19 Top Songs About Drowning In Sadness

Songs About Drowning In Sadness
Written by Corey Morgan

The fear of drowning is a very real concern for a great number of people, and as a result, it has served as the inspiration for a great number of songs throughout the years. Here is a list of the top 20 songs about drowning, ranging from heartbreaking ballads to hard-hitting rock anthems and everything in between.

19 Top songs about drowning

1. ‘ll Drown In My Tears,’ by Johnny Winter

I'll Drown in My Tears

This song  is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about Drowning.

The song is about an individual becoming submerged in their own tears. The words paint a picture of a person who is struggling to keep their head above water, both figuratively and literally, and the lyrics give the impression that the person is drowning.

The lyrics of the song convey the sensation of being overpowered by melancholy and regret, as well as the urgent need to find some relief. The overall tone of the story is one of hopelessness and despair, and the imagery is particularly effective at conveying the emotions that the protagonist is feeling.

2. Sinking, Alright—Cremation

Sinking, Alright (feat. døves)

Next on our list of songs about drowning is this song song “Sinking, Alright” by Cremation Lily is a spooky ballad that focuses on the experience of drowning.

The song begins with the sound of water lapping against rocks, which establishes the mood of a murky underwater environment that permeates the rest of the track.

The spectral vocals of Cremation Lily float over the gloomy instrumentation, creating an atmosphere of despondency and acceptance of one’s fate. The lyrics describe the experience of falling deeper and deeper into the ocean, as well as the mounting anxiety and dread that comes along with being unable to get away.

The song “Sinking, Alright” is beautiful, but it also gives off an uneasy feeling as it sings about the terrifying experience of being submerged by water.

3. Drowning – Banksv

BANKS - Drowning (Official Music Video)

Banks, an American singer, is the artist behind the song “Drowning.” On September 4, 2019, it was made available to the public as a single by Harvest Records. Banks, Tim Anderson, and Mark Williams contributed to the song’s writing, and Anderson and Williams were responsible for its production.

The feeling of being unable to cope with one’s feelings and “drowning” in them is the subject of this song. The concept of keeping one’s head above water, both figuratively and literally, serves as the primary inspiration for the song’s lyrics.

4. Martin Garrix, “Drown”

Martin Garrix feat. Clinton Kane - Drown (Official Video)

Martin Garrix, a Dutch DJ and producer, is responsible for the song “Drown,” which features vocals performed by Mike Yung, an English singer. On September 20, 2019, the track was made available for purchase as a digital download through STMPD RCRDS.

The song “Drown” reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart at number five. The song was met with a variety of reactions from those who review music. “Drown” is a song that combines elements of electronic dance music and pop, and it lasts for three minutes and thirty-three seconds.

Mike Yung’s vocals are set to an upbeat instrumental that features elements of future bass and tropical house. The song also contains elements of other genres, Lyrically this is one of the best songs about Drowning you should listen to.

5. Theory of a Dead man


Theory of a Deadman - Drown [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The song reached its highest position on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart at number eight, and it reached its highest position on the Canadian Singles Chart at number five.

The protagonist of “Drown” is a person who is having difficulty keeping their head above water and is succumbing to the pressure of their problems one step at a time. The lyrics express how the person singing them feels as though they are being submerged in their own life and how desperately they want to run away from it all.

The lyrics are a perfect reflection of the song’s tone, which can be described as very dark and depressing overall. “Drown” is undeniably one of the most heartfelt and potent songs that Theory of a Deadman has ever created.

6. Jake Banfield’s “Drowning In Your Love”

Jake Banfield - Drowning In Your Love (Official Lyric Video)

The song “Drowning In Your Love” by Jake Banfield is a spooky ballad that warns of the perils of becoming overly preoccupied with the affections of another person.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who is struggling to stay afloat as he drowns in love and is being slowly pulled under by his own emotions as the song progresses.

The song’s ethereal melodies and Banfield’s emotionally charged voice create the impression of someone who is desperately grasping for air and gasping for one final breath before they are lost forever.

