5 Top Songs with ‘Amy’ In The Title

Songs with Amy in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs with ‘Amy’ In The Title

I’m fond of the name ‘Amy’, it reminds me of my late sister who passed away 3 years ago. She was a very lovely and sweet girl, but this article is not about her life story.

I discovered that there are a lot of songs with ‘Amy’ in the title; with emphasis on the ‘a lot’. Anytime I stumble upon such a song, I’m compelled to listen to what the artist has to say about his/her Amy. Was she anything like mine?

With that, I just had to write this article. On looking at the title,  you might think this would be a boring write-up, I get it, but I assure you, the stories behind the songs are very engaging. You won’t even realize it when you finish reading.

Songs with ‘Amy’ in the title

I compiled a list of my favorite songs with ‘Amy’ in their title. I hope you enjoy reading them

1. Aime by Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League - Amie (Live)

In this song, the guy tried to control Amie, but he drove her away, and now she’s with another guy. The first verse establishes everything; the rest of the song is him pleading with her to come back, assuring her that things have changed and that they should try again.

Craig Fuller, who handled vocals and string instruments in the group together with George Powell, wrote and sang the song.

Fuller claims that he made up the entire story as a songwriting exercise, simply “stringing words and music together,” despite having plenty of opportunities to invent a tale about the actual Amie. He invented the character Amie.

It’s difficult not to wish Amie would take Fuller back after hearing the way he sings in this song. Amie, however, might be wiser.

He sounds really lovely and is undoubtedly full of regret, yet he tends to waffle. He keeps “falling in and out of love” with her, as the song concludes. He’d better decide, then.

2. Britney Spears’ If You Seek Amy

Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy (Official HD Video)

This song was Spears’ number 3 single from the album Circus.

Though the track seems to be about sex at the superficially judging, it is actually about how society views Britney’s life.

The majority of critics gave the song positive reviews. Because the title sounds similar to “F**k me,” the song raised considerable controversy after its debut in many nations.

As a result, radio stations that played the song during the day were threatened with indecency accusations by the Parents Television Council (PTC).

A revised version of the song was made available in some places. The song peaked in the top 10 or  20 in different countries throughout the world.

The music video for the song has Britney hosting a sex party at her house and begins with a parody of a Megyn Kelly article from America’s Newsroom.

At the very end, she dresses in traditional housewife attire and welcomes her family inside while being snapped by the paparazzi. It makes references to “Piece of Me” and “Baby One More Time,” two of her earlier music videos.

The comparisons to her earlier work were made by critics, who even connected it to the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour and Circus featured a performance of the song.

3. “Amy” by Green Day

Amy Winehouse was the subject of the song ‘Amy’ by Green Day.

Green Day explains that after Winehouse died, a connection had been lost. He viewed Winehouse’s art as one that had a connection with old soul music. He said Winehouse’s death hit him hard because it was kind of hard to believe that she was gone for good

The album’s coda is Green Day’s rock ‘n’ roll eulogy to Amy Winehouse. Dos! is a party record, and if you think about it, Amy might end up sounding like the hangover from the party.

4. “Amy’s song” by Matt Simon

Matt Simons - Amy's Song (Official Music Video)

There are times when a work of art confronts ingrained notions in such a compelling way that it is impossible to ignore.

The song “Amy’s Song,” written by Amy Kuney and performed by Matt Simons, has a strong message that challenges our assumptions about love, acceptance, and equality.

The song strikes at the core of the anti-LGBTQ attitudes held by many conservatives and was inspired by Kuney’s own experiences coming out to her religious family.

“Amy’s Song” is my account of growing up as a gay woman in a staunchly Christian society where being gay was viewed as a “choice” and an abomination, according to Kuney.

“I know that thousands of others endure this, or similar hardships and I hope my song might provide comfort and hope to them.

I also hope that the song poses a challenging query to individuals whose fear and narrow-mindedness prevent them from understanding the love they criticize.

With 500 million streams to date, Simons has achieved international success. He is currently touring North America, stopping in Montreal, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The multi-platinum musician will perform new material from his upcoming album on the cross-country tour in addition to hits including “Catch and Release,” a No. 1 success in Europe, and his most recent singles “We Can Do Better” and “Made It Out Alright.”

5. Amy Shark by Amy shark

Amy Shark - Amy Shark (Official Video)

Amy Shark, a multi-ARIA award-winning singer-songwriter, dropped her new single “Amy Shark” on Friday, April 16th, 2021, one day before the release of her album “Cry Forever,” which is set for Friday, April 30th.

Shark’s very personal experience of having a father who was never there when she was growing up and the emotional burden she carries, as a result, are both referenced in the new song. In a recent film, she expresses this emotion through private home movies and professional scenes.

The song by Amy Shark is a little bit of a journey through the highs and lows of her last 15 years. She said it was a challenging but vital song to write, and she hopes it encourages everyone who sometimes feels unloved, lonely, and undesired to believe that anything is possible if they put their minds to it.