6 Great Songs With “Tiger” In The Title

Songs with tiger in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Have you ever given any thought to the number of songs that use the word “tiger” somewhere in the title? Regardless of the musical genre, the songs in this list are ranked according to how well they feature the word “tiger”.

Tigers are depicted on military flags to represent bravery and swiftness because they are considered to be the most powerful of all the wild creatures. According to traditional Chinese mythology, the tiger is a guardian deity that is capable of driving away malevolent spirits.

Even if the word “tiger” appears in the titles of the majority of these tracks, it doesn’t mean that they all have the same meaning when it comes to the lyrics; on the contrary, practically all of them have their own unique message to convey.

As a way to commemorate the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, the following is a selection of rock and pop songs that have been centered around the animal.

6 Songs With “Tiger” In The Title:

1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Official HD Video)

Ranking first on our list of songs with “tiger” in the title is Eye of the tiger. This song is truly one of the most uplifting and motivational songs that has ever been written. My interpretation is that it’s telling people to never give up on their dreams, even if they believe that achieving those dreams is impossible.

It’s possible that you’ll change your mind about what you want to do with your life on occasion, but this is only because you believe the things you want are unattainable.

However, the message of this song is that you can achieve success in whatever you set your mind to (eye of the tiger) if you keep fighting and don’t give up.

2. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Next on our list of songs with tiger in the title is “Tiger mountain peasant”. The subject of this song is homicide. Early in the morning, the main character sees a search party returning to town after a night spent searching for the recently deceased.

Even though they are unable to find the victim’s body, the murderer/protagonist is moved to contemplate the victim’s significance to the local environment and culture.

The murderer is haunted by the spirit of the person they murdered, and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to deny that they were responsible for the crime.

They are now bereft of guidance because they were responsible for the passing of someone who served as a kindred spirit and a guide to them, and as a result, they do not know where to turn.n.

3. Neon Tiger by the Killers

The urban legend that surrounds Las Vegas is the subject of this song.

The first lyric of the song paints a picture of Las Vegas as being very different from isolated parts of the earth where time had appeared to have stopped. According to the lyrics of the song, people are drawn to Las Vegas by the city’s alleged glamor and glitz.

A caution is issued to listeners in the chorus, reminding them not to believe the myth that Las Vegas is a good place to get rich quickly. The neon tiger is meant to represent the desire that young people have for Las Vegas as well as their impressions of the city.

By vocalizing an opposing viewpoint to that of the warning, the breakdown in the song successfully breaches the fourth wall. The breakdown is symbolic of how easily we have bought into the Las Vegas illusion of it being the best city to get rich quick.

4. Tiger Lily by Matchbook Romance

Matchbook Romance - "Tiger Lily"

My interpretation is that this song is about a guy whose heart was broken by a girl, specifically this one.

They had been in a committed relationship for a while before it ended. They have decided to remain friends and are currently having the first substantive conversation they’ve had with one another since breaking up.

He is reminded of the memories that the two of them have shared, and he longs for the way things used to be. He needs to keep in mind that at this point, they are only friends, work on accepting this fact, and figure out how to learn to live with things as they are.

5. Skeleton Tiger by Tame Impala

This is something that I’ve heard in a lot of other songs, and it’s something that I try to model my life after each and every day.

This song encourages its listeners to live their lives without restrictions at all times because one day they will pass away and they will regret the things they didn’t try in life or the ways in which they hid who they really were out of fear.

“Count the number of beings you are,” I believe this saying refers to the various guises a person adopts when interacting with various groups of people.

6. Paper Tigers Meaning by Owl City

Owl City - Paper Tigers (Lyric Video)

This song is about a person who has been isolated for a significant amount of time, either physically or emotionally, and as a result, he experiences feelings of being unappreciated and lonely.

It has progressed to the point where he is beginning to hurt other people without being aware of it.

He is having trouble determining what he wants to do with the rest of his life and is contemplating the possibility of starting over from the beginning.

In spite of the fact that he wishes to be recognized and valued, he would much rather act in a way that is in accordance with his own desires than act in a way that is in accordance with what society expects of him.

He makes an effort to persuade himself that everything will turn out fine, and that if current relationships don’t work out, then he’ll find new ones to replace them.

He makes a last-ditch effort to persuade others to notice his efforts by painting through the night, making paper tigers, and using black and white, but he doesn’t anticipate anything to go any differently than it already has.

When he finally sees his name on paper or experiences something else that validates his efforts, he begins to believe what he has been trying so hard to convince himself of for such a long time, which is that things will eventually turn out like they are supposed to.