19 Top Songs About Mysteries

Songs About Mysteries
Written by Corey Morgan

9 Have you ever felt a deep fascination with the unknown? The feeling of uncovering something hidden evokes a powerful response in many of us. Songs that address mysteries capture this feeling and the allure of the unknown.

From blues-inspired songs to celebratory odes, songs about mysteries taps into our emotions and takes us on a journey beyond the ordinary. Join us as we explore some of the best songs about mysteries.

19 Songs About Mysteries

1. Sufjan Stevens’ “Mystery Of Love”

Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love (From "Call Me By Your Name" Soundtrack)

First on our list of songs about mysteries is Tonza’s “Mystery” which is a song that contemplates mysteries and things that can’t be explained.

This song is eerie and breathtaking, and it makes us think about things that defy our ability to comprehend or explain them.

The lyrics raise questions about the nature of life and death, love and betrayal, and humanity’s place in the cosmos. There is a sense of both awe and melancholy in the song, as if we are both enchanted and heartbroken by the mysteries of life. This is the feeling that we get from listening to the song.

The music has a hazy, almost dreamlike quality to it, which evokes feelings of contentment as well as yearning. “Mystery” is a mesmerizing song that leaves us feeling both intrigued and saddened by the things we’ll never fully understand.

2. The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour (Remastered 2009)

Next o our list of songs about mysteries is The Beatles’ song “Magical Mystery Tour” which was first made available to the public in 1967 on the album of the same name.

The upbeat and optimistic sound of the song belies the lyrics, which are about the mysterious and ultimately unknowable nature of life. The song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and it features an upbeat and optimistic sound.

The song has been interpreted as being about the psychedelic experiences of the 1960s, but it can also be seen as a metaphor for the human condition. Both of these interpretations are correct.

We all spend our lives looking for explanations to the mysteries we face, but in the end, we might never discover the solutions.

The ability of “Magical Mystery Tour” to seize this emotion and condense it into three minutes of pop music that is absolutely flawless is what gives the song its mystique.

3. Matt Maltese’s mystery

Matt Maltese - Mystery [Official Video]

The public’s interest in mysteries dates back to the beginning of time. They provide a tantalizing glimpse into another world while still managing to remain relatable; in other words, they are the ideal combination of the unknown and the known.

This is what makes the song “Mystery” by Matt Maltese so compelling to listen to. It is the story of a man who is attempting to come to terms with a tragedy that has occurred in his own life.

The song retains its relevance thanks to the numerous allusions within the lyrics to well-known mysteries found in literature, film, and television.

The lyrics also deal with very real emotions, which is another reason why “Mystery” is such a truly eerie and memorable song.

4. Mystery – Dio

The song “Mystery” by Dio is a celebration of the mystery of the world. The singer encourages the listener to embrace their natural tendency toward curiosity and to ask questions, even if they are aware that they do not know all of the answers.

Lyrically, this is one of the best songs about mysteries, the lyrics imply that there are mysteries to be discovered everywhere, from the far reaches of space to the mundane activities of daily life.

The song also stresses the significance of maintaining an open mind in the face of mystery, as it is only through investigation that we can find answers.

In the end, “Mystery” serves as a gentle reminder that life is full of surprises, and that it is almost always worthwhile to investigate those surprises.

5. Grimes’s “Know the Way”

Grimes’s song “Know The Way” is all about solving puzzles and riddles. The song starts off with the lyrics, “There are things that we don’t know/Things that we can’t explain.”

This establishes the mood for the remainder of the song, which is about the allure of the unknown. The singer then continues, saying that despite this, we should still make an effort “to understand the how and why.”

Many of us can relate to this sentiment. Even though it’s possible that we won’t be able to unravel every mystery, that won’t stop us from trying! After all, the journey itself is much more important than the final destination.

6. Mystery – Tom Odell

Tom Odell - Mystery (Official Audio)

“Mystery” by Tom Odell is a song that contemplates the unanswerable questions that life poses. The song’s lyrics pose numerous questions that are never resolved, such as “what is love?” and “why are we here?”

The song is also about the struggle of looking for answers to the big questions in life and the disappointment that comes along with not being able to find them.

