13 Top Songs About Robots

Songs about Robots
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about Robots

It doesn’t matter if you think robots are plotting to take over the world or you just find them to be a fascinating curiosity; the fact remains that robots have found their place in a number of different parts of society. One such location is in the world of music, where you may find a number of songs with a robot theme to enjoy.

Discover some of the best songs ever written about robots and find out what artists have to say about these androids by listening to some of these tunes.

1. Robot Rock – Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Official Video)

First on our list of songs about robots is this song was written by Daft Punk, who are best known for their distinctive robot sound. They wrote it as a memorial to the loud and vibrant sound of hard rock music.

In an innovative and experimental move, they combined powerful rock chord progressions with a typical dance track. At one point in the composition, the music uses a snippet of the song “Release the Beast” by Breakwater.

2. Robot Man – Connie Francis

Next on lis of songs about robots is this song written by Sylvia Dee and George Goehring, and it was performed by Connie Francis. In it, she expresses her desire to have a “robot man” in her life.

A mechanical guy would not be able to hurt her in the same way that a real man would, but he would do what she wanted him to. Because he wouldn’t be able to defend himself, they wouldn’t even bother to fight!

3. The Robots – Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk - The Robots (Official Video)

It is generally agreed that this is one of Kraftwerk’s most famous songs, if not their most famous overall offering. It goes along with the song “The Man-Machine,” and there are German versions of both songs, which also go along with each other and accompany each other. The lyrics of the song discuss the ways in which robots have altered the contemporary environment..

4. I Am Not a Robot – Marina

MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - I Am Not a Robot [Official Music Video]

Listeners are reminded that they are not machines by this song, as well as the fact that it is acceptable to feel emotional and vulnerable at times as a means of distinguishing themselves from robots.

MARINA has stated that the song is also a reflection of her own way of being, especially considering the fact that she isn’t always herself when she is with other people.

5. Robots – Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan - Robots

In this song, which is one of his most well-known and the one that brought him renown in Canada after its publication, Dan Mangan makes an impassioned plea to himself not to fritter away his life. Mangan has stated that this song fundamentally altered his composing method, particularly in regard to his upcoming releases.

6. Robot Parade – They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants - "Robot Parade" In-Studio [60fps]

This peculiar track describes a possible future in which “children will labor together to develop a big cyborg.” [Cyborgs] will be built by children working together.

The song also exists in a more challenging adult version, however there are others who believe that hearing either version is too unusual for young children to handle. There is also a podcast adaptation available, which delves even further into the concept of the parade.

7. Hey! (Rise of the Robots) – The Stranglers

Hey! (Rise of the Robots)

It’s possible that The Stranglers are singing about an uprising led by robots inspired by science fiction here. There’s also the possibility that the song is about dedicated employees standing up for themselves and speaking out against unfair treatment on the job. The single was included as the fifth offering on the track listing of the album Black and White, which was issued in 1978.

8. Citizens of Tomorrow – Tokyo Police Club

Citizens of Tomorrow - Tokyo Police Club

This incredible song imagines a future in which robots will take better care of the globe than humans all throughout history. The narrator expresses this wish in the song.

It also considers the possibility of a future in which machines or other superior species may wipe out humanity in the years to come. It’s interesting to note that the song envisions the year 2009 to be like this

9. Robot – The Futureheads

The main character in this piece expresses a desire to have the life of a robot so that he might live with the object of his romantic interest indefinitely and imitate all she does.

The lyrics of the song illustrate how one’s life and romantic relationships can be negatively impacted by intense obsessive feelings and how destructive such feelings can become.

10. Robot Boy – Linkin Park

Robot Boy - Linkin Park (A Thousands Suns)

In order to contrast the robotic undertones of this song, Linkin Park selected a more conventional sounding symphonic arrangement. The main character offers words of encouragement to someone, whether it is a loved one or the audience member listening.

Instead, this individual ought to make use of their responsibilities in order to assist them in finding new power to help them get through each day while they wait for better times ahead.

11. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

This song portrays the disarray, instability, and bewilderment that one experiences when their life is crumbling down around them and they feel exposed and on display.

It illustrates how it feels to be in a crowded environment while also using an android robot as a metaphor for unusual behavior. The claustrophobic tone and energy of the song lend a dash of realism to the song’s otherwise frenetic sentiments.

12. Everyday Robots – Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots (Official Video)

With this track, Damon Albarn issues a warning about a possible future in which humanity alters in peculiar ways. Albarn likens people to “daily robots” because of how dependent they are on contemporary comforts such as cell phones.

While sitting in traffic, he observed other people going about their lives, seemingly oblivious to the world around them. This gave him the idea for the song.

13. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots song by The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 [Official Music Video]

This song was influenced by a woman whose name is Yoshimi. The lead vocalist had a recording of her yelling, which led to the development of new musical ideas.

The song is the centerpiece of an album with the same name, which tells the story of a fictional girl named Yoshimi fighting robots that have a gentle and friendly appearance.