19 Top Songs About Arguing

Songs About Arguing
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about arguing can be a powerful way to express emotions, from frustration to anger and even love. Whether it be about a romantic partner, family members or friends, arguing is often seen as part of life.

While some songs can be uplifting or humorous, others can be heartbreaking and heartbreakingly honest. Some discuss the difficult conversations that come with disagreements, while others focus on the aftermath of a fight and resolving conflict.

Regardless, these songs provide insight into the complexity of arguments, how to confront them and ultimately how to better understand each other.

19 Top Songs About Arguing

1. Taylor Swift – Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

This song is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about arguing.

The lyrics describe how two people can argue with one another and the various outcomes that can result from such a conflict.

The tune is not only infectious but also very high in energy, which makes it an excellent choice for dancing or working out to.

In the music video for the song, Swift and Lamar can be seen battling it out in a dystopian world where they are the only people who have survived.

The song is beautifully complemented by the video, which features some stunning visuals.

When you’re feeling angry or frustrated, give Bad Blood a listen; not only will it help you get moving, but it’s a great song to listen to in general.

2. Lea Michele, Battlefield

Lea Michele - Battlefield (Audio)

Next on our list of songs about arguing Lea Michele’s song “Battlefield” which is a song about arguing.

The lyrics describe a couple who is arguing, and the speaker is attempting to persuade the other person to remain so that they can work out their differences.

The speaker vents her exasperation with the situation through the song’s lyrics, but they also convey her optimism that the relationship can be salvaged.

The song’s melody is slow and plaintive, and it perfectly captures the emotional intensity of the current predicament. The emotionally engaging and easily relatable song “Battlefield” is about the challenges of keeping a relationship alive.

It is very likely to strike a chord with anyone who has ever had a disagreement with a family member or friend.

3. Without A Fight: Brad Paisley And Demi Lovato

Brad Paisley - Without a Fight ft. Demi Lovato

Every healthy relationship includes arguing of some kind.

It allows for the expression of contrasting viewpoints and facilitates the resolution of disagreements.

Arguments, on the other hand, can quickly become destructive and escalate to a higher level. “Without a Fight” is a song that addresses this.

The lyrics were written by Demi Lovato and Brad Paisley, and the song is about a couple who are in a relationship but are constantly fighting with each other.

4. Pat Benatar

“Love Is A Battlefield”

Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield (Official Music Video)

Pat Benatar is an American rock singer, and one of her songs, “Love is a Battlefield,” was the lead single from her fifth studio album, which was titled Live from Earth (1983).

Holly Knight and Mike Chapman are responsible for the song’s writing, while Neil Giraldo was the producer.

This heartbreaking song is a power ballad that is about the end of a relationship.

The song was given favorable reviews by music critics, who complimented Benatar’s vocal performance and the song’s catchy hooks.

5. Pink – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

P!nk - Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Color Version)

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is a song that was written and performed by Pink, who is an American singer-songwriter.

The lyrics of the song express the narrator’s frustration with her partner, and the song itself is about the breakdown of a romantic relationship.

Pink expresses her frustration and anger throughout the song through the use of a variety of different types of rhetorical devices.

For instance, she uses repetition in the lines “You think you’re so clever and classless and free” and “But you hurt me, you hurt me.” Both of these lines are from the same song.

6. James Bay’s “Let It Go”

James Bay - Let It Go

James Bay, an English singer-songwriter, is responsible for the song “Let It Go.”

As the second single to be taken from his debut studio album, Chaos and the Calm, it was made available for purchase and download (2015). On the UK Singles Chart, “Let It Go” reached its highest position at number seven.

Bay, Jacob Cass, and Paul Ressel are responsible for the song’s composition.

The song “Let It Go” tells the story of two lovers who fight and eventually end their relationship.

The anthemic quality of the song, as well as Bay’s vocals, garnered praise from music critics, who gave the song favorable reviews.

7. Jordin Sparks “Battlefield.”

Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

Jordin Sparks is an American singer, and one of her songs, “Battlefield,” can be found on her self-titled second studio album.

The song “Battlefield” is a pop ballad performed at a moderate tempo and influenced by electronic music. Drums with a military feel and an arrangement with an orchestra can be heard in this song.

Lyrically, it talks about continuing to fight for a relationship in spite of all the odds that are stacked against you.

8. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ft. Jaden

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden

“Never Say Never” is a song that was co-written and performed by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith.

On January 25, 2010, the song was made available for purchase as a single, and it can also be found on Bieber’s first studio album, titled My World 2.0.

Bieber sings in this pop ballad with R&B influences about the challenges that come with being in a young relationship. The lyrics emphasize the importance of never giving up, even when things are difficult.

9. Battleships – Daughtry

Daughtry - Battleships (Official Video)

The Daughtry song “Battleships” talks about the damage that arguments can do to a relationship.

The lyrics tell the story of two lovers who are always at each other’s throats, and how their constant fighting takes a toll on both their happiness and their health.

This song reflects how it feels to be caught in a conflict that never seems to end, as well as how tiring it can be to be in such a situation.

In spite of the fact that the song is about arguing, the melody is quite memorable, and it is almost certain that it will become ingrained in your mind.

The song “Battleships” serves as a gentle reminder that even though maintaining healthy relationships can be challenging at times, the rewards are well worth the effort.

10. Jason Derulo’s”Fight For You.”

Jason Derulo - Fight For You (Official Video)

The highs and lows of a relationship are the subject of Jason Derulo’s song “Fight for You,” which is about the singer’s commitment to his lover.

The first line of the song, “I know we ain’t perfect,” is significant because it establishes the mood for the remainder of the song.

Derulo continues on to describe how he and his partner argue, but in spite of the fact that they have differences of opinion, he is still willing to fight for their relationship.

