20 Top Songs About Knives

songs about knives
Written by Corey Morgan

There‘s something special about songs that feature knives. Whether it‘s a symbol of protection or a weapon of destruction, knives have been used in many songs throughout history to evoke powerful emotions.

From folk songs likeTayrell Sharp Knives to rock songs like “Cuts Like A Knife” by Bryan Adams knives have been featured in some of the most beloved tracks of all time.

Each song brings with it its own unique story and message. Whether you‘re looking for a song to make you think or a song to sing along with these songs show the impact that a simple kitchen utensil can have on one’s psychological state.

20 Songs About Knives

1. A Knife for the Girls – The Long Blondes

A Knife for the Girls

First on our list of songs about knives is “A Knife for the Girls,” by The Long Blondes. The lyrics tell the story of a young woman who is overjoyed when she receives her first knife and describes how she intends to use it to defend herself against men.

This song captures the rising confidence that many young women feel about themselves at the beginning of the 21st century.

This song emphasizes the significance of women having the ability to defend themselves in this day and age, when gender equality is still a contentious topic and violence against women is all too common.

2. AC/”Night DC’s Of The Long Knives”

Night of the Long Knives

Next on our list of songs about knives is “Night of the Long Knives” by Australian rock band AC/DC. The song is all about knives, particularly those that are used in battle.

The song features a heavy guitar riff as well as Angus Young’s signature guitar solo in addition to having lyrics that describe the brutality of fighting in close quarters.

The song “Night of the Long Knives” is one of AC/ DC’s well-known pieces, and it has appeared on a number of the band’s live albums as well as compilations.

It is still a staple of the band’s live show, and the sound of its adrenaline-fueled guitar riffs never fails to get the crowd amped up and moving.

3. Night of the Long Knives by MACHINE HEAD


The heavy metal band Machine Head from the United States wrote a song called “Night of Long Knives.” The historical event known as the “Night of the Long Knives,” which took place in Nazi Germany in 1934, served as the inspiration for the film “Night of the Long Knives.”

The song has been referred to as a “anthem against fascism” in some circles. Robb Flynn, the lead singer and frontman for Machine Head, has stated that the song is about how “power corrupts absolutely.” He has added that the song is a rallying cry for people to resist tyrants and dictators.

4. Knives – Tayrell Sharp Knives (feat. Grace Pitts)

The song “Sharp Knives” by Tayrell is a spooky ballad that tells the story of a young girl who is having a hard time coping with the loss of her father.

The lyrics are rich in imagery and emotion, creating a picture in the listener’s mind of a child who is disoriented and lost. “Sharp knives, they cut so deep; I just can’t get them out of my head,” the song says.

This line is especially powerful because it conveys the anguish and bafflement that often accompany the grieving process that follows the death of a loved one.

In the end, the song is about getting over past hurts and moving on, but it makes it abundantly clear that this won’t be an easy road to travel. “But I know that I have to try,” she said, “to find my way back to the light.”

The song by Tayrell is an inspiring and heartfelt reminder that even in the worst of times, there is always reason to have hope.

5. “Cuts Like A Knife” by Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife

Bryan Adams’s song “Cuts Like A Knife” was first made available to the public in the year 1983.

The song is about knives and how they can cause physical pain to people. Nevertheless, the song hints that knives can also be a metaphor for the emotional anguish that one is experiencing.

In the song’s lyrics, it is said that a knife can cut through not only flesh and bone, but it can also cut through a person’s soul.

The lyrics of the song imply that an emotional wound can cause a person to experience pain similar to that of a physical injury.

This makes the discomfort even more severe in some respects. The sentiment expressed in this song is that when a person is emotionally hurt, they require time to heal in the same way that they would if they had been physically injured.

The song is about how knives can cause both physical and emotional pain, but it ultimately suggests that it takes longer for emotional pain to heal than physical pain does.

6. Imagine Dragons, “Dull Knives”

Imagine Dragons - Dull Knives (Official Lyric Video)

Imagine Dragons is an American rock band, and one of their songs is titled “Dull Knives.” This track was made available to the public as the band’s second single taken from their first studio album, titled Night Visions (2012).

The song reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart in the United States at number four. The lyrics of the song tell the story of a man who is troubled by his past and is contemplating ending his life. He likens his life to a knife that has been used so much that it has become blunt and is unable to cut anything anymore.

However, in the end he comes to the conclusion that he “still got some fight left in [him],” and this leads him to decide against taking his own life.

