile. The song, which was written and produced by Kelly and Quincy Patrick, is about having faith in the future.

According to the song’s lyrics, “dawn” symbolizes a fresh start, and Kelly is confident that everything will be fine if she just keeps her head up. According to critics, “Before the Dawn” was praised for its positive message and Kelly Clarkson’s vocal performance.

6. Arrested Development’s “Dawn Of The Dreads”

Arrested Development - Dawn of the Dreads

‘Dawn Of The Dreads’ by Arrested Development is a song about the dawn and the dread that comes with it, according to the group. Car horns and police sirens can be heard in the background of the song, which is set in an urban setting. A mixture of dread and hope is depicted in the lyrics, which describe the dawn’s arrival.

The song concludes with a message of hope: “But dawn is on its way / It’s time to face the day.” ‘Dawn Of The Dreads’ is an evocative song about the fear and hope that come with a new day.

7. Gordon Lightfoot – Long Thin Dawn

“The Long Thin Dawn” by Gordon Lightfoot is a contemplative song about the fleeting nature of life. It tells the story of a young woman named Dawn who gets caught in a storm and has to deal with the consequences of her actions. She is swept away by the wind and drowned as she tries to return home.

The imagery in the song is stunning, and the song’s melancholy mood conveys the fragility of life. When we are in our darkest hour we are reminded that the dawn will come, even though this song is sad. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one will find solace in “The Long Thin Dawn,” a moving ode to life’s inexorable march. This is one of the most popular songs with dawn in the title.

8. Helen Reddy’s Delta Dawn

It is a song about a young woman who is waiting for her lover to return to her. There are numerous instances in the song where she is referred to in the lyrics as “beautiful and daisy-like,” and her dress is mentioned in the chorus.

The Mississippi Delta is the subject of the song’s title, which refers to the area’s lush vegetation and flowing rivers. Dawn is described in the song’s lyrics as “as fresh as a morning dew” by the song’s narrator. Alex Harvey and Larry Collins wrote the song, and Tanya Tucker first recorded it in 1972.

9. Ghost9’s “Think Of Dawn”

GHOST9 (고스트나인) 'Think of Dawn' M/V

“Think of Dawn” is a song by Ghost9, a South Korean boy band. The lead single from the band’s debut EP, Pre Episode 1: The Past of Us, was released on March 25, 2021. Songwriter Woojin composed the song, and the music video features footage from the members’ training before their debut.

An upbeat synth-pop song with elements of EDM, “Think of Dawn” expresses the hope and determination of youth through its lyrics. Critics lauded the song’s catchy hooks and upbeat message, which they described as “uplifting.”

A platinum certification was granted by the Korea Music Content Association after it debuted at number two on Gaon’s digital music chart. As Ghost9’s first major hit, “Think of Dawn” established the band as one of South Korea’s most promising new acts.

10. CHPTRS – At Dawn

At Dawn by CHPTRS is a song about the wonder and serenity of dawn. The lyrics describe the scene as the sun rises and the world is “bathed in light.” In this song, we are reminded that each new day brings a new beginning.

The music is soothing and evocative of a peaceful, early-morning sunrise. Listening to “At Dawn” can help us appreciate life’s simple pleasures. It serves as a reminder that, no matter what obstacles we encounter, there is always a brighter future ahead.

11. Coming of Dawn: Gecko Moon

Gecko Moon’s “Coming of Dawn” is a song that celebrates the dawn’s beauty. A warm, golden glow fills the air as the sun peeks out from behind the horizon for the first time.

In this song, we are reminded of all that the dawn brings, and how it is a time of rebirth and hope. An atmosphere of tranquility has been created by the music, which is soft and gentle. It is a lovely tribute to the dawn and a reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

12. Luke Smallbone’s Dawn

Dawn - Rebecca St. James feat. Luke Smallbone

Luke Smallbone’s Dawn  is a song about hope and inspiration. There is a lot of meaning in the lyrics and the song is sung with a lot of emotion. If you’re going through a rough patch, I think this song is for you.

