5 Songs With ‘Blood’ Or ‘Bleed’ In Their Title

Songs With Blood Or Bleed in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs With ‘Blood’ Or ‘Bleed’ In The Title

Besides the fact that blood is thicker than water, it also lends itself well to musical compositions. In songs, blood is often used as a metaphor for battle and bloodshed, as well as the bonds of family and kindred. It’s an image that grabs your attention every time.

Songs With ‘Blood’ Or ‘Bleed’ In The Title

1. Blood Runs Red By Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson - Blood Runs Red [Official Video]

Ranking first on our list of songs with blood or bleed in the title “Blood Runs Red”. The premise of this song is best described as an artist who has been overwhelmed by his fame, which is a combination of the lyrics and Maeson’s explanation.

Matt is a visual artist with a strong spiritual foundation. In the pre-chorus and the bridge, it is hinted that at least some of this song’s lyrics are addressed to his heavenly “Father” directly.

As such, the title serves as a theoretical confirmation of the singer’s humanity when used. That such an affirmation is required, despite its obviousness, is due to the singer’s fame, which has caused him to lose touch with his spiritual roots. Having come to this realization, he ‘finds himself at the altar,’ seeking “the truth”. As a result of his hubris, Matt realizes that he must re-establish his relationship with the Almighty to move forward.

It’s all about “the narcissistic traits” that come with becoming a successful music artist.

2. Bloody Canvas By Polo G

Ed Sheeran & Rudimental­ - Bloodstream [Official Music Video­ YTMAs]

Next on our list of songs with blood or bleed in the title is “Bloody Canvas” by Polo G.  who hails from North Chicago, has been rumored to have acknowledged being a gang member at least once. In other words, we’re attempting to make the point here that this rapper is a person who was exposed to street violence as a child and adolescent. His song “Bloody Canvas” is based on this background.

The song’s narrative may be both genuine and fabricated, based on the available evidence. Furthermore, we’re assuming that the previously specified details about the people involved have been changed.

The theme of the song is founded on a desire for revenge. Sed and Jacob are the first two people we meet. Even though the two don’t appear to be significant troublemakers, they have a good understanding of how to defend themselves and get into fights when necessary.

When their schoolmates graduate to carrying firearms, they suddenly kill Jacob in broad daylight. After that, Sed goes in search of Rodney, the guy responsible for Jacob’s death. Avenging his friend’s death is Sed’s only goal. Sed is arrested shortly after, reportedly for murder, so the revenge fantasy comes to a stop there. After that, he is sentenced to 30 years in prison.

In the first verse, Polo appears as a character, Sed but there are still doubts about how true this is.

Chi-town aficionados believe that the name “Jacob” is a tribute to one Edward Bryant. Edward was a 17-year-old teenager who was murdered in Old Town in 2016 together with his twin brother. Polo G grew up in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, which is also where Old Town is located.

So, if that’s the case, does that make Polo “Sed”? No, based on the song’s description of Sed. Sed’s narrative ends in tragedy, yet it’s impossible not to think of him as the story’s protagonist.

Because of this, definitively, this story is not based on the murder of a buddy of Polo G’s and the subsequent avenging of his death by another homie. Another colleague of his who has been incarcerated or faced the consequences of this same crime might be a more appropriate choice.

3. Bloodstream By Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran & Rudimental­ - Bloodstream [Official Music Video­ YTMAs]

This song (“Bloodstream”), reads like it is predicated on the fact that the performer is completely drunk.

He is forced to use the “bottle” to find the love he’s been searching for all his life. However, we all know that being intoxicated isn’t a good substitute for having “a girlfriend”.

Ed probably hasn’t had any huge incidents in his life when he’s been so intoxicated that he’s decided to record a song about it. But getting wasted on ecstasy is.

In reality, this story depicts his first encounter with molly, which occurred while he was at a wedding. According to Sheeran, he didn’t swallow the pill whole but rather let it dissolve in wine, as instructed by a buddy. The words also give away the fact that he’s singing about something more sinister than liquor. For example, the term “chemicals blazing in the bloodstream” isn’t commonly used by drinkers.

After all of this, it’s evident, at least from a lyrical standpoint, that the singer may have his reasons for becoming so wasted, but the experience of getting so wasted is both enlightening and alarming to him.

4. Only Women Bleed By Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World)

Women are depicted as being too weak in this piece, according to some critics. However, it’s difficult to see how this song could be deemed menstruation-related or misogynistic in the sense that the term is commonly used.

Instead, we have a singer who is siding with women in their struggle against the patriarchal power structure in this song. The first stanza leading into the chorus portrays men as oppressors of women who don’t appreciate their roles in society.

The treatment of men gets worse in the second verse. They are even violently abusing their partners “once in a while,” which is new for them. In addition, they are dishonest and put the ladies in their lives through so much stress that it makes their hair gray.’

As for the title, it can be regarded both literally and metaphorically. An abusive boyfriend might leave a woman with “dark eyes,” for example, as Alice describes. The phrase “only women” is used in a metaphorical sense to refer to the assumption that “only women” are victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence against men has increased in the 21st century compared to Alice’s time. As most readers can attest to, a lot has changed since then. Take, for example, Johnny Depp’s case. The song’s lyrics, on the other hand, imply that all males are spousal abusers, which is just not the case.

But it’s also clear that the words are tinged with emotion. That said, it’s possible that Alice was influenced by a real-life episode of domestic abuse against a lady that he knows well.

When this song came out, Cooper was in his late twenties, and many men believed that women are the only victims of romantic mistreatment until they had their own extensive experience in the subject.

However, we can see Alice’s point of view. In the end, women are far more likely to be victims of domestic abuse than males are. To make their abusers pause and reflect on how unfair it is to treat someone who has dedicated her life to you is the intended effect of this song.

5. Bleed Into Me By Trivium

Trivium - Bleed Into Me

The recipient would be someone who is dealing with a personal problem (s). The singer also has feelings for this person. Thus, he’s pleading with him to ‘bleed into him,’ as the saying goes. And this metaphor reads as if he is making himself accessible to absorb some of the grief. To put it another way, he has ’empathy’ for this person’s plight.

Consider the entrance and pre-chorus, for example, and you can see how this is a “give-and-take” situation. In other words, he wants the person he’s writing to be able to open up to him in the same way he’s opening up to the person he’s writing to.

This song is deeply sentimental. Perhaps the most accurate description of the situation is that of the singer as a concerned friend to the person he or she is addressing.