6 Songs With ‘Circle’ In The Title

Songs With Circle In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With ‘Circle’ In The Title

Many popular songs use the term “circles” somewhere in the title, but why is this so? We’re going to dissect the songs lyrically and conceptually to figure out what it was about them that connected with listeners and helped them become viral. These songs with circles in the titles will have you singing along in no time, whether you’re a fan of vintage rock or modern pop.

6 Songs With ‘Circle’ In The Title

1. “Circle of Life” by Elton John

Elton John - Circle of Life (From "The Lion King"/Official Video)

Elton John’s “Circle of Life” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs with circle in the title.

The song’s title, as employed in the song’s lyrics, sounds a lot like the phrase “Que sera, sera,” which means “whatever will be, will be.” In other words, it is the singer’s job to draw attention to a variety of life events that any one of us might face.

For Elton, life is a “wheel of fortune,” and each individual must accept their fate. Or, more precisely, in the “cycle of life,” there are some constants, such as the sun that shines above us all. But there are differences between us all; some of us succeed while others do not.

While some of us might go unscathed, others might “have to live with… scars” from various experiences.

Furthermore, being human means always having an insatiable curiosity about the world around you. But in the end, there is simply too much of the world for any one person to see or experience.

Aside from that, the song’s only truly philosophical passage is at the end of the first verse, where the singer gives some words of wisdom to the listener. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that we should never take more than we offer. And supposedly following that advice will make you a useful cog in the “cycle of life.”

2. “Circles” by Post Malone

Post Malone - Circles

Post Malone’s current romantic connection is the subject of his song “Circles.” It’s turbulent, and it seems like it could all blow over at any second. Despite the lack of overt displays of affection, it is evident that he and his romantic interest care deeply for one another.

Exactly why is this happening? The title and chorus of this song suggest that the protagonists are regularly dissatisfied with the relationship but lack the resources to end it.

In the second stanza, Posty admits outright that he has concluded that it is best for the two of them to part ways. However, he is placing the responsibility for ending it on his partner on the bridge.

Also, even though the “love” that once defined their union has “gone cold,” they appear to be making earnest attempts to “fuel the flame,” or do what they can to maintain the romance.

Yet, these efforts don’t appear to be producing the anticipated results. Even though the song finishes similarly to how it began—with Malone lamenting the status of his relationship and offering no solutions—you can’t help but believe that he and his girlfriend are headed toward a breakup. Lyrically, this is one of the best songs with circle in the title.

3. “Circles” by SEVENTEEN

[LYRICS/가사] SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) - 돌고 돌아 (CIRCLES) [4th Album Repackage 'Sector 17']

Even with Genius’s translation, this K-pop song (“Circles”) isn’t the simplest to understand. But the gist of the feeling is clear, and it is frequently expressed by Korean singers. And that, in the simplest terms, is the idea of the vocalist and addressee supporting one another through challenging circumstances.

In songs like these, the singer never directly addresses the recipient. It’s implied, however, that this person is someone who identifies with Seventeen’s fanbase or, more generally, an audience member experiencing the same feelings of isolation and melancholy as the singer.

Also, the implication is that the two of them will work together to overcome these difficulties. To rephrase, listening to music can help lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. Listeners are encouraged to “sing together” with Woozi and the lads.

In addition, they’re suggesting that feelings go through cycles (as suggested by the title). Since they don’t expect today’s gloom to persist forever, they can relax. However, the singers are present to provide emotional support to the recipient(s), probably through singing.

4. “Circles Around This Town” by Maren Morris

Maren Morris - Circles Around This Town (Official Music Video)

What would you think if, after releasing two albums in the studio, you were still turned down for spots on big-time talent shows? All of these setbacks are examples of what Maren Morris went through before she became famous.

She made it and became a huge player in the business, which is why we’re dissecting her music right now. Morris, on the other hand, hasn’t had nearly the same level of early success as, say, Taylor Swift.

For the sake of simplicity, “Circles Around This Town” is based on Maren’s perseverance in the industry, namely how she overcame the aforementioned setbacks by relocating to Nashville (from Texas) and signing with a major label.

This song is “perhaps the most precisely autobiographical song [she’s] ever written,” as Morris has put it. And while this song (and accompanying music video) may speak to her own experience, don’t let a quote like that lead you to believe the lyrics contain any kind of deeply intimate information.

Morris, on the other hand, gives off the impression of being an unassuming pop star. In the simplest terms, the words are meant to hold up the singer as an exemplar of tenacity and “ruthless” determination.

Therefore, she may have committed the named act. More importantly, it’s a metaphor for Maren’s tenacity; she drove in circles until she came up with a smash song. She had at first believed that after she had achieved her goals, she might relax a little. Instead, perhaps we might say that such a strategy got ingrained in her daily routine. The singer is still “driving circles around this town” to this day.

5. “Circles” by Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Circles

For both the song “Circles” and the album of the same name, Mac Miller explored the theme of going in circles. Or, to put it another way, he is not making any real headway in his life.

Taking into account the rest of his discography and the details we know about his personal life, we can conclude that this attitude is at least partially a reference to his drug problem. However, it feels like he’s addressing a more generalized sense of depression within the context of this tune.

And then things take a turn for the unexpected in the second part of the song. There, Mac gives himself the assignment of trying to improve the mood of a person to whom he is not directly addressed. Instead of carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, he says she should handle things “one day at a time.”

Although this exchange could be symbolic of the ‘circle’ he finds himself in, it is important to note that both interpretations are possible. That is to say, there are moments when he is the target of his pessimism, and there are times when it is his responsibility to help others overcome their own.

One possible interpretation of the song’s central theme is that it focuses on the gloomy reality that the world may be a discouraging place.

6. “Crop Circles” by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion - Crop Circles (Official Audio)

Finally on our list of songs with circle in the title is “Crop Circles”. This is a ballad in which Jon Bellion expresses his sadness over the end of a romantic relationship. As the song progresses, he illustrates his thesis with a wide variety of metaphors centered on the passage of time.

It would appear that his connection with this individual is ongoing, even if the feelings of happiness and contentment that formerly characterized it has faded. The incessant conflict has taken the place of those delights.

Bellion employs the metaphor of the eponymous “crop circles” to drive home his message. A visual representation of the “footprints in the carpet” from when they “used to dance around the apartment” in the past. However, as was previously mentioned, there is now no dancing taking place.

In sum, Bellion is singing directly to his sweetheart in this song. And he’s attempting to take her back to those good old days of their relationship while at the same time being at a loss to explain what went wrong.