The song is actually quite upbeat, with a driving piano melody and an infectious chorus, despite the heavy subject matter that is discussed in it.

It serves as a timely reminder that despite the fact that there are times when life can be perplexing and challenging, it is still worthwhile to continue living.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself feeling disoriented, put on “Mystery,” and allow it to bring you some sense of calm.

7. Status Quo’s “Mystery Song” I

Rock band Status Quo hails from the United Kingdom and was established in 1962. In 1975, the band released the song “Mystery Song,” which would go on to become one of their most successful singles.

The song is about a mystery, and it became an instant favorite among the band’s followers almost immediately after it was released.

The song has been covered by a great number of other artists in the years since its initial release, and it has also been featured in a number of movies and television shows.

“Mystery Song” has remained one of Status Quo’s most popular songs over the years, and it has also remained a fan favorite among those who listen to the band’s music.

8. — Roy Orbison, “She’s a Mystery to Me”

Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

Roy Orbison’s “She’s a Mystery to Me” is a spooky ballad that tells the story of a man who is hopelessly in love with a woman who continues to be a mystery to him.

The song’s lyrics are full of enigmas and metaphors, which contribute to the overall impression that the woman is shrouded in secrecy.

The frustration of not being able to understand somebody you love, as well as the desire to know everything there is to know about that person, is reflected in the song.

Even though there is a possibility that the singer will never get to know the woman he loves on a deeper level, he never gives up hope that one day she will let him into her world. In the meantime, all he can do is keep an observer’s distance and ponder the mystery that is she.

9. NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Into the Mystery Song”

The human race has always been fascinated by mysteries and other unsolved problems. These are the things that we are unable to explain, the occurrences that do not make sense to us.

Despite this, we find ourselves unable to resist the pull they exert over us. Our goal is to decipher the riddle and discover the concealed response. The band NEEDTOBREATHE has a song called “Into The Mystery” that perfectly captures this sense of wonder.

This song is about the allure of the unknown and the yearning to discover the answers to questions that may never have satisfactory solutions.

The lyrics describe going on an adventure into the unknown, going to places that not many people have the courage to visit.

10. Walker McGuire’s “Mysteries of the World”

Walker McGuire - Mysteries Of The World (Official Audio)

The song “Mysteries of the World” by Walker McGuire is a spooky ballad that contemplates the unfathomable aspects of being alive.

The song’s lyrics examine the concept that there are some things in life that we may never understand, and that this fact can be both frustrating and reassuring at the same time.

The lyrics “There are some things in this world/ That just don’t make sense/ like how a mother loves her child/ Or how two people find each other in the dark” are the first lines of the song.

These lines perfectly capture the sense of confusion that we experience when we come across something that we are unable to explain.

11. I Was A Boy – El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar - I Was A Boy

The song “I Was a Boy” by El Perro del Mar is a tune that is shrouded in mystery. The lyrics are hazy and mysterious, alluding to depths of feeling and experience that are not directly presented.

A sense of unease and disorientation is conveyed through the music in a similar manner, with ethereal vocalizations and atmosphere contributing to the overall effect.

This feeling of not knowing anything at all is what gives “I Was a Boy” its captivating quality. There is a sense that there is something that is concealed just beyond our reach, something that could change everything if we could only see it.

12. Between Two Mysteries – Mount Eerie

Between Two Mysteries

Mount Eerie’s album A Crow Looked At Me includes the song “Between Two Mysteries,” which was written by the band. The singer wrote the song about his late wife, who passed away from cancer.

The singer is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his wife, and the lyrics are written from his point of view as he attempts to make sense of everything that has happened. He likens the manner in which she passed away to a puzzle, something that he is unable to comprehend or make sense of on any level.

In spite of this, he continues to find beauty in the unknown and makes an effort to be grateful for the time they spent together.

This song is incredibly moving, and it offers a window into the mind of the singer as she struggles with her loss. It serves as a timely reminder that even in the most trying of circumstances, there are always going to be beautiful and illuminating moments.

13. Artificial Fear: The Unsolved Mysteries Theme

Unsolved Mysteries Theme Song (Metal Version) || Artificial Fear

The Unsolved Mysteries Theme, which was composed by Artificial Fear, is a creepy and ominous piece of music that is ideal for setting the mood for any mystery.