The song “Dull Knives” is stirring and eerie, and it speaks to the challenges faced by anyone who has ever had the experience of feeling as though they are mired in a rut. The song’s message is one of perseverance and hope, which is sure to strike a chord with a great number of listeners.

7. Radiohead’s “Knives Out”

Radiohead - Knives Out

The English rock band Radiohead is responsible for the song “Knives Out,” which was issued as the band’s third single off of their fourth studio album, Kid A. (2000).

Frontman Thom Yorke was responsible for writing the song, while the band as a whole was responsible for producing it. Yorke was inspired to write “Knives Out” after having a dream in which he was chased by a knife-wielding attacker.

In the dream, he escaped the assailant by running into a room and hiding under a table. However, the assailant found him and repeatedly stabbed him.

The anxiety and paranoia that Yorke was experiencing at the time are reflected in the lyrics of “Knives Out,” which include lines like “All that you love is all going to burn.”

8. Six Blade Knife – Dire Straits

The song “Six Blade Knife” by Dire Straits is a lively and bouncy tune that is certain to get you tapping your feet and moving around. Although they aren’t overly complicated, the lyrics still manage to be quite memorable.

The song is about knives, and it mentions six distinct kinds of knives throughout the course of its lyrics. At the end of the song, the lyrics “So carry me down to the river / And throw me in” are sung, which may be interpreted as the speaker being sentenced to incarceration or being put to death. In either case, the song is fantastic, and the lyrics are quite intriguing.

9. Long Shiny Knives – Mold

Long and Gleaming Knives

The song “Long Shiny Knives” by Mold is a creepy ode to the perils that come with the use of knives. The first few lines of the song are a description of a knife, specifically its “long shiny blade” and “sharp point.”

This description sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is full of imagery that is menacing. The knife is called a “killer” and a “thief” in the lyrics, and the listener is cautioned that it is both “slippery” and “dangerous.”

As the narrator continues to describe how the knife can “steal your life away,” the crescendo of the song builds to its peak. In the end, the song serves as a cautionary tale reminding listeners to be careful around knives and to treat them with the utmost reverence at all times.

10. Knives – Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Knives

“Knives” by Bullet For My Valentine is a haunting ballad that discusses the perils of addiction and the lengths to which a person will go in order to feed their addiction.

The song starts off with a straightforward piano melody, which is quickly followed by lyrics that are filled with hopelessness and desperation.

The main character is in such dire need of a fix that they are willing to resort to violent means just to get what they need. “I need my knives/I need to cut/I need my fix/I’ll kill for you,” they yelled at each other. “I’ll kill for you.”

The intensity of the song builds up throughout its entirety, culminating in a rousing guitar solo that drives home the point that the song is trying to make.

“Knives” serves as a sobering reminder of the destructive nature of addiction and the lengths to which people will go in order to satiate their addiction.

11. RY X – A Thousand Knives

RY X - A Thousand Knives (Official Video)

The song “A Thousand Knives” by RY X is about the strength that can be gained from using knives.

The lyrics talk about how knives can be used for either good or evil, and how they can completely alter the path that someone’s life takes from that point on.

A strong message is conveyed in the song about the significance of exercising caution when using knives and the fact that even the tiniest cut can have a significant effect on one’s life.

The song “A Thousand Knives” is one that is sure to get stuck in your head due to the song’s memorable melody as well as the lyrics that provoke thought.

12. Knives (Chara’s Knife) – Jamarr Studios

Knives (Chara's Knife) now AVAILABLE ON TIKTOK!

Jamarr Studios’ Knives are Presented Here. The song “Bro” is about knives, as the name suggests. The tune is introduced by a straightforward riff played on an acoustic guitar, which is later heard throughout the track. This is then followed by a straightforward percussion track that consists of drums and claps.

The song’s lyrics are not overly complicated, but they do feature some clever wordplay here and there. For instance, the line “I’m just trying not to stab you in the back” can be taken either literally or figuratively, depending on the reader’s perspective.

The song comes to a close with a brief guitar solo, which provides the audience with an opportunity to contemplate the song’s lyrics. Overall, Knives is a straightforward but effective song that conveys the strength and peril associated with knife use.

13. Kill the Messenger – Simulated Youth

Kill the Messenger

The song “Kill the Messenger” by Simulated Youth takes a haunting and unsettling look at the dangers that come with using knives.

The first line of the song is sung by a young girl who warns her peers not to play with knives because “Mama said don’t play with knives/They’re not toys/They’re only for adults.”

This sets the stage for the remainder of the song, which is filled with menacing imagery and allusions to various acts of violence.

