5 Great Songs With “Take” In The Title

songs with take in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs With “Take” In The Title

A lot of opportunities and people exist out there and humans as we are, we tend to “take” the good ones or the most rewarding ones leaving others out.

“Take” is a common word we employ in our everyday lives when we’re to seize an opportunity or something or someone to ourselves. It becomes clear that we naturally seem to “take” things we fancy and do away with things that we don’t.

However, there’s always that thin line between take and greed — and inordinate desire that you absolutely want everything to yourself regardless of the cost and notwithstanding what must be done to “take” that even if it means hurting others.

Therefore, It’s no surprise that it has been incorporated into many song titles. In the next paragraphs, we’ll review one of my favorite songs with “take” in the title. Enjoy!

1. “Take Care” by Drake (ft. Rihanna)

Drake - Take Care ft. Rihanna

Ranking first on our list of songs in the title is “Take Care,” which Drake and Rihanna collaborated on. The song is mostly about attempting to love and heal someone who has been broken in a past romantic relationship.

It has been hypothesised that it illustrates the emotional harm that Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown caused her, as well as how difficult it was for Drake, who became associated with her after the abuse, to cope with the repercussions of the abuse.

Drake gives her the assurance in the song that he would care for her because he is aware of and can relate to her suffering. Even though he does not want to, it appears like he will have to lie to her because there is a possibility that the truth could be fatal for her.

Not only the girl, in this case Rihanna, but also Drake has experienced the same feelings of pain and anguish as a result of this situation. Despite the fact that both of them come from troubled histories, they affirm that they will always be there for one another.

2. Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel”

Carrie Underwood - Jesus, Take The Wheel (Official Video)

Next on our list of songs with take in the title is “Jesus, Take the Wheel”. This is a song with a Christian message, as the title suggests. In this story, the protagonist appears to be a young, single mother. On a snowy Christmas Eve, she and her “baby in the backseat” are driving to her parents’ house. Despite the fact that the holiday season is often a time of joy, she appears to be in the exact opposite frame of mind, having just come off of “a long, hard year.”

In fact, thinking about these things causes her to lose focus on the road’s dangerous circumstances, which ends in her “spinning on a thin black sheet of glass”. This is a reference to a phenomena known as “black ice,” which is a patch of ice on a road. Speeding caused this woman’s car to skid on the road, putting her and her child’s lives in jeopardy at the time.

To save herself, she “threw her hands up into the air” and basically prayed to Jesus for her life, as she felt helpless in the face of this sudden and unexpected danger. To put it another way, she begs him to “take the wheel,” which in this context means to take charge of the vehicle and keep it on a straight course.

Indeed, this is a miracle. Not only did the car come to a halt at the shoulder of the road, the baby in the back seat didn’t know anything had transpired. These kinds of songs are inspirational and one that only strengthens the faith of its listeners that you can call on the lord in times of help and he would definitely answer you according to his Word.

3. “Take It Out On Me” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Take It Out On Me (Audio)

Another song on Justin Bieber’s “Changes” album, “Take It Out on Me,” features the singer addressing a potential love interest. In this situation, he is telling her that he wants to be the centre of her frustrations, the one who provides her with the most respite from her stress.

The Biebs interprets this statement in two different ways. According to one, it means that he is there to listen to her concerns, console her, and provide other sorts of psychological and material support. On the other hand, he is reminding her that intimacy is the best way to vent her frustrations.

As a result, this song lends credence to the premise that bonding might serve as a stress reliever. As a result, he has informed her that he is prepared to be a victim if she chooses to use such a tactic to ease tension. However, the song’s overall message is that he cares about her so much that he offers his support to her on a variety of levels.

4. “Take My Name” by Parmalee

PARMALEE - Take My Name (Official Music Video)

If you guessed this song’s meaning by just looking at the title, you probably guessed right because it gives it away completely. The title statement seems like something a guy might say to a lady he wants to marry since, according to custom, once a marriage is legally recognised, the female takes the surname of the male as her own.

Additionally, the nuances of the featured narrator are such that, by inference, the vocalist is posing the topic to the addressee a little too soon in their relationship with each other. But the reason he is acting in this manner is because he is absolutely certain that this lady is the one for him, which is something that he has known from the moment he first laid eyes on her.

The extra implication is that the vocalist is being encouraged to have patience by a few of his friends who are familiar with their relationship.

But the addressee is someone he “wants” to be “in every single element of his world,” which means that they are thoroughly integrated into his existence. The concepts presented in the first stanza are revisited in the second verse, which serves mostly as a restatement of his ideas.

5. ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All”

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

Concluding our list of songs with take in the title is “The Winner Takes It All;” this is one of ABBA’s most famous songs to be used as a breakup song. The partner who is supposed to have moved on as a result of the breakup of the couple is the one referred to as the “winner” in the title of this song.

To put it another way, it seems as though she is applauding him, albeit in a rather mocking manner, for moving on with his life, but at the same time she is still hurting emotionally from the separation between the two of them.

In the long and eventful career of ABBA, this song is associated with a particularly memorable period. It was written and recorded shortly after the breakup of the couple that sang it, Agnetha Faltskog and Bjorn Ulvaeus, in 1980. Bjorn Ulvaeus was also a co-writer on the song.