The song “Drowning in Your Love” serves as a potent warning against the perils of becoming overly preoccupied with another person and emphasizes the significance of remaining true to one’s own identity.

7. Drowning – NateWantsToBattle

NateWantsToBattle: Drowning [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] A Legend of Zelda Song

NateWantsToBattle’s song “Drowning” tells the story of a person who is attempting to keep their head above water but is having difficulty doing so.

The narrator starts off the song by describing how they are feeling, saying that they are “drowning in my thoughts.” They continue by saying that they are “trying not to sink” despite the fact that it appears as though they are “fighting a losing battle.”

The narrator of the song eventually gives up and allows themselves to drown after becoming increasingly despondent throughout the course of the song.

8. “Drowning” by Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys - Drowning (Official HD Video)

This song discusses the risks associated with drowning and offers advice on how to stay safe in the water. Children aged one to fourteen years old have a drowning rate that is the second highest among all causes of death.

The process of drowning can be quick and almost undetectable, and it can take place in any depth of water, even very shallow water. Even if you are an excellent swimmer, it is critical to maintain a state of constant vigilance whenever you are in or near water.

9. Chris Young’s “Drowning”

Chris Young - Drowning (Official Video)

“Drowning,” a song written and performed by Chris Young, is a wrenching ballad that tells the story of a man who is struggling to keep his head above water after the passing of a loved one.

The lyrics paint a picture of a man who is lost in a sea of grief, desperately trying to stay afloat but slowly being pulled under by the weight of his sorrow.

The lyrics paint a picture of a man who is adrift in a sea of grief. The song is filled with references to water, both literally and figuratively, which serve to amplify the feelings of desolation and isolation that the listener is experiencing.

The chorus in particular is incredibly potent, with one line in particular, “I’m drowning in an ocean of you,” serving as a gut-wrenching reminder of just how profound the protagonist’s suffering is. The song “Drowning” is heartbreakingly beautiful, and it does an excellent job of conveying what it’s like to be overcome by sorrow.

10. Chemical Romance’s “Drowning Lessons”

Chemical Romance is an American rock band, and one of their songs is titled “Drowning Lessons.” I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was their debut album, and this song was the second single that was released from it. It was released on July 1, 2002.

The song “Drowning Lessons” addresses the experience of drowning in both a literal and figurative sense. The lyrics tell the story of a person who is struggling to keep their head above water, both emotionally and physically. Above Water.” The lyrics of the song convey the sensation of being unable to keep one’s head above water and being overpowered by life.

11. I Feel Like Im Drowning – Two Feet

Two Feet - I Feel Like I'm Drowning

This is a song that discusses the sensation of being overpowered and having difficulty keeping up with things.   This song captures the feeling of being completely helpless and without hope that can come along with having the sensation that one is drowning.

The singer succeeds in conveying what it’s like to be hemmed in and helpless to break free, making the song relatable to anyone who’s ever been in a situation where they were in over their heads.

The lyrics of the song serve as a potent reminder that even though we may occasionally feel as though we are submerging under water, we can always find our way back to the surface.

12. Anna Clendening


Clendening’s “Drowning” is a haunting ballad that tells the story of a young woman’s descent into addiction and despair. The protagonist of the song is a young woman. The lyric paints a vivid picture of the narrator’s descent into self-destruction as she seeks relief from her pain through the use of drugs and alcohol.

The song builds up to the unsettling image of the narrator getting submerged in her own tears as it draws to a close. “Drowning” is a beautiful and moving song that speaks to the universal experience of struggling to stay afloat in the face of life’s challenges. Despite the song’s melancholy subject matter, “Drowning” is a beautiful and moving song.

13. Bring Me The Horizon, “Drown”

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

The song “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon is about the challenges that one faces in life and how at times it can feel as though one is merely keeping their head above water.

