10 Great Songs About Abstinence

Songs about abstinence
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about abstinence

People who are abstinent choose not to have sex. Anyone at any time can engage in abstinence. Even if you’ve already engaged in sexual activity, you can stop. The abstinence period can go as long as you’d like and can end whenever you and your partner agree it’s time. Here are 10 songs to motivate you or  tell somebody off, whether you’re saving up for marriage, an incel, or just not in the mood.

1. That Kinda Girl \sDC Talk

That Kinda Girl (Remastered 2013)

DC Talk’s “That Kinda Girl” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about abstinence.

The shift from suitable bachelors to potential Godly husbands is captured by DC Talk since there aren’t many coming-of-age songs in the Christian music industry, especially in a culture that values sexuality.

All throughout “That Kinda Girl,” the men sing about how much they want special women and how high of standards they’ve set for them, and how, if given the chance, they’ll treat these ladies with nothing but love and respect.

The three define their ideal wives’ criteria and their honorable intentions to a relaxed yet funky hip-hop beat, using Proverbs 31 as a guide.

2. Average girl, Barlow Girl

One of the most well-known songs on abstinence is “Average girl”.

It takes a long time to wait until you’re married to have sex, which is usually difficult. There are many times when you want to give up, and you constantly wonder if it’s worth it. It’s comparable to listening to Barlow Girl’s “Average Girl” in that regard. Having sex with someone you love is unquestionably rewarded for making the commitment to wait until you’re married. Sadly, “Average Girl” does not offer any such benefits.

3. I Must Not Chase the Boys – PLAY

Play - I Must Not Chase the Boys

Because she’s been too “easy” in the past, I believe that playing hard to get is just as important as exercising restraint – “I want to be someone they don’t want me to be” and “don’t want to be the little girl they kissin’ goodbye.”

Men are taking advantage of her and treating her badly because they believe she is loose. She understands she will be more respected if she refuses to comply with their requests.

4. SEX

Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings - S.E.X.

The late Lala Brown is featured in this song.

This story serves as a warning to all the young women out there. Lyrically, “SEX” by Lyfe Jennings is one of the best songs about abstinence.

Lyfe describes how he observed young females fawning over him as he rose to fame in the song’s opening, which serves as its source of inspiration. He talks about the pressure women experience to allow men access to their sexual identities and describes how having sex alters a woman.

The topic of this song is whether or not girls are emotionally and physically prepared to lose their virginity, as well as making the proper choices towards sex. It discusses the drawbacks and advantages.

5. The Pussycat Dolls’ song “Beep” with

The Pussycat Dolls - Beep (Official Music Video) ft.

Her verses simply express her circumstance. She is so attractive that guys have been drawn to her since seventh grade (in a slightly twisted way, she is actually 11 years old!?).

They all want to perform unimaginable acts on her (Ha, ha-ha, ha, ha). but she is unwilling. She is not required. She doesn’t mind, though, provided they keep fighting for her. Girls prefer to be lusted after, of course. even though they won’t allow anything to happen.

It’s a good tune. The Boomp-boomp, Omp-omp portion in the video version contains additional bass, which sounds great. the UK edition, at least.

6. Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Song Against Sex”

Neutral Milk Hotel "Song Against Sex"

One of the original songs on abstinence is “Song Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel

It’s just my opinion, but I believe the title is intended as a joke. The song does not criticize sex. A young man is coerced into having sex before he’s ready by an older man in this narrative, but he doesn’t get what he’s hoping for. Over the course of one night, the entire song is set. I’ll demonstrate what I mean.

The speaker and the man are the two characters in the first verse. The song opens with the speaker being shown pornographic photos, but he just finds them to be kind of strange and doesn’t really understand what’s being implied. But because he is aware of his want to feel loved, he embraces the man.

When there is “an eeriness around,” things begin to go south. If the speaker doesn’t give him what he wants willingly, the man threatens to wrap him in rice paper string and use force. Although the speaker is unwilling, they have the option of “willingly” submitting or being physically harmed. He “finally” kisses him as a result.

Things start to become a little more extreme at this point. Disassociation is a typical reaction following rape. As the actual act of sex is happening, the speaker, who is aware that he has lost control of the situation, visualizes himself strolling around the town outside the man’s window.

Even a routine gas station is a route to a “beautiful cliff to drop down,” as he imagines it to be in this terrain. He casts the horror of his first sexual contact onto it.

His stance on drugs gives us the idea that he is an innocent man who believed he would find something worthwhile here but has instead discovered nothing of the like.

Near the end of the encounter, he finds his composure and understands that he has been duped by a charismatic but self-serving man with cult leader tendencies. He warns himself not to “take the drugs your boyfriend handed you” at the end of the lyric, i.e., not to let this person push him toward suicide.

The visuals from the first stanza become clear in the third verse, and he realizes he was being shown pornography, which he finds repulsive. He was hoping for something pure, but what he receives is grim and uninteresting. While the man “sleeps here on the floor,” he considers leaving to “sleep out in the gutter.”

The suggestion is that the man either didn’t fall asleep next to the speaker or was either intoxicated and passed out on the floor after engaging in sexual activity. However, he stays, and the final few words are written in the future tense. He considers enclosing the man in his house and setting it on fire while he is inside as retaliation, although the future tense indicates that this is merely an idea.

7. Samurai Abstinence Patrol

Ninja Sex Party

Samurai Abstinence Patrol - NSP

This is one of the songs about abstinence I find interesting.

It is clear from the song’s lyrics that it is about abstinence. Two renowned fighters who advocated against having sexual relations before getting married lived in the high skyscrapers of ancient Japan, a guy and a guy.

The protagonist of this song is the titular “Samurai Abstinence Patrol,” a legendary Japanese clan whose goals and moniker are in direct opposition to those of the “Ninja Sex Party.”

The SAP travel to the present to try to put an end to NSP and their message of promiscuity after they cause a rift in space-time with their superhuman sexual prowess. Since neither moral perspective is more valid than the other and no side can ever fully prevail, the conflict inevitably comes to an impasse.

8. 1992, Apostle Louis Greenup, “No Wed No Bed.”

Apostle Louis Greenup, Jr. – No Wed, No Bed! (1992)

With apostolic authority, Greenup attacked extramarital sex, maintaining that only the marriage bed was the appropriate setting for sex. Despite being unpleasant, the point was well communicated.

9. “Wait For Me,” Rebecca St. James, 2000. ‘Transform’ album, track (Forefront)

Wait For Me - Rebecca St. James

The Australian-born singer’s ministry would revolve around this song, which was essential in giving her the title of “Ambassador For Sexual Purity.”

Its message—that people should wait until they are married before having sex—definitely resonated with and still does with teenagers who attend churches.

The song’s straightforward lyrics, which Rebecca wrote herself (“Praying for you darling/Wait for me/Wait for me as I wait for you”), may come off as naively romantic, but they actually have a strong sense of conviction.

10. “No Wed No Bed,” Pettidee, 2007. Resurrections: Past, Present, and Future, album (Beatmart)

PETTIDEE "Party Party/No Wed No Bed" Music Videos

The crunk-style rapper delivered his own hard-hitting critique on a contemporary society that views sex as a recreational pastime for everyone rather than something that is only permitted for married couples.