9 Great Songs With Daniel In The Title

songs with daniel in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with daniel in the title

We know there are a lot of songs about people named Daniel out there, but for the purposes of this list, we’re only including tonly songs with daniel in the title. If a song doesn’t already appear on this list, feel free to add it as long as it’s a song with daniel in the title or lyrics.

The Ballad of Danny Bailey by Elton John, Danny Says by Ramones, and Cowboy Dan by Modest Mouse are among the songs featured below.

 9 Best songs with daniel in the title

1. Elton john – Daniel

Elton John- Daniel

First on our list of songs with daniel in the title is Elton John -Daniel. The song opens with a seemingly positive melody, but once Elton begins to sing, it’s clear there’s more depth to the story than just the music intends.

“Daniel” is one of Elton John’s most misunderstood tunes. The song is about a man who returns to a small village after the war and longs to return to the life he had prior to the conflict. ‘

The narrative was about a Vietnam veteran returning to a small Texas community.

When he returned home, he was hailed and welcomed as a hero. However, all he wanted to do was return to his farm and resume the life he’d known before and go back to his roots. A piece that showed empathy for those who returned was a primary goal of mine.

The original lyrics contained a few lines that explained the singer’s relationship with “Daniel.” To make it clear that “Daniel” was in fact a veteran, Taupin added a few more words towards the end of the song. However, the song was trimmed by one verse at the request of Elton and their record label. A brotherly bond is depicted in the song regardless of its original purpose, which was uncommon at the time.

The group’s record label at the time reluctantly released the song as a single, thinking it was too somber and long of a song to perform well.

The joke’s on them. “Daniel” topped at no. 4 in the UK and no. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. “Daniel” was certified Gold in September 1995 and Platinum in May 2018 by the Recording Industry Association of America in the United States (RIAA).

Elton John’s songs have been covered by a number of other famous musicians.

2. Daniel by Bat for lashes

Bat For Lashes - Daniel (Official Music Video)

Next on our list of songs with daniel in the title is Daniel by Bat for lashes.

From a slightly different perspective, this song appears to be about the loss of a first love.

Daniel Larusso, her first love, is clearly the subject of this song, in my opinion. Obviously though, he was not real. She didn’t personally know him, but in admiring from afar, he felt like “home” to her, like she knew his soul.

I feel like this song is about trying to find the real version of Daniel in someone else. Like in the last verse with the “goodbye bed”, it seems like she’s saying goodbye to the unrealistic crush she has on this fictional persona and is realizing she needs to find someone in the real world to love.

So she realizes that her idealistic crush on this celebrity was childish but now she seems determined to find someone in her own life that reminds her of the soul and “fire” that first attracted her.

This can be attributed to everyone’s first love because I feel like after that person (if you ended it when you didn’t want to) is the person you compare every love/crush afterwards to and it is the hardest battle to give up looking for the perfect replacement. She describes it so beautifully by comparing it to a child crush.

3. Dannys song by Loggins and Messina

"Danny's Song" Loggins and Messina

“Danny’s Song,” a smash for Canadian country-pop singer Anne Murray in 1973, was one of her most popular songs.

Three major Billboard charts, including the Hot 100, had the song in their top ten. For two weeks, it held the No. 1 spot on the easy listening chart, where it peaked at No. 7 and stayed there until it was replaced by a new entry.

“Danny’s Song” was first recorded by singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins and a group of studio musicians called Gator Creek in 1970, despite the fact that it was Anne Murray who made it popular. It was made available as a single, however it failed to chart.

4. Danny Boy ` BYU Vocal Point

Danny Boy | BYU Vocal Point

Bing Crosby, Mario Lanza, and Eva Cassidy are just a few of the artists who have recorded Danny Boy.

Songs like this one are often used in funeral and memorial services because of their powerful emotional content.

“I want ‘Danny Boy’ sung at my burial service, and if it isn’t, I’m going to get up and walk out,” said Charlie McKenna, a former Irish American police officer from Rhode Island.

Some think it’s a letter from a father to a son, wishing them well when they return from the war. Hope is instilled in the listener by the final note of “Come Ye Back,” which soars and concludes on the highest tone.

When it comes to those who have been displaced from their home nation, it resonates. It’s a song that longs for a sense of belonging, be it to a person or a certain location.

5. Danny Says


Ramones - "Danny Says" - End of the Century

Danny Says was written at Los Angeles’ Tropicana Motel while the Ramones were recording End of the Century. The title’s “Danny” is Ramones manager Danny Fields.

The song’s inspiration is thought to be Joey’s ex-girlfriend Linda Daniele. She ended her relationship with Joey in the summer of 1982 and moved in with the band’s guitarist Johnny Ramone in the fall.

Despite this, the two bandmates stayed in the Ramones until 1996, despite having limited communication since recording End of the Century.

6. Daniel Cowman

Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor: Songs - Daniel Cowman

My favorite part of this song is Regina’s ability to sound harsh and tender at the same time. What a great passage:

To me, it’s as if Daniel Cowman has died and is now reflecting on his life, apologizing for all he’s done, but it doesn’t matter because things have already happened, he’s already been executed, and apologizing now won’t make him any better.

7. Daniel in the Den


This song most definitely parallels the experience of Daniel from the Old Testament. The chorus is the key.

“And you thought the lions were bad”

— Daniel is thrown into a den of lions in chapter 6 for worshipping God rather than Darius the Mede (God saves him by closing the mouths of the lions and his persecutors are then thrown in)

“Well they tried to kill my brothers”

— Daniel’s three companions (“brothers”) were thrown into a fiery furnace in chapter 3 because they wouldn’t worship a golden statue made in the image of Nebuchadnezzar (they were saved and lived)

“And for every king that died

Oh they would crown another”

— In the book of Daniel, there were at least 4 kings in Daniel’s time who are explicitly named: Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus

“But it’s harder than you think

Telling dreams from one another”

— In the book of Daniel, Daniel has or interprets seven different signs, visions, and dreams: Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great human image in chapter 2; Nebuchadnezzar dream of the great tree in chapter 4; a hand writing on a wall in chapter 5 foretelling the downfall of Belshazzar; Daniel’s dream of four beasts and God in chapter 7; Daniel’s vision of a ram and a goat with its horns in chapter 8 signifying Persia and Greece (Alexander the Great and his successors); Daniel’s vision of the 70 weeks in chapter 9; Daniel’s vision in chapters 10-12 of the Lord, the evil prince (angel) of Persia, the archangel Michael, the evil prince (angel) of Javan (Greece), and the destiny of Israel.

The book of Daniel is very mysterious.

“Oh to see

What it means to be free

Of the shadows and the dreams

That you claim to see”

8. Dan Treacy


MGMT - Song for Dan Treacy Live on Letterman

This may be a literal or figurative reference to Dan Treacy himself. It could be in tribute to him, but based on the introspective nature of the song, that seems unlikely.

Perhaps it is recounting treacy’s struggles, or simply using him as a mysterious figurehead. If anyone had a definitive life history of treacy, that may be very helpful.

9. Old Dan Tucker song by Bruce

Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band - Old Dan Tucker (Live In Dublin)

This is a well-known American song. Bruce Springsteen and The Seeger Sessions Band recorded it during the second of three Seeger Sessions, and it was released on his 2006 album We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.

Songwriter and performer Daniel Decatur Emmett may have created the words to “Old Dan Tucker,” but it’s not clear where the song’s origins lie. In the 1840s, his group, the Virginia Minstrels, made the song popular. OLD DAN TUCKER had its first edition of sheet music published in 1843.