Top 11 Songs With Sarah in The Title

Songs with Sarah in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with Sarah in the title

There is a remarkably high concentration of well-known songs featuring the name Sarah anywhere in the title of the song.

They do not even come close to resembling one another sonically, conceptually, or in terms of the kind of music that they cover.

As a result of this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 11 songs with the name Sarah in the title; thus, get your headphones or speakers ready, and let us begin going through the list.

11 Songs with the name sarah in the title

1. “Sarah” by Bob Dylan

The song was based on an event that occurred in real life involving Bob Dylan and his wife at the time, Sara. Their marriage was dissolved as a result of the dissolution of their relationship.

The song recounts the events that led to the end of the relationship between the two people. It was an expression of Bob’s desire that things should not have gone in that direction. But, alas, some things cannot be prevented and are destined to take place.

2. “Sarah Yellin’” by 3 Doors Down

Mistreatment of others is a touchy subject. This topic is tackled head-on in the song in question. The story focuses on the difficulties that a little girl has as a result of her alcoholic and violent father.

The young lady made efforts to get assistance from both her mother and her brother. However, she was forced to take matters into her own hands, which ultimately led to the death of her father. Caution is advised when listening to this theme due to its intense weight.

3. “What Sarah Said” by Death Cab for Cutie.

Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said (‘Directions’ Music Video)

Songs like this are so difficult to get right because they have to strike such a delicate balance between melody and prose.

The piano phrasing creates an almost horrifying urgency that is concealed by the song’s beauty and then you are destroyed by the song’s lyrics.

For all his indignation at the scene, he understands its long-term ramifications: because of our memories, we will be losing our loved ones long after we have passed away. In a sense, it is a pile-on of the existential kind. He also asks us to think about our own lives: who will smell the pee and 409 for us after we are gone?

4. “From Sarah with Love” by Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor - From Sarah With Love (Official Video)

The title of this charming song that went triple gold got its inspiration from the James Bond film “From Russia with Love.”

The song’s narrator describes her close friend Sarah as being deeply in love, however, the song goes on to suggest that Sarah is unable to express how she truly feels.

After that, Sarah vents her emotions by penning a letter to her friend. The buddy has high expectations that Sarah’s love would be returned by the person who receives the letter.

5. “Halls Of Sarah” by Neko Case

Neko Case - "Halls of Sarah" (Full Album Stream)

In this song, the tragedy and joyful grossness that comes along with being human are personified by a character whose name is Sarah.

According to Neko Case, the name Sarah is frequently invoked as a source of creative inspiration. It is an interesting fact that a significant number of songs have titles that include this name.

She thinks that it is a melodious epitaph, which is what gives it such a wonderful musical quality. As a result, she devised her solution.

6. “Sarah” by Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy - Sarah (Official Music Video)

The tragic events that led to the creation of this pop-rock classic are fascinating. This event is a celebration of life in honor of the birth of the lead vocalist of the band’s daughter. Sarah was chosen as the name for the baby with much care.

The tune is meant to convey the joy that a parent experiences with the arrival of a new kid into the world. This song exudes a lot of admiration as well as other pleasant emotions quite clearly.

7. “Zach and Sara” by Ben Folds

Ben Folds "Zach and Sara" Kauffman Center for Performing Arts

Ben was inspired to write this song after observing a young couple while he was in a music store. The young child is strumming the guitar and playing the same tune over and over again. The only option left for his lover was to listen to him.

This event served as the impetus for him to write the song. Plus, he made a vow to himself that he would never behave in such a manner with a partner.

8. “Sara Smile” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Hall and Oates -- Sara Smile

This song has a sour and sweet undertone to its background. The author of this song, Daryll Hall, has said that it is a dedication to an ex-girlfriend.

They were together for a total of 28 years, which is a lengthy time for a couple to be together. Even though they never tied the knot, Sara will remain in his mind as a great and unforgettable memory.

9. “Song for Sarah” by The Samuel Jackson Five

The Samuel Jackson Five - Song for Sarah

A hauntingly beautiful instrumental track that was written eons ago and has stood the test of time. The combination of sounds emanating from the piano and guitar contributes to the atmosphere of closeness that it exudes.

After then, a rock sound takes over, which adds a sense of urgency to it. This tune was unquestionably composed with deep feelings in mind, with a particular individual in mind while doing so.

10. “The Eyes of Sarah Jane” by The Jayhawks

This track was included in the album Rainy Day Music that was released. It is regarded as one of The Jayhawks’ most notable pieces of work. This album features a song titled “The Eyes of Sarah Jane,” which may be found on it.

The narrator of the song looks back on the good moments he is had with the woman he loves through her eyes. This song is an alternative take on country-rock, and it rocks. It perfectly encapsulates the sensation that comes along with being in love, when everything seems to be going well.

11. “Sarah Swan Sleep Head” by Jewel

The lilting tune is full of catchy melodies and has the atmosphere of a fairy tale or children’s narrative. The story begins with a young girl by the name of Sara Swan, who is roused from her sleep by her mother.

On the other hand, Sarah was enjoying such a wonderful dream. She was reluctant to get out of bed just yet. On the other hand, as the dream developed into something more vivid, Sarah concluded that this is not the reality she wanted. The girl eventually decides to get out of bed.