5 Great Christian Songs About Mercy

Christian Songs About Mercy
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian Songs About Mercy

That we’re alive today is because God’s mercy is abundant in our lives. We’re neither the most righteous nor the holiest but His mercy still speaks for us. God’s mercy is everly abundant. He’s not partial nor does He hold back to forgive you whenever you ask Him for mercy.

Our lives won’t be any better without God’s mercy. It’s by His mercy that we see the dawn of a new day, it’s by His mercy that we live and prosper.

As Christians, maintaining that relationship with God is your highest priority and how can you achieve that without constantly asking for God’s mercy for your sins (Since the Bible made us know that sin is the only factor that weakens our relationship with God).

There are times we’ve committed some grave sins and wish to ask God for mercy. In as much as you pray to God for mercy, it’s best advisable to back it up with songs of mercy.

Let your heart, and your mouth be filled with songs of mercy and of course, the good Lord will forgive you. Below are some Christian songs about mercy. Shalom!

5 Christian Songs About Mercy

1. “Mercy Said No” by Cece Winans

Cece Winans- Mercy Said No (LYRICS)

There is a constant war for our soul, and the devil’s goal is to win it so that we, as children of God who have been redeemed, will not receive the magnificent promise that God has made.

All of these things—depression, misery, self-loathing and low self-esteem—are caused by Satan, and they all eventually lead to suicide. Because God has already endured such an immense amount of pain for us, there is no amount of anguish that can compare to what God has already given up for us.

Even at our darkest hour, when we are at our lowest point, God is there for us because his kindness is eternal, and he is always there for us.

This song is indeed powerful and centres on God’s love and his hands of salvation. His need for us to be free from sins and captivities. It speaks of God’s nature – love and that he’d always be with us regardless of what situations we’re in. This remains one of my favourites; highly recommended!.

2. “Mercy Is a Song” by Matthew West

Matthew West - Mercy Is A Song (Lyric Video)

This song serves as a reminder that God has already given us the gift of mercy in the form of his son Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This is the point that the song is trying to make.

In the book of Lamentations, we are told that each morning, when the sun rises, we will be shown new mercies. Therefore, in order to serve as the ultimate reminder that God has already done this for you, this song was written. This exemplifies the extent, breadth, and depth of his love and mercy for you.

The reminder that God, in all of His mercy, has given us the ultimate promise that this broken world where we live right now is not our home is my favourite part of the song. It is a reminder that we will not always live in this world. This song is particularly blissful and uplifting, one of the best christian songs about mercy.

3. “At The Foot Of The Cross” by Don Moen

At The Foot Of The Cross (Ashes To Beauty) [Official Live Video] - Don Moen

This song is a project that was prompted by the Holy Spirit, and it is full of messages about Jesus Christ from his birth to his death, as well as the salvation that resulted from these events. It is a collection of messages, including those of hope, love, joy, and salvation, as well as thankfulness.

It is a project that was put together to remind believers and everyone else that the end of the age is drawing close, as the song’s title suggests. That we are currently living in a crucial and opportune time, which we must all seize for the glory of God, the crucifixion of Jesus was a real event in history that took place. Jesus was subjected to dishonour and degradation while hanging on the cross.

Jesus’ death on the cross was a torturous and inhuman experience for him. Additionally, by shedding his innocent blood on the cross, Jesus effectively paid the ransom price for our redemption from sin and death.

4. “Goodness, Love and Mercy” by Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - Goodness, Love And Mercy (Live From Church)

The lyrics “Goodness, Love and Mercy” in Chris Tomlin’s song are taken verbatim from Psalm 23:6.

People have been taking verses from the book of Psalms to write some of the very best worship songs that have ever been written for generations, and King David was the greatest worship leader in the history of all time. The book of Psalms was written by King David.

If we focus on the crucifixion as an event that happened in the past, it is possible that our faith may not be as strong as it would be if we looked forward and upward instead (Phil. 3:14).

In my opinion, our prayers and the manner in which we approach God will be influenced by whether we envision Jesus hanging on the cross or basking in glory.

The perspective through which we view ourselves will likewise influence our prayers and our relationship with God. Not only has Jesus been exalted to the heavenly realms, but the scriptures tell us that we are also somehow present in those realms in some capacity.

5. “I Can Only Imagine” by Bart Millard

I Can Only Imagine Mercy Me Bart Millard Exclusive

Bart Millard’s stunning interpretation of what Heaven will be like came up initially as a means for him to work through the sadness he felt following the death of his father. Now, his song “I Can Only Imagine” is helping people heal.

This modern Christian song was penned by Bart Millard, who also serves as lead singer for the band MercyMe, which performs it. Millard uses this song to contemplate what it will be like when he finally gets to make his introduction to Jesus.

An independent record label was responsible for the initial release of the song as a track on the album that was titled The Worship Project which was released in 1999 by MercyMe.

The band re-recorded the song and included it on their debut album for a major label, Almost There, in 2001. The song was placed as the fifth track on the album.

The song “I Can Only Imagine” was the debut single for the album and was issued in 2001. It received considerable exposure on Christian radio formats before making the transition to mainstream radio formats including adult contemporary and Top 40 in the latter half of 2003.