5 Great Songs About Wanting Someone Back

Songs About Wanting Someone Back
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Wanting Someone Back

Love is an unexplainable feeling where you feel connected to someone. Love is beautiful until the one you are in love with is gone, maybe as a result of a breakup or death, then, it leaves a painful aftermath of you missing them. Different people handle this aftermath in different ways. Some get drowned in a bottle of Vodka, some smoke blunts the size of tree trunks, and some use music as an outlet for the pain.

This compilation comprises songs about wanting someone back.

1. How Could You Leave Us By NF

NF - How Could You Leave Us

Ranking first on our list of songs about wanting someone back is this track, probably the most emotional in NF’s album, “Therapy Session”. Breakups are painful and all, but you can easily get another girlfriend or boyfriend. One thing you cannot replace is your mother.

I could feel his grief in this song. NF wrote this song as a tribute to his late mother.

If you pay keen attention to the lyrics, NF’s mom was not exactly what you would describe as ‘the best mom in the world’. She had her issues.

“Do not know what it’s like to be addicted to drugs but I know what it’s like to be a witness, it kills…”

“Inna room wit a parent ion even know

There is a lady in the corner that is watching us while she is taking notes…”

Sadly, NF’s mom was a drug addict. But before she could get over her addiction, she kicked the bucket.

In verse two of the song, he raps about how his mom was never around while she was alive.

“…you should have been there where we graduated… were you at mom?”

He never had an intimate relationship with his mom, and now that she’s dead, well, he’ll never have it.

“…relationship is something we will never have…lost something we did not have…”

“…music is the only place where I can go to speak with you…I wish you were here mama…”

Even if she wasn’t the best mom, NF misses her dearly. The outro of the song is just too sad. NF is crying because she’ll never get to see his kids and he’ll never get to see her again.

2. Come Back…Be Here By Taylor Swift

Come Back... Be Here

Ever just intended to flirt with someone, then you got attached? Yeah, Taylor Swift wasn’t careful enough.

“…do not get attached…I will play it back”

Well, I guess nobody can play safe enough not to fall in love.

From the lyrics, it is clear that Taylor Swift initially intended a ‘no strings attached’ kind of relationship, and I guess it was going well for her, until he left, maybe for a business trip or something. Just when she was about to fall.

Now she longs for him.

“Don’t wanna miss you…wish you took me with you”

The message of this song is ‘I don’t want to be worlds apart from you’. I can imagine how much she missed this guy that she had to write down a song about it.

3. Missing My Baby By Selena

The message of this song is pretty clear from the title, Selena is ‘missing her baby’ and longs to tell him how much she loves him.

From the lyrics of the song, it seems that Selena and the person to whom the song is addressed had a thing, it’s hard to tell if they were just hooking up or if they were an actual couple

“I often think of the happy times we spent”

This line gives us a hint that they probably had a thing going on. And then she goes

“I just can’t wait to tell you how much I love you”

Was he her crush? Because I think most couples profess their love to one another very often.

“I hold my pillow tight, thinking of you

But…I know you’re mine”

Now, this line makes it look like they are actually dating but he’s not around for the time being. Where has he gone too? I think only Selena Knows

Maybe the song was meant to be ambiguous so that anybody can vibe to it; if you are missing your crush or your partner. This is one ofthe best songs about wanting someone back

4. P.S (I’m Still Not Over You By Rihanna

P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)

This is a love letter in a song. Rihanna knows how to give her all to a song. She always breathes life into her music.

From the lyrics of the song, the person she’s writing or should I say singing to is her ex-boyfriend. I think even as they have broken up, the friendship bond remains because, if you pay attention to the lyrics, she is writing to someone she interacts with on a mural level. It’s not like she’s begging for them to get back together or anything like that.

But she confesses in the chorus of the song that she can’t get over him, and this is not intentional because she has tried and tried but just can’t. Almost everything reminds her of him.

Rumors have it that her ex-flame in the song is Chris Brown. Even though Rihanna has confessed that getting over Chris Brown was not easy, at the time, she was still madly in love with him, even though they had broken up.

5. We Belong Together By Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (Official Music Video)

This song sounds like Mariah Carey is trying to mend a broken relationship, one I think she caused because the lyrics go:

“did not mean it when I said I did not love you…I should never have let you go”

It seems Mariah was the one who called off the relationship. Now, she has realized that she made a mistake because her life is so empty without him in it.

She’s having sleepless nights because she’s always thinking of him. Even the radio isn’t helping, it’s just making everything worse for her because each channel brings up something that reminds her of him.

This song is a typical breakup reconciliation song. She didn’t realize what she had until she sent him away. Now, she’s begging for him to come back, singing “come back…we belong together”. This is one of the best songs about wanting someone back.