He sings to his partner, “even though we fuss and we fight, I’m telling you I’m down for you,” which demonstrates how deeply he cares for her despite their frequent arguments.

This idea is driven home in the chorus of the song, in which Derulo declares that he will “fight for you” no matter what the circumstances may be.

In this sense, the song is a moving ode to the strength that can be found in love and dedication.

11. Tracy Lawrence’s “I Won All the Battles”

I Won All the Battles

Tracy Lawrence’s song “I Won All the Battles” offers some wise counsel on the subject. It’s possible that the title isn’t entirely accurate; after all, in an argument, nobody ever wins.

However, it is possible to reach a resolution that everyone can live with if one learns how to fight fairly and with dignity.

You can’t win them all, but you don’t have to lose them all either, as the lyrics to the song say.

Even the most contentious arguments can be settled if people involved can learn to communicate with one another in an open and civil manner.

12. You’re Going Down, You Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies - You're Going Down (Official Video)

The band Sick Puppies wrote the song You’re Going Down, which is about arguing.

The lyrics discuss how arguments never seem to be resolved amicably and how quickly they can become increasingly heated.

The chorus also discusses how, despite the fact that you may be convinced that you are correct in a situation, you may still find yourself on the losing side of an argument.

The takeaway from listening to this song is that when you get into an argument with someone, you should exercise extreme caution because you can never predict what the other person will do.

The lyrics of the song serve as a caution against becoming overly involved in a disagreement, as well as a reminder that it is sometimes preferable to simply withdraw from the situation.

13. Dave Mason, “We Just Disagree”

Dave Mason - We Just Disagree (Audio)

This Dave Mason’s song  also reflects on songs about arguing, which is basically about, you guessed it, people who don’t agree with each other.

The lyrics discuss how two people can look at the same case from completely different perspectives and come to completely different conclusions about it.

The next part of the song explains that just because two people have opposing viewpoints does not mean that they cannot continue to be friends with one another.

This is a pretty straightforward message, but it’s one that absolutely everyone can connect with.

After all, who among us hasn’t, at some point in their lives, butted heads with a close friend or member of their family?

If you find yourself in an argument in the future, just keep in mind that we just disagree. And that is perfectly fine.

14. Arguments – DDG

DDG - "Arguments" (Official Music Video)

The song “Arguments” by DDG is about the difficulties of maintaining a relationship and was written by DDG.

The lyrics examine the anguish and frustration that can result from an ongoing disagreement with a close friend or family member.

However, there is also a message of hope contained within the song, which ultimately argues that despite the difficulties, relationships are something that are worth fighting for.

The candid depiction of an argument in the song has struck a chord with many listeners, who see themselves reflected in its frank portrayal of arguing.

Arguments by DDG provides a refreshingly honest perspective on the ups and downs of committed partnerships in a world where so many relationships end in divorce.

15. DMX, “What’s My Name?”

DMX - What's My Name?

This is one of the songs about arguing i really find interesting. DMX’s song “What’s My Name?” is about getting into arguments. During the course of the song, DMX and his associates argue with each other about the proper spelling of their names.

However, DMX insists that his name is “DMX,” despite the fact that one of his friends refers to him as “John.”

They engage in heated debate until DMX finally breaks the impasse by declaring that he doesn’t care what his friend’s name is and that he will continue to refer to him as “John” regardless.

This song is about how people will argue with each other over trivial matters, despite the fact that in the end, it doesn’t really make a difference.

16. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)

Rachel Platten, an American singer, originally released “Fight Song” on her self-titled extended play (EP) in 2015; it was later included on her first full-length studio album, titled Wildfire (2016).

Platten was the primary author of the song, while Dave Bassett contributed co-writing and production. The song debuted as the lead single from the EP on February 19, 2015, when it was distributed to radio.

Platten achieved her first number one single on the Digital Songs chart in June 2015 with the release of “Fight Song.” The song sold more than 192,000 copies in that week, propelling it to the top spot and making it Platten’s first number one single on that chart.

17. Thin Lizzy – Fighting My Way Back

Fighting My Way Back

The band Thin Lizzy wrote the song “Fighting My Way Back,” which is about getting into an argument.

The lyrics tell the story of a person who is arguing with someone else and who is trying to fight their way back to a better place.

The song is an upbeat rock song with a driving beat and a catchy melody.

The lyrics are straightforward, but they convey a powerful message about standing up for what you believe in, and they do so in an effective manner.

A number of Irish instruments, such as the tin whistle and the bodhran, are featured in the song, which is another reason why it is famous.

18. Katy Perry’s “Part of Me”

Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Official)

Katy Perry tells the story of a relationship that has come to an end as a result of an argument.

The first lyrics of the song are “You walked into the room/ Like you were walkin’ onto a stage/ You had them fallin’ at your feet,” and they set the tone for the rest of the song.

This establishes the groundwork for the conflict that will ensue later.

The singer then goes on to describe how the relationship continued to deteriorate until it reached its climax in a confrontation that was the last straw.

At the conclusion of the song, the singer offers some words of encouragement by claiming that she is “stronger than you’ll ever know.”

Despite the disagreement that ultimately resulted in the relationship coming to an end, the singer still remembers it with fondness and acknowledges that it played an important role in her life. This is one of the songs about arguing that reflects on a lot of things.

19. Kanye West – “Out of Your Mind”

Kanye West - Out Of Your Mind [The Prerequisite]

Last on our list of songs about arguing is “Out of Your Mind” by Kanye West.

The first lines of the song are “We don’t argue / We just go about our days / And we don’t see eye to eye,” which he sings as the song begins.

At this point, he establishes the contrast between the current situation the couple is in and how things used to be in the past.

This demonstrates that he still values the relationship, despite the challenges that it presents, and believes that it is something that should be fought for.