The lyrics discuss how it’s easy to feel like everything in your life is pointless and how it’s simple to get sucked under by your problems. However, there is also a message of hope in the song, which is communicated through the chorus, which says “Don’t forget we all drown alone.”

The message of the song is that it is necessary to keep fighting, even when it appears that there is no hope. Even though we must all confront our personal demons on our own in the end, this does not imply that we should simply give up. The song “Drown” is a potent piece that speaks to anyone who has ever had the experience of feeling as though they are battling to keep their head above water.

14. Drowning – Mscmkrs

Drowning (feat. Aaron Dews & Quinten Coblentz)

“Drowning” is a song by Mscmkrs, an American pop rock band. On May 18, 2018, it was made available as the lead single from the band’s debut album, which was titled after itself. Mark Foster is responsible for the song’s writing, and Greg Kurstin was the producer.

The song “Drowning” is a ballad in the pop rock genre that features an electronic production. The lyrics of the song capture the sensation of being completely overpowered and unable to keep one’s head above water throughout the ordeal. Music critics praised the song’s emotional depth as well as its production quality, leading to positive reviews for the track.

15. Thought Forms “Forget My Name”

The band Thought Forms wrote the song “Forget My Name,” which is about the fear of drowning. The song’s lyrics tell the story of someone who is literally and figuratively fighting to keep their head above water.

The story is told through the song’s lyrics. The first few lines of the song feature the protagonist struggling to maintain their buoyancy while he or she struggles for air. They are pleading for assistance, but no one appears to be listening to them. They beg for someone to forget their name because they are aware that their time on earth is coming to an end.

The focus of the song then shifts to the person’s memories as they think back on all of the things in life that they have treasured throughout their existence.

16. Joe Simon’s “Drowning In The Sea Of Love”

Joe Simon - Drowning In The Sea Of Love

The title of this song says it all: Drowning in the Sea of Love is a song about drowning. Joe Simon’s songs are about a man who is drowning, both literally and figuratively, and he sings about his struggles to keep his head above water.

This song expresses the sensation of being engulfed by love and the way that there are times when it can feel as though you are actually drowning yourself in it. The melody is catchy and has a positive vibe, while the lyrics are emotional and thoughtful. It is simple to understand why this song has become such a common selection for romantic occasions like weddings and other special events.

The song “Drowning in the Sea of Love” is definitely worth a listen, whether you’re looking for a song to set the mood or one that will make you think about love in a different light. Both of these goals can be accomplished by listening to this song.

17. Drowning – K-BABY

Drowning (feat. The GothHippie)

K-“Drowning” BABY’s is a haunting ballad that was released in 2019. It tells the story of a young woman’s descent into addiction and despair. The lyrics are direct and uncompromising, painting a picture of a life that is descending further and further into chaos.

The opening lines of the song, in which the narrator admits that she is “drowning in a sea of sorrow,” establish the mood for the rest of the song. She goes into detail about her struggles with substance abuse and mental health as the song progresses, painting a picture of isolation and hopelessness in the process.

18. Avril Lavigne- “Head Above Water.”

Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (Official Video)

Last on our list of songs about drowning is Avril Lavigne’s song “Head Above Water”. This songis about the experience of feeling like one is going to drown.

The lyrics describe the experience of being pulled under by forces that are beyond your control and the urgent need to fight your way to the surface in order to get some air.

The structure of the song is based on the metaphor of a ship that is sinking, with the chorus serving as a representation of the moment when Lavigne is able to finally pull herself up out of the water and take a deep breath.

19. Ray Charles’s “Drown in My Own Tears”

Drown in My Own Tears

It is believed that Charles wrote the song “Drown in My Own Tears” based on his own experience of feeling as though he was going to drown in his own tears following the end of a romantic relationship. “Drown in My Own Tears” is one of Charles’ most heartbreaking songs.

The melody is soulful but has a wistful quality to it, and the lyrics are straightforward but have a lot of meaning. It should come as no surprise that the song has been covered by a large number of artists over the years; it is a timeless classic that perfectly captures the anguish of experiencing a broken heart.