The song begins with a slow and ominous build, and as it progresses, it gradually adds more and more instrumentation as it goes along. This generates a tense and uneasy atmosphere that is ideal for a mystery.

The lyrics contribute to this sensation, heightening the sense that something sinister and mysterious is taking place.

Because the entire song exudes an air of foreboding and suspense, it is an excellent pick for any scenario in which the mystery has not been solved.

14. Harem Scarem: One of Life’s Mysteries

One of Life's Mysteries

Harem Scarem’s “One of Life’s Mysteries” is a song that contemplates the mysteries and conundrums that are inherent to life. The lyrics contemplate the very nature of existence by asking questions about the cosmos and where we stand in relation to it.

The song has a reassuring and upbeat message that encourages listeners to accept the mysteries of life and to live each day to the fullest possible extent.

Because of its infectious tune and upbeat lyrics, the song “One of Life’s Mysteries” is an excellent addition to any playlist and is certain to put a smile on your face.



Tonza’s “Mystery” is a song that contemplates mysteries and things that can’t be explained.

This song is eerie and breathtaking, and it makes us think about things that defy our ability to comprehend or explain them. The lyrics raise questions about the nature of life and death, love and betrayal, and humanity’s place in the cosmos.

The song gives off an impression that we are both enchanted and heartbroken by the complexities of life, which corresponds to the feeling that we get when listening to it.

The music has a hazy, almost dreamlike quality to it, which evokes feelings of contentment as well as yearning.

“Mystery” is a mesmerizing song that leaves us feeling both intrigued and saddened by the things we’ll never fully understand.

16. Mystery – Indigo Girls

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are the two musicians who make up the American folk rock duo known as the Indigo Girls. When they were still in high school, they started performing together, and in 1987, they released their debut album.

Since that time, they have issued a total of 14 studio albums and have garnered a number of Grammy Awards. Rites of Passage, the band’s album released in 1993, includes the song “Mystery.”

The song is about the unsolvable mysteries of life as well as the hope that can be found in acknowledging those mysteries.

17. Radiohead’s “How to Disappear Completely”

How to Disappear Completely

This is one of the songs about mysteries that reflects on a lot of things, the song was penned by Thom Yorke, and Nigel Godrich was responsible for producing it.

The song is a melancholy ballad with ethereal textures and minimal instrumentation, and it builds gradually from beginning to end.

The lyrics are obscure and difficult to decipher, and they make references to bereavement, loneliness, and isolation. One possible interpretation of the song is that it is a commentary on depression and other mental illnesses, as well as a statement on the loneliness that can be experienced in modern life.

It has been said that “How To Disappear Completely” is one of Radiohead’s most popular songs because of the strong feelings it evokes.

18. MYSTERY – Turnstile


Turnstile, an American hardcore punk band, is responsible for the song “Mystery.” Following the release of their second studio album, Time & Space, the song was chosen to serve as the album’s lead single (2018).

Brendan Yates, the band’s vocalist, and William Goldsmith, the band’s guitarist, are responsible for writing “Mystery.”

This song is about the frustration of not being able to figure out what one wants to do with their life and having the sensation of being an outsider.

The song “Mystery” has a frenetic tempo and a powerful guitar tone throughout. The word “mystery” is featured multiple times in the chorus, making it an infectious and memorable musical element.

Fans of Turnstile’s earlier work, as well as fans of hardcore punk music in general, are likely to enjoy the song “Mystery,” which was released in 2016.

19. Beth Gibbons Mysteries

Last on our songs about mysteries is this haunting and ethereal song written by Beth Gibbons”Mysteries”. The song investigates the mysterious nature of existence.

The lyrics are full of metaphors and images taken from the natural world, which provide hints about the unseen aspects of our world.

The song starts off with some soft acoustic guitar playing, and shortly after that, Gibbons’s heavenly voice joins in. She sings about “clouds rolling in from the west” and “trees bending in the breeze.” She also sings about “clouds rolling in from the east.”

These images help to create the mysterious atmosphere that pervades throughout the song. As the song progresses, various other instruments, such as a violin and a piano, are brought into the mix.