5 Great Songs With Woman In The Title

Songs With Woman In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With “Woman” In The Title

Do you need that particular song about a certain woman in your life? Who does the word “woman” remind you of once you hear it? Women are so unique, filled with so much love to give and have quite the responsibility but yet, do not falter. Women are golden and encompass a lot of goodness. Of course, these and more make them special.

Musicians of the present and old have incorporated these words in their titles as a dedication to a woman in their lives; this could be their mother, wife, sister or many others. Women deserve appreciation and of course, this is one of those many ways it could be done. Let’s check out some songs with “woman” in the title below. Enjoy!

1. “Woman” By John Lennon

Woman (Ultimate Mix)

John Lennon is remarked for his awesomeness and he didn’t spare any effort in conveying the feelings behind this lovely piece of music. This song expresses the feelings of love and adoration that he feels for his girlfriend.

In his introduction, the singer offers a figurative interpretation of the word “Woman.” The first verse of the song is all about how much he values the relationship he has with his spouse. He then goes on to remark that the partner showed him the true meaning of success; in this context, he is associating his success with having a supportive companion rather than his work.

In the second verse, the singer reminds his partner that he is nothing without her support and acknowledges that he is vulnerable. In addition to this, he goes on to reaffirm that they will never be parted from one another even if they are not together. In addition to this, he asserts that their everlasting love was predetermined by fate.

In the closing stanza of his poem, he expresses regret for the misery that he had brought earlier on in their relationship. He deftly wraps up the stanza with a statement of assurance, which serves as a transition into the outro.

2. Lana Del Rey’s “Let Me Love You Like A Woman”

Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Live On "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon")

Lana Del Rey asks the man she is romantically involved with in “Let Me Love You Like a Woman” to let her love him in the same way a woman would love a man. It is possible that this is because women are known to love really and deeply and to remain faithful over the years.

As the singer-songwriter reveals in the first line of the song, she is getting ready to move away from her quaint hamlet, and because of this, she is pleading with her companion to join her. It does not really matter to her where she goes, as long as they are together, she will be okay, even if it is to a completely different state.

In the chorus, the singer is heard pleading with her lover to let her lavish a great deal of tender care and attention on him, much like she would do with a baby. She also requests that he allow her to be the best version of herself and let her shine.

Lana continues by expressing her hope that her man will see her for the priceless jewel that she is and will not treat her in a manner that will cause her to become disheartened.

3. “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? (Classic Version)

This is yet another timeless love song by Bryan Adams. He is essentially giving the male addressee advice on how to love a lady in the correct manner.

It is also possible to say that his recommendations can be summed up in three primary tenets. One of them is that a man should reassure his lady that he wants to remain with her for the rest of his life because she “needs” to hear such things. The second thing that he ought to do is really get to know her on the inside, to the extent that he should be able to ‘hear her every thought.’

And in general, a man ought to exhibit the appropriate amount of devotion to his significant other in order to make the woman feel safe in their relationship.

The implication is that if a person has never treated a woman in such a manner, then it is possible that they have never truly loved a woman. This is the case for those who have never done so.

This is yet another masterpiece to behold; definitely oneof the best songs with woman in the title, highly recommended.

4. “I Can’t Be That Woman” By Abba

ABBA - I Can Be That Woman (Lyric Video)

ABBA is considered to be one of the most extraordinary musical acts in the annals of the music industry not only because they have sold hundreds of millions of records but also due to the fact that, even if only for a brief period of time, there was a time when the quartet’s two male members were married to the quartet’s two female members simultaneously and respectively.

And about the same time that both of these relationships ended at the beginning of the 1980s, the band did have a predisposition to stop performing songs that seemed to speak to the circumstance, i.e. songs about unhappy romances.

The song begins with the narrator apologising to the addressee, with the assumption being made once more that the two of them are involved in some sort of romantic relationship.

It was never made clear what she has done in the past that would require her to ask for forgiveness in the first place. However, if you stretch the beginning of the third verse a little bit, it is possible that she is a raging alcoholic. This is something that is implied in the song.

However, if we were to postulate, a more reasonable assumption would be that she cheated or something more along those lines. This would be the case if we were to make any assumptions at all.

5. “Woman’s World” by Cher

Cher - Woman's World [OFFICIAL HD MUSIC VIDEO]

Concluding our list of songs with woman in the title is “Woman’s World,” by Cher. In the song Cher looks to have been dumped by a partner, but quickly heals and moves on. Despite her anguish, she is not only ready to take on the world, but she also has the strength to unite other women to run the show.

First, she introduces herself to the listeners in a bar where she is trying to forget about her ex. It is hard for her to forget what he has done to her, but she is optimistic that it will not be a problem for too long thanks to her music.

She used “battle”  as a metaphor to illustrate her struggle as she asserts that the anguish she has endured has not killed her but has instead strengthened her character.