The lyrics of the song talk about how simple it is to get cut by a knife and how a slash from the instrument can make “blood spill like rain.” It also discusses the fact that knives can be used as weapons and that they can cause death to their victims.

14. PHARMACIST! – Nuutella


The band Nuutella calls their song “Pharmacist!” a song about bladed weapons. The lyrics tell the story of a young woman who goes to a pharmacist to buy a knife, but the pharmacist tells her that she needs a prescription for it first.

The young woman becomes frustrated and leaves the store without the knife. The young woman then moves on to the next step, which is to kill herself with the knife.

The song is ominous and unsettling, but it also conveys a warning about the peril that can be posed by knives. The lyrics caution against giving in to the temptation of using knives as weapons, and they stress the importance of possessing knives in a responsible manner.

The song serves as an important cautionary tale regarding the perils associated with the use of knives because it paints such a bleak picture of knife violence.

15. Minor Sun

Cool Kids Carry

Minor Sun - Cool Kidz Carry Knivez (Lyric Video)

The rap artist Minor Sun is responsible for the song “Cool Kidz Carry Knivez.” The song is about the dangers of carrying knives, and it warns listeners that if they don’t take care, they could seriously hurt themselves or even lose their lives.

The lyrics are extremely explicit and graphic, as they describe in great detail how a person can be stabbed. Additionally, a message of peace is included in the song, in which it is urged that people work out their differences without resorting to violence.

The song Cool Kidz Carry Knivez is potent and eerie, and it gets its point across in a way that is unmistakable. It is an essential reminder of the dangers of carrying knives, and it is certain to cause anyone to give the idea of doing so some serious consideration.

16. Bullet To The Heart – Knives Deep

Bullet To The Heart - Knives Deep (OFFICIAL LIVE MUSIC VIDEO)

The song “Knives Deep” by Bullet to the Heart is a spooky ballad that focuses on the perils associated with the use of knives.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a young woman who becomes involved in a risky game of cat-and-mouse after being enticed by a psychopath armed with a knife.

As the woman comes to the realization that she is in over her head and that the only way out is to kill her attacker, the song builds to a crescendo of fear until it reaches its peak.

At the end of the song, the audience is given the warning that they should exercise caution around knives because they can be just as dangerous as the people who use them.

17. Suicidal Girlfriend – Spooge Nackin

Suicidal Girlfriend

This is one of the songs about knives that reflects on a lot of things, the song features a narrator who describes a relationship that has deteriorated into an unhealthy and potentially harmful dynamic.

Because the woman he is dating is showing more and more signs of mental instability, he is worried that she will hurt him.

He sings the following lyrics during the chorus of the song: “She’s got a knife, and she’s not afraid to use it/got She’s a knife, and I’m not going to be her victim.”

The lyrics of the song serve as a cautionary tale about the perils of remaining in an abusive romantic partnership. It serves as a timely reminder that there are situations in which it is preferable to disengage before it is too late.

18. Cuts Like A Knife – Dean Cosmic

The song “Cuts Like a Knife” by Dean Cosmic is all about knives and the significant function that they serve in all of our lives.

The actual song is upbeat and infectious, and it conveys a positive message about the power that knives have. It doesn’t matter if you use them for work or for play; knives are an important component of our lives, and the song “Cuts Like a Knife” is a tribute to the fact that they play such an important role in our lives.

19. Getting Into Knives – The Mountain Goats

Taking Things to the Knife

Getting Into Knives

The Mountain Goats’ song “Getting Into Knives” is a song that is focused on knives and knife culture. The song’s lyrics discuss a variety of bladed weapons, including knives, as well as their applications and the inherent risks associated with wielding them.

The song discusses not only the use of knives for self-defense but also the use of knives for the purpose of inflicting harm on other individuals.

In general, the song serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of utilizing knives, as well as a call to exercise greater care when handling them.

20. Knives Out – 6eezy Knives Out

Last on our list of songs about knives is “Knives Out” by 6eezy, this is a song that warns listeners about the perils of carrying knives.

The lyrics paint a picture of a scene in which a group of friends are joking around with knives, and one of them gets stabbed accidentally.

The listeners are being cautioned through the lyrics of the song about the perils associated with carrying knives.

It is important to note that the song does not advocate for the complete prohibition of knives; rather, it is merely serving as a warning about the risks associated with carrying them around with you.

You can avoid dangerous situations like the one described in the song by “playing it safe” and storing your knives in a secure location at home.

Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to carry a knife, keep 6eezy’s words of advice in mind and give it some serious consideration. It has the potential to save your life.