18 Top Songs About Cannibals

songs about cannibals
Written by Corey Morgan

Are you looking for songs about cannibal? Then this is the right article for you as it holds my top choices of songs about cannibals and also songs with a cannibals in their title. Explore with me!

Occasionally, you may find yourself idling around the house, unsure of what to play on the creaky stereo. If you’re a fan of heavy metal and hip-hop, reach for your “Awesome Cannibal Mix Tape” and crank it up. Whoa, wait a sec. Not a single one? You should, of course.

Here are 18 top songs about cannibals:

1. Too Much Blood by the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood - Official Promo

First, on our list of top songs about cannibals is “Too Much Blood”  by the rolling stones. The music video for this song is a tremendous knockoff of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” despite the filmmakers’ dread of being eaten by Keith Richards.

Playing “we can do that, too” may have helped the Rolling Stones maintain their relevance during major shifts in popular music.

To Too Much Blood is the band’s horror-themed light funk single, whereas “Miss You” was the band’s disco track.

Overall, it’s a decent song; Mick Jagger’s monologue about a person hacking up his fiancée, storing her body parts in the refrigerator, and then eating her piece by piece is perfectly distorted. Because Vincent Price wasn’t accessible, Jagger may have taken on the role of Vincent Price.

“213” by Slayer When there is no substance behind it, morbidity can be silly. This is perhaps why Slayer has composed two songs about cannibalistic serial killers.

This song’s entrance is an encyclopedia of lovely guitar lines, making it the better choice. In Tom Araya’s “Primitive instinct/A passion for flesh” and “Absorbingly masticating a part of you” lines, he sounds like he’s singing “you’re going to die.”

2. “Arcarsenal” from the Drive-In

"Arcarsenal" by At the Drive-In

The only line on At The Drive-“Arcarsenal” In’s that makes any sense on the first listen is about eating people.

Cedric Bixler-Latava asks, “Have you ever eaten skin?” and proposes, “Sinking your teeth into it,” in the video.

It’s revolting. Yucky, but not in the way that The Mars Volta’s post-De-Loused In The Comatorium work was yucky. After releasing “Relationship Of Command,” At The Drive In was so reckless on stage that no one would have been surprised if Bixler-Latava bit into someone’s arm during a gig at the time.

3. “Maneater” by Hall & Oates.

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Maneater (Official Video)

But what if it wasn’t figurative? (Oatesmeal?) I’ve known for a long time that Oates’ mustache was hiding something sinister! I’m inclined to assume that the song isn’t about a woman looking for a quick fix of fame and fortune, despite the song’s title suggesting otherwise.

Despite the fact that the song was not titled “Dollar Grabber,” John Hall must have warned that “she’ll eat you up” at least a million times. It appears to be what it claims to be. She’s a man eater because she’s insatiably curious about males.

4. “Knives Out” by Radiohead.

Radiohead - Knives Out

Even if “Where I End And You Begin” is a better song, its closing lines of “I will eat you alive” are not as cannibalistic as “Knives Out.”

You can “Cut him up / Don’t look down / Put it in your mouth” and “Squash his head / Put him in the pot” from Thom Yorke’s lyrics. There’s a nod to an old-school Warner Brothers animation with a pot of rabbit stew, but the juxtaposition of lighthearted visuals and ominous music is pure horror.

5. “Come To Daddy” by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Director's Cut)

In other words, “I’m going to devour your soul.” On “Come To Daddy,” along with the title and the variant lyric “I want your soul,” this line is repeated three times.

In addition to Richard D. James’ horrific warped cannibal menace, the industrial jungle track may be Aphex Twin’s most essential song. It’s impossible to talk about “Come To Daddy” without bringing up Chris Cunningham’s brilliant music video.

Come To Daddy EP, Aphex Twin’s most solid release, and the sales boost from the title track’s music video brought quite a few people into Richard D. James’ cosmos by accident. “Come To Daddy” would not have been Skrillex without it.

Whenever you hear about a dubstep music with a massive bass drop, just say, “I’ll eat your soul,” and you’ll get your point across.

6. ‘Butchered at Birth’ Cannibal Corpse

Butchered at Birth

Cannibal Corpse is a perfect fit for this genre. “Butchered at Birth,” from the album of the same name, is a gory golden oldie that rips like a murder in progress. If you’re already a serial killer, you can almost imagine the flowing bile, the bladder bursting with urine, and the zombie masturbation.

7. ‘Pleasures of the Flesh’ Exodus

Pleasures of the Flesh

This murderous melody begins with primitive rhythms alerting you that you are about to enter unpleasant land from Exodus’ superb ‘Pleasures of the Flesh’ album. It’s too late, unfortunately.

In the bush, you come across a group of hungry cannibals who are on the lookout for prey. Guess who just got served as the main course? Definetly one of the most horrifying songs about cannibals.

