Top 9 Songs With The Name Kelly in The Title

Songs with the name Kelly in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with the name Kelly in the title

Today, we are going to talk a little bit about every one of the different songs with the name “Kelly” in the title of the song.

This compilation features several songs that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as extended plays (EPs) by artists whose names you have most likely never heard. Despite this fact, you should make the most of the opportunity to revisit some older songs and discover new music at the same time.

1. “Grace Kelly” by Mika

MIKA - Grace Kelly

First on our list of songs with the name “Kelly” in the title is this song by Mika. This was the second song released by Mika off of his debut album “Life in Cartoon Motion,” which was a huge success.

The single was nominated for Best British Single at the 2008 BRIT Awards, during which it also achieved the position of number one in the UK and went platinum in five other countries.

The suggestion that Mika received from record labels that he needed to modify both his appearance and his sound to compete with the rest of the pop market at the time inspired him to write this song.

He argues that he could pose as anyone, including Grace Kelly, and that the piece was created after he disregarded the recommendations of so-called “business experts.” A resounding victory for the individualist perspective.

2. “Accidently Kelly Street” by Frente

Frente! - Accidently Kelly Street

The song “Domino Effect” by the Australian indie band “Frente” was released in 1992 and is the result of a chain reaction of several different errors. Tim O’Connor, the bass player for the band, misled the other members of the band by telling them that he was going to make a song about his new place on Kelly Street when, in reality, he was going to be relocating to Kenny Street.

As a consequence of this, the band decided to name the song “Accidentally Kelly Street,” even though the promotional material printed by the record company featured an incorrect spelling of the word “accidentally.”

The band concluded that the typo was appropriate given the context of how the song was written in the first place.

The track itself is a timeless feel-good classic that summarizes the importance of making all of the appropriate choices. It is the kind of song that, if you close your eyes, you can envision yourself listening to on a sunny day in the garden or at the beach.

3. “Run Kelly” by Roken is Dodelijk

Roken is Dodelijk - RUN KELLY

The lyrics to “Run Kelly,” a song performed by the Dutch band Roken is Dodelijk, are extremely straightforward.

The phrase “run Kelly’s around” appears multiple times throughout the song, giving the impression that it may be about a person who causes trouble wherever they go. Even though it is perhaps the most peculiar music on this list, you should give it a listen.

4. “Kelly Price” by Migos ft Travis Scott

Migos - Kelly Price ft Travis Scott [Music Video]

This song by Migos and Travis Scott is one of my favorite songs with the name Kelly in the title. This song with the name kelly in the title is only six minutes long, although in that little amount of time, we get a glimpse into the materialistic and womanizing lifestyles that they lead.

R&B singer Kelly Price inspired the band Migos and Travis Scott to incorporate a nod to her as the song’s namesake, continuing the duo’s recent pattern of incorporating references to other R&B musicians into their work.

Price is included because of the strength of her singing voice, as well as because Migos brags that he can make women scream like she does while making love to them.

5. “Song for Kelly Huckaby” by Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie - Song for Kelly Huckaby

The Washington-based rock band Death Cab for Cutie wrote this slower-paced song about a journey to California with your significant other, in this case, Kelly Huckaby.

When it comes to this song, they have got it all. Since it gives lead singer Ben Gibbard the chance to show off his underappreciated vocal abilities, the song brings him to life.

6. “Kelly’s Heroes” by Black Grape


After joining in 1993, Black Grape released their third single, titled “Kelly’s Heroes.” The refrain of the song echoed a well-known proverb that advises people to “never meet their idols,” and it was all about how much the world is obsessed with superstars.

The chorus advises the listeners not to waste their time admiring superstars because those people are not always the same as how they are depicted in the media.

After years have passed and he has established himself as a popular figure through his participation in reality television shows, the songwriter, Shaun Ryder, looks back on the song with a certain amount of self-consciousness.

7. “Kate Kelly” by The Whitlams

The Whitlams have written a song that tells the story of Ned Kelly’s sister Kate Kelly. Kate Kelly was a notorious outlaw in Australia.

After a string of terrible things happened in Kate Kelly’s life, including an assault, the murder of her brother, and the death of Joe Byrne, who was thought to be her lover, it is believed that she took her own life and committed suicide. This song has a very beautiful way of telling a very sad story.

8. “Ned Kelly” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly, as performed by Johnny Cash. Although it is only two minutes and eighteen seconds long, this song by the legendary Johnny Cash serves in many ways as a musical history of Ned Kelly’s life.

As was just discussed, Ned Kelly was a notorious criminal who was a member of the notorious group of bushrangers.

If you listen to this song while also listening to the Whitlams’ Kate Kelly, you will get a really good picture of how terrible both of their lives were, from the time that they were children to the time that they passed away at an untimely age.

9. “Gene Kelly” by Mirandaclare

The first extended play released by Mirandaclare is centered around the artist’s desire to have been born in a different era, more notably around the period in which Gene Kelly was active.

Even though the song has not been popular, the concept of young people in today’s society wishing they had been born in earlier eras should strike a chord with a great number of listeners.