5 Great Songs About Divine Intervention

Songs About Divine Intervention
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Divine Intervention

The term “divine intervention” refers to when God decides to get involved in the affairs of our world. It refers to either the act of God causing something good to happen or God stopping something bad from happening.

Christians view seemingly random events as unmistakable instructions from God to head in a certain route rather than another because it’s believed that God moves ahead of us, he knows best and as such, he alters situations to suit us best.

However, the vast majority of Christians only consider divine intervention in the context of healing and smiting. This is because these are the situations in which God’s power is most readily apparent.

This viewpoint originates from the fallacious presumption that God does not significantly participate in day-to-day existence and only steps in to solve truly monumental problems.

It should be noted that divine intervention comes in different ways to different people; whilst yours may be in the form of healing, to some others, it may come in the form of blessings, favour, grace and wisdom. Whichever the case may be, my prayer is that God intervenes in all of your problems as you read through these lists of songs about divine intervention. Enjoy!

1. “Jesus Takes The Wheel” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Jesus, Take The Wheel (Official Video)

Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Takes The Wheel” is almost certainly going to be the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they are asked to mention songs about divine intervention.

In line with the title, “Jesus, Take the Wheel” is a religiously inspired composition. The story follows a woman who seems to be a young single mother. On this cold Christmas Eve, she is driving to her parent’s house with her “baby in the backseat.”

She loses control of the vehicle because her attention is elsewhere, on such ideas, rather than on the hazardous driving conditions. In the face of this sudden and unforeseen danger, the helpless woman “threw her hands up in the air” and basically begged Jesus to save her life.

She implores Him to “take the wheel,” which means to seize command of the situation and steer the car on a steady course. Somehow, almost miraculously, the automobile stops rolling and stops on the side of the road. More miraculously, the “baby in the backseat” did not even notice what had happened. Indeed, this uplifting song is a clear fact that God intervenes in every situation when we call upon him.

2. “Heal Me O Lord” by Don Moen

Don Moen - Heal Me O Lord | Acoustic Worship Sessions

Don Moen is credited for recording the worship song “Heal Me O Lord”. It is a prayer for God’s wisdom and strength. More than that, this hymn is sung in Christian houses of worship as an act of worship to the Creator God. This song comes in the form of intervention for God to come into our lives and right all wrongs within us

Even the title, “Heal Me, O Lord,” gives away the subject matter of the song. Simply said, the narrator is praying to God for a better existence, which is a form of “healing” in the broadest sense.

This powerful hymn is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is packed with teachings about Jesus Christ and the salvation he brought, from his infancy to his death. It is a collection of notes on several topics, including thanks, appreciation, love, and salvation. A truly uplifting and inspiring piece!

3. “Praise You In The Storm” by Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm (Official Lyric Video)

Lyrically, This is one of the best songs about divine intervention.This song could very well bring to mind the period when the disciples were on the boat amid a terrible storm, and they were terrified for their life (Mark 4:35-41).

The singer can not help but wonder why God has not intervened to stop the never-ending storms that have been raging through his life. In the middle of the relentless beating of the raindrops on the roof, he has trouble even hearing God’s voice.

Despite this, the lyrics reaffirm the necessity of praising God even at the most trying of times and remind us that God is always by our side, even in the grimmest and most terrible of circumstances. God has our tears in the palm of His hand, and in the end, He will make everything that has gone wrong right.

4. “Chainbreaker” by Zach Williams

Zach Williams - Chain Breaker (Official Lyric Video)

This is a powerful song that bothers on the fact that God has intervened for us. It emphasises that we needn’t hold onto the things and tribulations of this world. That God has set a greater place for us to live beyond what this earth has to offer. It’s an affirmation that God conquers all; that he has intervened in our battles, in our struggles, to bring us freedom.

Zach walks beside the Christian who has given in to the deceptions of this world and has lost the ability to see the light of God shining in the world. He reassures them that a life that is incomparable to what this earth has to offer is attainable outside of this world.

Zach ascribes a number of other titles to God in addition to referring to Christ as the One Who Breaks Chains. God is able to take away your suffering, make a way for you even when you can not see it, and bring illumination even on the darkest of nights (John 8:12).

Zach demonstrates to us, through rhythms that are joyful, that there are no chains that need to restrain us in our walk with Christ. He has the power to rescue us from our captivity and bring us into His wonderful light. The world doesn’t need to stake a claim on us because He has done so already.

5. “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” by BYU Noteworthy

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) | BYU Noteworthy (Chris Tomlin A Cappella Cover)

This song has many themes and a greater part of it focuses on God’s divine intervention. It stresses on God’s love and mercy upon us. The lyrics suggest that God never lets us go through suffering and captivity.

This song celebrates God’s mercy and grace for intervening in our life situations and breaking the chains that bind us. In the song, the vocalists proclaim that their shackles have been broken and that they are now free, they also talk about the never-ending love and mercy that God has for his people.