8. ‘She-Wolf’ Megadeth

She-Wolf - Megadeth

Mystic lips and eyes of a diabolical temptress are depicted in this chilling song from Megadeth’s “Cryptic Writing,” which is out now.

This appears to be the sexiest of all the ways to die. You don’t want to be stuck at Ed Gein’s cottage when you can be eaten by the seductive She-Wolf.

9. ‘Headhunter’ Krokus

One of Krokus’ most well-known songs is “Headhunter.” When it comes to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, nothing beats a generous helping of human flesh.

I get nightmares about being hounded by an axe by a flesh-crazed Fernando Von Arb when I listen to this bloodthirsty hymn.

10. ‘Mein Teil’ Rammstein

Rammstein - Mein Teil (Official Video)

‘Mein Teil’ by Rammstein is based on the story of two guys who meet and consent to be eaten by each other on their fourth studio album, ‘Reise, Reise,’ which I assume means “Rise, Rise” in German. Even more frightening than the song itself is the factual story it’s based on.

11. ‘Eaten’ Bloodbath

Just to keep things interesting in a cannibal mix, a mid-tempo Bloodbath track is a must-have.

This tale of misery from the album “Nightmares Made Flesh” about a man whose sole wish is to be devoured before his very eyes is the ideal example. ‘Mein Teil’ by Rammstein is a great companion piece to this haunting little ballad.

12. ‘Predator’ Carnivore

Carnivore - Predator

Considering that Lord Petrus Steele had his teeth honed to razor-sharp edges, it’s only natural that he would write this meat-eating classic.

In this post-Armageddon, post-neo-barbaric society, his teeth are sharp enough to puncture human flesh should he choose to become a predator himself.

13. “Eating Cannibals” Heaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell - Eating the Cannibals

While Ronnie James Dio is known for his depictions of demons and wizards, this song features a new perspective on the theme of human flesh being consumed by demons.

The cannibals are now the ones being hunted, rather than the other way around. Crushing riffs by Tony Iommi evoke the sound of bones being crunched.

14. ‘Eat the Rich’ Motorhead

Motörhead – Eat The Rich (Official Video)

Cannibalistic triple-threat describes this Motorhead tale of upper-class consummation. It is the first single from the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” album, the title of a movie with acting prodigy Lemmy, and the name of a song from the soundtrack of that movie.

It’s not fun being a cannibal (long hours, no health insurance), but if anyone can make it seem fun, it’s Lemmy from Motorhead.

15. ‘Live Undead,’ Slayer

Slayer enjoy capturing crimes against the dead on camera. “Dead Skin Mask,” “Necrophiliac,” and “South of Heaven” all feature costumes made from decaying human flesh, as does sex with a cadaver in “Dead Skin Mask.” Slayer would be the band that would consume me if the need arose. They appear to have a firm grasp of the situation.

16. Guadalcanal Diary’s “Michael”:

Guadalcanal Diary - "Michael Rockefeller" - D.C. Mall - 6/11/88

This song choice is also among the selected songs about Cannibals. In spite of the fact that “Michael” does not specifically discuss eating or being devoured, it is most definitely about the idealistic Michael Rockefeller.

Yes, that Rockefeller, the one who vanished in New Guinea in 1961 and has never been discovered.. According to locals, he was a victim of headhunters. I don’t really have a witty response to that.

It’s just too upsetting. Also, I couldn’t find a video clip for this song because both the band and the song are obscure, definetly one of the most horrifying songs about cannibals.

17. Ke$ha’s “I am a Cannibal”

Kesha - Cannibal (Official Lyric Video)

You strive so hard, yet fail so badly. In my opinion, singing a song about Jeffrey Dahmer in auto-tune has a foul aftertaste. An edgy and contentious tune was the goal of this composition.

That’s not what you’d expect from an 8th grader who’s bored in the library during study hall. Ke$ha’s “I’m a Talentless A-hole” is a song that does not reveal anything about her as an artist.

18. Toto Coelo’s “I Eat Cannibals, Part 1”:


New wave dance tune about the desire to devour someone you love. “Healthy recipe, what you got is fantastic for me,” is one of my favorite lines.

Without even mentioning the unsettling suggestion that someone was being cooked in a stew pot, I’m confident that a restraining order could have been filed for the song’s distasteful melody.

Part 2 was released, however it never received the same amount of exposure as Part 1. There was no room for more after the first. At this point, it truly is a disorder.

The Buoys’ “Timothy” is a great song. During the Chilean miner crisis and excavation in 2010, I tried to revive this song on my own, but…wait for it…no one was interested.

Timothy portrays the plight of three stranded miners who are both hungry and thirsty. Guess who doesn’t make it out of this situation alive. Rupert Holmes, a member of The Buoys, wrote “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” as a member of the group.