We should never give up hope, according to the song’s lyrics. This song is very uplifting, and it always makes me feel better when I’m having a bad day. For those who haven’t heard this song before, I strongly recommend that you do so right now. It’s undoubtedly one of my favorites, and I predict it’ll be one of yours as well.

13. Maud13’s New Dawn

Maud13’s New Dawn is a song about the beauty of the sunrise. It’s a song about the sunrise, with its vibrant colors and uplifting sentiments. Additionally, this song focuses on how dawn is a time of new beginnings and how it can help us overcome any obstacles we may encounter. Finally, New Dawn is a celebration of life and all it has to give. Regardless of how dark the night appears, a new dawn is always on the horizon.

14. Dawn – Matisse & Sadko, Alex Aris

Matisse & Sadko feat. Alex Aris - Dawn

Alex Aris and Matisse & Sadko collaborated on the song “Dawn,” which they both sing on. Even in the darkest of times, the dawn can bring hope and joy because of its beauty.

They describe the sunrise’s colors and how they can dissipate the gloomy atmosphere of the night. New opportunities and a fresh start can be found at the dawn, no matter what has happened in the past.

Life and all that it has to offer are celebrated in “Dawn.” It serves as a reminder that no matter what is happening around us, there is always hope.

15. Earth Stopped Cold at Dawn by Hootie & the Blowfish

Earth Stopped Cold at Dawn

This song is about a young girl coping with the aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster. Dawn wakes up in the aftermath of the disaster, her home in ruins, at the start of the song. All of her loved ones have died, and she cannot help but blame herself for this. It becomes increasingly difficult for her to find her way out of the wreckage.

In the end, she comes across a group of survivors who help her find her way back to safety. At the song’s conclusion, Dawn realizes that despite the changes in the world, she can still find hope amidst the darkness.

16. Derivakat – Night Before Dawn

Night Before Dawn - Derivakat [Dream SMP Original Song]

The song was released as a single on March 4, 2017, and is featured on the same-titled debut album by Derivakat. A slow, soaring ballad, “Night Before Dawn” is sung in the style of Leonard Cohen.

The song’s lyrics describe the singer’s eagerness to see the sun rise after a long night. “I won’t let the dark take control / I’ll keep fighting ’til I see the light of day” are some of the lyrics in the song. In the face of adversity, the message of “Night Before Dawn” is one of inspiration.

17. Kathlene Largey’s “Song of the Dawn”

Kathleen Largey Song of the dawn.wmv

Kathleen Largey’s beautiful ballad “Song of the Dawn” perfectly captures the enchantment of dawn. Throughout the song, the lyricist describes the dawn light creeping over the horizon and gradually gaining strength until it covers the entire world.

The imagery is breathtaking, and the song’s melody is haunting and enduring. Because of this, Largey’s “Song of the Dawn” has become one of his best-known songs. “Song of the Dawn” is a beautiful ballad, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Largey’s work.

18. Zayn’s Dusk Till Dawn

ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn (Official Video) ft. Sia

Zayn’s Dusk Till Dawn was released in 2017 and is a single. Colors and textures change dramatically as the sun rises, and this song is all about that transition.

The song’s lyrics capture the wonder and energizing qualities of this exact moment. The song has a hypnotic quality that captures the peace of dawn while also expressing the joy of beginning a new day. It’s a great choice for a peaceful start to the day or a peaceful end to the night.

19. Celine Dion – New Dawn

Céline Dion - A New Day Has Come (Official HD Video)

Concluding our list of songs with dawn in the title is From the queen ofCeline Dion’s fifteenth English-language studio album, Courage, features the song “New Dawn” as the lead single (2019). Sia Furler, David Guetta, and Giorgio Tuinfort collaborated on the song’s lyrics and production, which were done by Furler and Guetta.

As the title suggests, “New Dawn” is an upbeat song with a positive message about starting over. Dion sings that “a new day is dawning” and vows to “keep on fighting ’til we make it through” in the song’s lyrics. Music critics lauded the song’s upbeat tempo and positive message, which they described as “uplifting.” The radio premiere of “New Dawn,” the album’s fourth single, took place on October 18, 2019.